Atlantis Revisited Part Three

If you have followed the NASA space exploration programs, especially those concerning Mars and the immediate planets in the Solar system you will find a thread connecting much of the existing work to ancient times and events.  Mainstream scientists are always reluctant to venture outside the accepted governmental, religious and imposed social values and because of this the general public is kept in the darkness of discovery.    This has been a fact since the mid 1950’s when it was determined that we would be involved in space and other planetary exploration, and what would be said or given to the public in the event we were contacted or we discovered undeniable proof that we are not alone.

This same state of affairs applies to discoveries made right here on Earth.   The criteria for public announcements of any and all discoveries made anywhere in the universe and here on Earth was created in the 1950’s by the “Brookings Institution” ( and adopted and established by the various world governments, some more so then others.   The “policy” here was (and still is) to remain silent about any and all discoveries made on and off this planet that do not coincide with the “established and accepted religious and social concepts”.

I mention these facts because so much has been discovered both on this planet and on other planets, including the Moon and Mars…  knowledge and facts that will completely disrupt the present propaganda world view of how life (human life) began on Earth, and who exactly were the ancient teachers of Man (those Beings who established the first world civilization).  

 The truth is, the Earth is covered with evidence (materials of every kind) that prove beyond all doubt Man is a “hybrid” species (a created species) and the first teachers completely colonized the Earth and were a high and technological society capable of knowledge, technology and ability and resource far beyond everything we know today.

In the “Atlantis Revisited” series we are presenting various forms of evidence, facts that have been discovered over the past 100 plus years by the sciences, researchers and explorers on all of the continents of Earth, on the Moon and on Mars.  

Remember it is the official policy of NASA and many of the world governments to deny all such evidence in favor of the present (accepted) world view that has been created, presented and preserved.

In my research I have followed the path backward from this present age and civilization to a time, 100s of thousands of years ago, and even to another planet…  I believe it was the planet of origin (at that time).  

From all evidence it appears the planets of this solar system were in very different places, in different orbits then we know them today.   The orbits of the planets remained relatively stable until more recent times when havoc on a grand scale occurred.   There was an event within the solar system that changed everything.  This event brought an end to the great civilization that lived on this planet at that time… and even to life on a nearby planet.

Today we look back into ancient history with very little actual knowledge of those incredible solar and Earthly events however there are memories implanted into the sub-conscious of the human mind and stories that are amazingly similar told all over the globe by ancient people.  

In addition we have many great buildings, and structures.  Awesome   architecture located on every continent, at extreme altitudes in the high mountains and under the mean level of the oceans in our present time.   We see now that the deserts of Earth were not always deserts but were once flourishing forests and grassy plains.   We see evidence of rainfall in arid and bleak areas of present day Earth.   We have discovered deep mines carved into the Earth, into the mountains, and under many of the landmasses of the world.

The ancient legend of Atlantis indicated the world had been populated and ruled over by an advanced race of Beings with a very high level of technology and knowledge.  Originally these Beings came here from another world with the specific intent to colonize this planet.  It is estimated the original race settled here and remained for more then 356,000 years.  During its sojourn here the present species of Human was created as a work force.  Cities were established, rules and laws were created and put in place for the new humanity, and Rularship was instituted.

The world was divided among the twelve ruling family’s and as we find later in history there were twelve tribes and twelve kingdoms established.  Each tribe and region was ruled over by one of the twelve “gods”, and stories and myths of their existence still reside with us today.

There simply is too much evidence to deny the existence of Atlantis and the original race.  The advent of Human kind upon this planet is also a mystery because there is no genetic or evolutionary trail to trace to Man’s origin…  he actually just appears on Earth, and no amount of contrivance or manipulation by the present day scientists can find the “missing link(s)” to mankind from any known path or animal of the ancient past.  As I wrote earlier, Man is a “hybrid” creature, part animal and part alien.

As a side note, if you read another article on this website “Alien child in a Human World” you will discover I discuss the use of “Changelings” to help educate and genetically alter the present human species.  Changelings are themselves hybrids and are an acceptable form of off world help, and have been employed in this respect since the very beginning of humanity on Earth.

I mentioned that until recently, in solar time, the planets were in very different orbits and places in the sky.  The planetary orbits reminded unchanged until about 322,000 years ago, then again 52.000 years ago, and finally changed again about 12,600 years ago.    

You may recall in the history of this world a great flood occurred in the not so distant past.   The story of the flood event is mentioned in many records and verbal accounts across the globe.   The event was global, and it was what we would call an “Extinction level event”.    This event reduced the human population by 97% or more and forever changed the face of the Earth, including lifting the level of the oceans more then 200 feet and thus burying many coastal cities and buildings.   Yonaguni, Japan is a classic example of a great building, a pyramid type structure that was submersed in the distant past and only recently discovered.  In truth in the oceans of the world there are many, many more examples.

If we look at the Moon and what is presently known about it, limited knowledge that has been released to the general public, we find that the Moon is older then the Earth.  

 It is reasonable now to think “being cleaved off of the Earth could not have created the Moon, as one of the theories of the Moon origin has claimed.   Over the past 60 plus years that NASA has probed and investigated the Moon it has been discovered that it is hollow, and may not be more then a shell that we see from Earth.   There is NO volcanism (no volcano’s) on the Moon, but there are a great amount of unexplained events that have occurred on the Moon, and still occur, (here is the article I wrote about the Moon:  “The Moon is Not what you Think“.

The material (astronomical) facts about the Moon are nothing short of incredible pointing to the fact that it is more artificial then natural.   And how old is it?   As I wrote, the materials used to create the Moon are older then the Earth.  It is also not parked in any natural orbit.  

The Orbit of the Moon is almost circular, not elliptical as a natural satellite would be.    Although no one wants to admit to it, yet, there is every evidence the Moon was not captured but rather it was placed in orbit above the Earth… which lead to the questions, by whom and when.

The evidence that acknowledges life on Mars did exist in the distant past and is beginning to build, again, to a serious level.   With each new probe NASA sends to Mars the answers become more and more undeniable.  The “face” on Mars, the city structure of Cidonia, the underground structures, tunnels and tubes, the various artifacts laying around the planet, the evidence of water, vegetation, structures on the Moons of Mars, and evidence these Moons are not natural to that planet and were in fact dragged into the orbits they now occupy, and even past civilization is there…  and science and NASA will come to a point, to a place in the very near future where none of it can be denied.

All of this information is leading us toward a certain conclusion that can no longer be denied or misconstrued or twisted into something it is not.   Even as I write these words there are teams of scientists on the continent of Antarctica, they are there looking for several things but mostly proof of what was there before the last ice age…  recall that there are maps, old maps, that depict the continent of Antarctica before the ice age and most probably when it was still Atlantis.  

The next question we must ask is, “Where did the original race come from?”   By all indications in my own research the answer is Mars. 

 Even today NASA is willing to say Mars once had an atmosphere, vegetation and oceans, and most probably organic biologic life forms…  NASA will not go so far as to say there was intelligent life, or civilization… this would be asking them to go against the formal religious and social norms for the present Earth society… 

In “Atlantis Revisited Part Four” I will pull together many areas of fact and research and we will explore the very real possibilities of Life on Mars and the colony called Atlantis, on Earth.