Atlantis Revisited (Part Two)

Many years ago when I first began to research ancient alien intervention upon the Earth and all the information I could find relating to this subject I looked at my own thoughts about my purpose behind this effort.   I have always known that Human kind would never know its place in the Universe until it knew its origin and possibly its makers.   The Bible and science both agree, Man is a created species, and by the same token so to speak, the knowledge that built the civilizations upon this world was given to man.  This includes the great structures that appear across every part of this world.  

I saw early on that humanity had lost its way and had forgotten almost everything it once knew.   Where there once was unity and harmony there is now war and ravage and actions even beneath the lowest animals.  Where once a golden age flourished there now existed poverty, sickness, hunger and ignorance.   Where once a civilization of high technology once existed we have a society barely out of the industrial age and on the verge of destroying the planetary environment from the use (overuse) of mineral oil and petroleum based fuels.   Where once a society of cooperation and trust existed there now exists corporations and governments that hate each other and wage every form of foul economic and social wars.  Where once Man knew the Supreme Reality as his own there now exists religions that turn man against man and engender hate and fear among the followers.  Man is not what he once was, not even a shadow of what he once was… some would say he has fallen into a period of disgrace and is no longer worthy of saving.  

I see the point of these words and I agree there is an element of humanity that appears to be beyond the hand of help… but this is not true of all of humanity…  and it is to this element, to this segment, the population worth saving, that I address this article and offer the knowledge of years to help relocate Man into a new world, a better world and possibly into a world that once was and can and will be again.    I believe that when Man knows the truth of his past, when he finally knows his origin, he will begin again to see his place in the scheme of life and his place in the Universe.  

There is a tremendous amount of information that is needed to create a picture of the once great civilization of Atlantis.   And we must draw upon many areas of our present technology to uncover and explain the events of the distant past.  

Until recently it would not have been possible to discover the information that has remained hidden, buried in one form or another both on this Earth and away from it.  Perhaps it was deliberate that this important information was withheld from humanity until a time when he could locate it and understand it.   Humanity sees itself as a superior race and indeed it is a powerful and intelligent species but compared to the “Parent Race” we are like grade school children talking with University professors.  The potential is there but not the reality of it, yet.

An example of human ignorance can be seen in our interpretation of the megalithic structures that exist on every continent of the Earth.   We see archaeologists, these learned men and women, trying to fit the various and many structures into the cubicle of their limited understanding about them.   People unwilling to look at the simple fact that cave men did not build these things and certainly not do so with their limited tools of wood, brass, stones and fires…  To make such an assertion is sheer nonsense by any understanding, but this illustrates my point exactly.  There are thousands of such examples in nearly every subject concerning the ancient people, knowledge and structures.            I hold the opinion that humanity has a goodly amount of technology but has very little understanding how to use it properly.   This is a very scary statement if you consider the military applications of this acquired technology. 

If you look around in this website you will discover many articles written about the ancient structures and places upon this planet.   I have established by these articles that such places do exist upon the Earth, and there are many in number… and what I have displayed for you is but a small fraction of all that is available and is only a scratch of what has yet to be discovered.  

Science now has the use of new types of radar and looking devices.   Scientists can now “see” below the ground in many ways, and below the surface of the oceans to a great distance, and beneath the ice packs of the Arctic and Antarctic regions….  needless to say many discoveries are being made almost daily.  Where once our count of ancient structures was in the scores (tens) we now count them in the hundreds and some say we count them in the thousands.   If this one sentence tells you anything it should be that our ancestors were global in nature and prolific builders.   

One would have to think the ancestors were trying to “Colonize the Earth”.   Indeed they were.    What we are seeing throughout the world is that the ancestors were not isolated to one area of the Earth but could and did in time touch virtually every part of the Earth.   We literally have a bounty of evidence to support the idea of colonization by the ancestors. 

If we are to learn the secrets of our ancestors we must return to “Their” time and their world (the world on Earth that they knew and lived in).  The road, as it has been said, is long and convoluted…  so much time and so many events have come and gone along this road that it is difficult at certain times and certain places in history to follow, but there is also a great body of evidence to show us the way, to help us and to finally reach a definitive conclusion.  

