Atlantis Revisited (Part One)

This (another) article on the subject of Atlantis is necessary because I do not wish to detract from what I have already written. Here I am adding more to the research and information and in many ways creating a more complete picture of ancient Atlantis and the civilization that it truly encompassed. It is necessary to traverse the great distance of time between us and the moments when planet Earth was being created. To begin to understand the events of those days we must visit the ancient records and writings of Sumar. However our solar system was created, by whatever process and events, one of the important events (so far as Earth is concerned) occurred when two planets encountered each other not once but twice and the result of these encounters was the creation of Earth (as a planet) and the creation of the Asteroid belt which presently circles in solar orbit beyond the planet Mars. According the the ancient writings a planet roughly 5X the size of Earth called “Tiamet” and another planet “Marduk” encountered each other): (“In Babylonian myths, Tiamet is a huge, bloated female dragon that personifies the saltwater ocean, the water of Chaos. She is also the primordial mother of all that exists, including the gods themselves. Her consort is Apsu, the personification of the freshwater abyss that lies beneath the Earth.

From their union, saltwater with freshwater, the first pair of gods were born. They are Lachmu and Lachamu, parents of Ansar and Kisar, grandparents of Anu and Ea. In the creation epic Enuma elish, written around 3400 BCE, their descendants started to irritate Tiamet and Apsu so they decided to kill their offspring. Ea discovered their plans and he managed to kill Apsu while the latter was asleep. Tiamet flew into a rage when she learned about Apsu’s death and wanted to avenge her husband. She created an army of monstrous creatures, which was to be led by her new consort Kingu, who is also her son. Eventually, the young god “Marduk”, who was born in the deep freshwater sea, defeated Tiamet. Marduk cleaved her body in half, and from the upper half he created the sky and from the lower half he made the earth. From her water came forth the clouds and her tears became the source of the Tigris and the Euphrates. Kingu also perished, and from his blood Marduk created the first humans.” “The Deep” (Hebrew tehom) at the beginning of Genesis derives from Tiamet.”) (Read more at, Tiamet, by Micha F. Lindemans at Encyclopedia Mythica) (The small planet or Orb called “Kingu” is said, in this ancient writing, to be the Moon… however I will tell you here that while it was once a moon of Earth it is NOT the Moon you see presently above the Earth.) (In the myths it seems object (like statues and planets) become as people; (the gods) have been given names and personalities).

If you are interested in learning more about, or at least part of the story of creation read the book “The Lost Book of Enki” (by Zechariah Sitchin). There IS a website on the Internet where you can download this book Free. While I cannot legally tell you the exact URL I can tell you the website is real, available and it offers this book free. A point I wish to make here concerns the two planets involved in the original and a subsequent collision. A scribe for the lord Enki recorded the story of this event. Two planets met early on in the construction or formation phase of this solar system; they collided, went to pieces and formed the Earth planet and the Asteroid belt beyond Mars. You can imagine how fractured the surviving pieces must have been no matter their relative size. (And this fact is a very important piece of information that will come into play in our story in due course).

It was written the Earth planet was formed from one of the large pieces of Tiamet and over time, through physical, gravitational and electrical (plasma) forces, the planet became round, as all thing in space “without form” will become, eventually. Scientists have discovered that once, in the extreme distant past, this planet (Earth) had two actual super Continents on it… and the world was called “Pangia” in those days. The fracturing I pointed out earlier, which was caused by the collision of the two worlds, began to have very strong effects, as might be expected, in the reshaping of continents. The larger of the two super continents split into four major pieces while the smaller global body split into two major pieces, one being much larger then the other. The super continent that split into four smaller pieces became the continents of North and South America, Africa and Eurasia. The smaller super continent split into two pieces, which became Australia and Antarctica. In that time the world looked like two solid pieces but the initial fracturing and faults were there and the land was moving eventually, to become the Continents we know and in the places upon the Earth where we know them to be now. (The Earth is generally considered to have 15 major Tectonic Plates, seven or eight of which are primary plates, and the others are smaller, secondary plates. The primary plates are the African Plate, the Antarctic Plate, the Eurasian Plate, the Indo-Australian Plate, the North American Plate, the Pacific Plate and the South American Plate, with the Nazca Plate sometimes considered a primary plate instead of a secondary plate. The secondary plates are the Arabian Plate, the Caribbean Plate, the Cocos Plate, the Indian Plate, the Juan de Fuca Plate, the Philippine Sea Plate, the Scotia Plate and sometimes the Nazca Plate. In addition, there are dozens of minor, tertiary plates. Just as there is no consensus about whether the Nazca Plate is a primary or secondary plate, there is no agreement about exactly how many tertiary plates there are, but scientists have identified about 58 of them.)

Science has made some great advances over the past 2,000 years but it still knows very little about the composition or structure of the Earth. In fact it has been said with some intelligence that we know more about the Moon then we do about the Earth. What we do know is that the Earth is a ball of several materials (Earth, Air, Water); it contains geologic structures, (Rocks and dirt), plant life and animal life including several variations of the Human species. We know its size and weight. What we do not know is what exists under the ground we walk on and build our cities on, our society upon, and every now and then something happens to show us how little in fact we do know about the Earth (this includes earthquakes, volcano’s, Tsunami’s, mud slides, mysterious holes in the earth, weather patterns and several other items we tend to call anomalies but more probably are not).

