During the past twenty five years or so archaeologists have been making some rather amazing discoveries about the ancient civilizations and their world.

Today we are seeing the advent of new inventions and technology and of course modern man thinks this is all new, as in first the time it has ever existed… this turns out to be wrong.   The recent discoveries made around the world in ancient sites have produced some remarkable artifacts that indicate we are only re-inventing what once was.

If you realize that the original races who lived upon the Earth were alien to the Earth and Man may be a hybrid of one or more of these ancient races it should come as no surprize that what they knew we know also, and we are remembering and recalling technology and knowledge that may well be imprinted into the DNA of the Human race. And while all this may sound odd when you look at the facts of the past and the facts of the present and compare the two it is obvious we are seeing far more then mere coincidence.   Here is a short video of some recent finds…

Disclose.tvDid our ancestors knew new technologies?