Atlantis Revisited -Part Four

The planet Earth shows many signs and exhibits enormous evidence of past [ancient] civilizations.  So long ago did the first Being walk upon this Earth that we now call it pre-history… we do not know with any certainty if the first Being (human type) was in fact a human.  Independent researchers are providing more and more evidence that the Earth was occupied as long ago as 3 Billion years, and we have found artifacts that support this claim.   The real mystery about Earth is learning just how many times it has been occupied, colonized, built and rebuilt and by whom.  

We also know from the evidence various civilizations that have come here, to Earth, have left this world for any number of reasons and some of the reasons are not so pleasant because in fact the Earth is a very young planet and subject to inward convulsions often referred to as Earth changes.  The solar system that this planet resides in is also very young.  There have been several major catastrophes and Earth changing events that have taken place over the millions of years.  The Earth’s crust has moved, and is still moving and it is still capable of moving to a much greater then is presently spoken of or written about in the geology books.  It is this very thing; the massive Earth movements that most likely brought the ancient civilization of Atlantis to an end virtually overnight.

Nearly half a million years ago, (456,000 years ago, plus or minus a couple of thousand years), an alien race with advanced intelligence, technology, science, engineering and construction skills landed on planet Earth.  This alien race (apparently) came here with the specific intention to colonize this planet and over the next 432,000 years did exactly this.   There is an enormous amount of evidence on this planet, which supports the past presence and influence of an alien global civilization.  

As modern humanity has developed it’s own technology and tools and began to look under the existing oceans and under the ice and landmasses of the Earth we began finding more and more evidence about an ancient [alien] civilization and possibly several past civilizations.  The use of these advanced tools of discovery are already in use to a great degree and we are finding more megalithic structures under the water of the oceans and embedded in the existing deserts of the world and under the ice fields of Antarctica and hidden within the so-called mountains on several continents. 

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In addition to this research we have begun to see that 12,500 to 13,000 years ago there was a “global extinction” event that took place on the Earth.  An event that killed off more then 2.7 billion humans and buried much of the civilized world under mud, and all of the coastal cites and villages under nearly 250 feet of ocean water.   The epic story of Noah seems to be correct in many ways but in truth it may be only one of many such stories about this event.

Many researchers have tried to discover and uncover the actual evidence and ancient records that might prove, or disprove, the existence of Atlantis, but not until recent times have the significant tools for research been developed and become available.   Standing on the sands of the Desert or in a boat floating on the surface of the ocean is simply not an efficient or useful tool or the means to conduct this type of research.  

In 1954 a young Russian scientist by the name of Immanuel Velikovsky published a controversial book titled “Worlds in Collision” and among other items he discussed the collision of planets in the space of our solar system.   This book points directly at the events in space and here on Earth that contributed to the global extinction event.  Additionally there are several researchers involved in defining the events of this global extinction and not surprisingly much evidence from many different regions is surfacing to prove this event actually did happen and when and what the effects were both in space and on Earth.  Michael Talbot and his team have created a very informative video about this event with evidence provided from almost every part of the Earth.  The video I refer to is:  “Symbols of an Alien Sky”.    You can find it on YouTube by this title. 

Concerning Atlantis, just as we have witnessed with the subject of Flying Saucers, the various governments of the world will not admit to any knowledge about the Continent of Antarctica yet there are several nations present in that place.  17 to 20 nations are assembled, with full compliments of scientists, engineers, biologists and anthropologists and several other sciences plus support crews; people working around the clock to determine the reality of many ideas and discoveries made there (inventions and technology mentioned in the old records).   The general public is not welcome there nor is the public at large being informed directly about any discoveries made there.

You must ask yourself, if nothing of any importance is to be found on that icy continent, why are there so many nations with so many scientists gathered?  Considering the backgrounds and skills… the engineers and biologists and anthropologists and so many others…  if nothing important is there why are several governments spending billions upon billions of dollars on that place?    The real reason these various governments are on that continent is because they hope to find the ancient records and knowledge base (I will discuss this later in this article).

Modern technology and new and ancient information is not the only supporting evidence for the reality of Atlantis, and the same basic information, which has lead, the various governments to set up shop on Antarctica…  there is much more.