The part of Earth humanity mostly occupies is the thin crustal layer (the Mantel), which wraps the planet and is estimated to be from 12 miles to 32 miles thick. In the not to distant past the Earth was considered to be a solid mass, solid all the way down to a molten core. This older theory is giving way to a more realistic understanding about the Earth composition, that it is NOT solid, it has layers of solid and liquid seemingly moving in different directions and at different speeds which creates and accounts for the high “Magnetic” properties of the planet. Such a layered structure could indeed create a magnetic field for the Earth in much the same way, as a common electrical generator would operates, and it accounts for volcano’s earthquakes, Tsunami’s and may account for many other properties belonging to the natural activity of the Earth. I can sum it all up by saying, the Earth is NOT a solid body it is fractured and layered, and the most probable cause for this condition is the original collision(s) that took place a few billion years ago.

Can continents move? The answer is yes… in fact they are moving now, slowly but steadily. In the distant past it is very possible that at least part of the earth crust may have moved very quickly and extensively. Actually we have vast amounts of proof that such movement did happen and has happened on several occasions in the past. A journey through the American southwest, through Arizona from north to south, into the Colorado Rockies and mountains that branch off of this line, The great Sierra mountains of California, the coastal mountains, Canadian Rockies, the many volcano’s that ring the entire Pacific Ocean basin, the Himalayas of Tibet and India, the Urals of Russia, The Pyrenees of Spain just to name a few places will prove beyond a shadow of any doubt that the Earth is moving and has moved tremendously in the past… There is an unproven opinion the continents were formed slowly over a period of billions of years however they might have been formed virtually overnight in a type of cosmic Continental relocation epic. And these facts bring us to our next point in the story of Atlantis. No one, and I mean NO ONE (no human Being alive today) on this planet knows how Life came to be here. Everything that is mentioned and taught in this avenue of study is pure speculation and nothing else. Darwin had a great idea of how the species evolve but he was completely wrong about the originating planet of the human species.

I have included the video (Below) from LLoyd Pye, a man I believe has researched the Human Being; it’s advent and presence upon the Earth, for several decades. I believe you may find this video to be highly informative and educational. Listen closely to what he has to say about Humanity. In my estimate Lloyd Pye has done his research very extensively and has closed in upon the real of humanity, as opposed to the fictional theory that Man evolved from the Ape (a theory for which there is NO proof or evidence what so ever to support it and is the step child of Terrestrialized scientists who are either submitting to government or church, (or both) from which they draw their paycheck). Yes, we can track some things, a few species here and there, but we cannot in any way form a track of the evolution of Humanity upon this world, unless we are willing to look outside the “approved political and religious places”, and this is a fact. Everything you have ever heard about how Man got here (onto this planet Earth) and when, is pure speculation. The evidence that would prove how, when and even where Humanity arrived on Earth is available, however; mainstream science has become “Terrestrialized”… locked into government and church specifications, opinions and control. So long as this type of control lasts humanity will never know the truth about itself and the truth will never be taught in our schools. No matter. The truth is here, with us, in fact it is all around us.


The Earth itself is a school and the lesson books are lying about on the land and under the land in caves, inside mountains and under the oceans. To actually discover the moment when Human kind came to this planet we must go back in time not thousands of years, not millions of years but Billions of years, approximately 2.2 Billion years. If you have read some of the articles on this website you may be familiar with the notion that Man (Human) is a very old species whose roots are not on or of the Earth. Man is a “Seeded” race. If you believe in the Bible or science the story of Man is exact; Man is a seeded race. 

The very next question we should be asking is. “Seeded by who, or what…  and if so, when?”  And now we are getting closer to the real story of Atlantis.

Until about 14,000 years ago the Earth; the world and the sky above it were a completely different place.  If you came here to this moment from those times past you would not recognize the present sky.   The Sun in the sky today is not the same sun, the original sun… there was another.   The planets are not where they once were.  The order and structure of the Solar System is extremely different today then it was.  And the Earth world was not the same as then…  the planet itself has changed almost completely from the form and shape and division of lands and oceans it once was.

This being said it comes to us that if all of this has changed as I have said …  how so and how much and is it possible to say, when?

To say how it was done, to say when, is a story within itself but in brief the answer is yes we can tell when it happened, we can tell that it happened but because the events were global and solar in nature, in other words big and bigger there is TOO much evidence to gather and distill into a small space as a body of evidence might be.   This may sound funny however it is the reason science cannot determine certain facts…  the evidence is not only great but actually overwhelming…  it is amazing that the information has not spilled over into the society and been picked up by any number of sensitive and intelligent people across time and across distance and the world.

Such epic events as I am referring to are not “forgotten” not in history and not in the psyche of human Consciousness.  Such events of epic proportion become etched onto the subconscious, the natural mind, and are carried over for thousands of generations.  The actual events are forgotten but the “Feelings” the emotion, of certain events continue to penetrate time and space… and the events that ended Atlantis… the events that were in the Sky above Earth and the events upon the Earth were such that the universal and human consciousness, as one, would never forget the meaning of these events, and structures and monoliths would be built to remind us and commemorate them.   “Lest We Forget.”

Atlantis was the first colony of settlers (off world settlers) to live upon the Earth.  The legend of this land, this culture and society, this people and the technology they employed and enjoyed…  the legend is beyond old.  It is of olden times before time as time is now understood and counted.

The Video (below) is of great importance to our understanding about the ancient sky and planetary and global events.   As we uncover more information, more ancient knowledge both on the Earth and in the Sky (in the local and distant Universe surrounding us) we begin to see and understand the events of the ancient past and how it is possible for an advanced civilization to have come here, to Earth, live for a time and die, leaving only the briefest remnants of themselves, their history and their technology to us, in some cases deliberately so, as both a reminder of epic events that once were and of those in the possible future…   “Symbols of an Alien Sky – Episode One”