To truly understand and grasp the “picture” of the ancient world and the Beings that occupied it we have to incorporate many pieces of history, some geographic, some astronomical, some technical and some from the many buildings, structures and even cities found above ground (visible), under the earth and under the oceans.  

We have discovered evidence of the existence of a highly technical and extremely advanced civilization on every continent on the Earth.    Our journey backward through history begins nearly 14,000 years ago, before the great flood of Noah.    The Earth and the Sky above including the placement of the planets was completely different in that time…  In fact the Earth we see and walk upon today did not exist in this form, the placement of the land masses (continents) were not what we know of or see today, and the Sky above, the planets too were in very different orbits and positions then we know today.   The ocean depth was nearly 350 feet below the level it is today.   Some of the great mountains of the world did not exist until rather recently, and we will learn why.  And although we have our fair share of animals in the world of today more then 85% of the original species is missing… gone.  

If we could travel in time to the remote past we probably would not recognize the Earth, or the sky or the animals of land or in the oceans… but this ancient world was the world of humanities ancestors.   It was the World of ancient Atlantis. 

In cosmic time  (universe) 100 million years is not a serious time span.  On Earth 1 million years is not a serious time span, but if we look back in history 100 million years or just 1 million years here on the Earth we will see a very different place then we now see and this is an extremely important fact in our search for truth.   In  “Atlantis Revisited (Part One)” there is a video near the end of that article titled, “Symbols of an Alien Sky”.  I included this video as a primer to understanding the nature of the World and the position of the planets in the ancient past.    Reviewing that video you can see that people all over the world recorded specific events that were taking place on Earth throughout the ages.  

 Many of these “Events” were taking place in the sky, in space, above the Earth but not all of the events.  The Earth itself was changing form.  The landmasses began to shift, slowly in some parts of the Earth and very quickly and dramatically on other parts.    (place sky video here)

I have pointed out (in another article) that Maps and records have been discovered that depict an Earth very different then the one we know.  Some of the maps clearly show the continent of Antarctica without snow or ice and indicate a tropical climate.   The two important things to know about these maps are their age and their accuracy.  According to NASA the “Peri Reis” maps were created more then 46,000 years ago and by all indications the maps were created from a viewing platform at least 1,000 miles above the Earth surface.    The “Mercator” maps reveal the same details.  

Aero planes and Space ships were not unknown in the ancient world…  among thousands of other records India has an entire library of facts about the “Vimana”  (an ancient spaceship) including information about how to build it and the controls needed to guide and operate it.    Modern Man sees himself as the great inventor but in truth he is only the great “Re-inventor”.   Most of what humanity has today existed in the past including spaceships, airplanes, nuclear weapons, skyscrapers automobiles, engines and a complete assortment of technology much of which we have not rediscovered but it seems certain that we will. 

Now before we stray too far off the path I want to point out that the Earth and the planets in our solar system has suffered greatly from the cosmic energies that formed and reformed this system of planets.  There are “scars” on nearly every viewable planet and the Earth itself in our solar system… scars that clearly show enormous releases of electrical and plasma types energy’s…  energy only possible during close encounters of the planets to each other.   

 (place thunderbolts video here

Additionally it is essential to remember that the Earth and this solar system are rather new in terms of cosmology and the formation of these things.    There are species of Beings in the universe who can tell you how solar systems and planets are formed but humanity at this time is not one of those species.    Humanity has to date visited the Moon and secretly has visited Mars and accomplished a flyby of Venus and Mercury, however this does not qualify humanity as an authority in local or regional cosmology.    In our journey to understand the reason for the changes that ended the civilization of Atlantis it is absolutely important that we consider all of the agents and events that may have contributed to the overall picture.  

Ultimately, In the final analysis to truly understand the nature and intent of the original race that settled here on Earth we will have to go far beyond the realm of their life on this Earth, to a time and a place where that race started the journey… to their home world.