Once we realize that Atlantis was far more then an island city floating somewhere in the Atlantic or Pacific ocean… once we realize and accept that Atlantis was in fact a vast global society and civilization that began, thrived and endured for nearly half a million years and was known on every part of the Earth, the evidence for it becomes infinitely easier to locate and associate with more of its kind.  

Think about this for a moment, what kind of evidence would you expect to find if we were looking not for a lost city but rather for a global civilization that existed for more then four thousand centuries?  We would not only be looking for buildings and other structures but also for cities, villages, roads and highways, possibly for airports or landing sites and perhaps even spaceports because there is evidence that these ancient people had mastered flight in the atmosphere and space flight to other worlds. 

Then we would look for records, reports, writings, art and other related items and then household items: dishes and pottery and personal items like jewelry and the small tools and many other items that make up a society. 

 The list grows long and the evidence to support it widens to the point of being fairly easily obtainable and even plentiful…  And now ask, does such a preponderance of physical evidence exist?  In fact it does!  And it exists on every continent on this planet.  

100 years ago science believed there were only a few pyramids existing on this planet… today we know there are not only hundreds, but thousands of them scattered around the world in obvious and in not so obvious places… on the landscape, under the deserts and under the oceans!

Certain places on this planet have concentrated structures, as would a city or an industrial area.  South Africa was known for its gold mines and there are several ancient mines that go down into the Earth as much as five miles deep (obviously this is not a hole in the ground dug by creatures with bronze and stone tools).  But South Africa was not the only source of gold on the planet…  there are many places in South America, throughout the Andes, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina…  All over Central America, Mexico and the American southwest.  Also in many places in what is now Europe and Asia, Russia, Siberia, China, Japan, Italy, Greece, the entire area of the Eastern Mediterranean, the Sinai, Iraq, and most of the Middle East, the list goes on.   Gold is everywhere on this planet and among the ancient people it is the most used metal… it was even used to build great walls and to cover other walls for various purposes and including protection from radiation.  Additionally it is beautiful to look upon and a wonder to work with.  In its Monoatomic state it is ingestible and was known to extend life to an incredible degree and to reform the human brain and its ability to work effectively with its own energy and dynamics.

Modern [mainstream] archeologists and historians have no explanation for the growing global body of ancient evidence and artifacts emerging in the world.   It appears the world is revealing its secrets and causing the sciences to rethink, redesign and restructure their concepts along with rescinding former false statements. 

In truth there is a very real war that is being waged on this planet, it is the war of fiction versus truth.  It is also the war that mainstream archeology has placed upon the world in its attempt to continue to present half truths and in some cases complete conjecture in support of the old paradigms of religion, politics and the power of ignorance.

The people of today, especially the young people, are more intelligent and seem to be much wiser then past generations have demonstrated.   My experience with them has shown them to be far more intelligent then their years indicate and they are quite knowledgeable in many areas and subjects their parents know little or nothing about.  

 The old conjecture and opinions no longer hold water [so to speak].   This is good news for the general public because this incoming wave of information and evidence will help all of mankind to find and remember its roots.  It is the history of this planet, its past civilizations and teachers and the sciences that will cause the restructure of modern humanity and society and create a better world. 

Consider these facts:  There are at least 350 pyramids in China, dozens in the middle of the Indian Ocean, more then 155 in Egypt, 300 in Peru, dozens in Bolivia, and more then 10,000 in Central America…  We have discovered several off the coast of Bermuda and in the coastal waters between Florida, Cuba, and South America and throughout the body of Europe, Russia, Asia and the Far East.

We have found temples and structures underwater in several parts of the world also in the high mountains on several continents and in almost every country on the planet.   Many of the pyramids structures are almost identical in the use of materials, in the applications of engineering, mathematics, sciences and astronomy, also alignment, size and shape and design.   The building blocks used in these structures are almost always 40,000 pounds to 1,000 tons and more.   The actual building [engineering] techniques used are almost identical from continent to continent, structure to structure.

In addition to all I have so far mentioned there is still more, much more.  There are Underground cities and underwater cities and structures…  these cities are being discovered and researched and cataloged all over the planet.   In fact there is so much evidence of a past extremely advanced civilization having resided on this planet the evidence would fill a set of encyclopedias.  The photos that have been collected are a tremendous gallery of some of the most amazing and sometimes unbelievable sights of figures and items and structures and buildings…  There are vast warehouses of artifacts and many are in the realm of “Unexplainable”.

It was predicted long ago there would be an age in which the Earth would give up its secrets, and we have come to that age! 

We are in fact at the very beginning of real discovery… we are in a moment much like the discovery of the new world…  in our case it is the discovery of the old world including the discovery of humanities history, and within this is humanities identity and purpose. 

If you have followed the articles I have written about Atlantis you will see that I have pin pointed a time when the world fell into great tribulation and within that time period and included in the events of that age Atlantis the great civilization fell and was no more.   However all of it was not lost.  There were survivors and much of the information and knowledge of that ancient civilization was stored and protected even before the great calamity; From the moment of its creation the information I refer to was [always] intended to be revealed, at a later time when humanity had regained its balance and was ready to expand again.

Ancient records indicate there is a great amount of knowledge stored and residing within humanity’s sphere of access, in protected vaults located at various places around the world.  Some vaults are buried in plain sight, like beneath the Sphinx and within certain holding areas inside the three pyramids that sit on the Giza plateau…. Some of the knowledge is buried in Ecuador in pyramids and in underground vaults.  Still more is buried in the pyramids of China and the pyramids in Central Mexico.  Much of the knowledge was duplicated so that all of it would not be destroyed. 

Some of the holding areas contain pieces of knowledge like the pieces of a puzzle.  All of the old knowledge was left to future generations for the eventual upliftment and re-education of the race. 

The knowledge that is stored in the Sphinx is like a “key” to a door in that it is meant to reveal the storage places of all other vaults and knowledge.  There are other “keys” to other doors, which by design contain duplications of the total knowledge base.   The ancient people estimated the extent of the damage that would come (and did come) from the great calamity they foresaw taking place and they took steps to insure the survival of their civilization and its knowledge.   They knew that recovery would probably be slow but the civilization would not end.

It should be obvious to all that the main reason for duplicating the valuable records of that time and that ancient civilization was in fact to insure the preservation of the records and the actual rediscovery of these records.  To this extent I believe there are 12 caches of records in all.  Altogether I believe they contain a complete history of the ancient race and a history of the Earth as it once was.  

It is probable to consider these records still contain some of the main laws, principles and concepts that gave structure to that early civilization.   And unless I am completely mistaken I believe these records will also provide the instructions for rebuilding and reestablishing that [ancient but] highly technologically advanced society.

            As we progress through the various steps we must take, from ignorance to full knowledge I believe we will discover along the way several vaults or caches of knowledge and information each leading us to higher realms of understanding and to greater tools and technology to ultimately help ourselves personally and to rebuild our civilization… ultimately to rejoin the parent race.    The old Atlantis died but its library of information, its memory and its greatness and even its citizens still live.

In the not so distant future we will see the search for Atlantis expanded to include the Moon and Mars.   Recall that I wrote at the very beginning that Earth was colonized by an advanced race of Beings.   Their trek across space was done in steps in those days and we will in time discover similar structures on the Moon and on the planet Mars as we begin to backtrack the original journey to Earth.  

The proof of all that I have pointed toward exists but again it resides in the hands of governments that do not want humanity to have this level of knowledge.  To understand why I have said this it is necessary to return to the 1950’s when NASA (it was CASA in those days) went to the Brookings Institute and asked the questions and received the answers that hold humanity in check until this very moment.  When CASA asked if it should tell the public about any discoveries relating to life on other planets, to ufo’s or alien contact…  the Brookings told them NO….  telling the public would cause social, religious, political and financial ruin throughout the world.   That message, as bad as it is is still the reason NASA does not tell the public anything that is useful or truthful about any and all discoveries it finds on the Moon, in space or on Mars or any other planet it has visited.  The truth is out there and it will be revealed and known…   ultimately nothing can stop it. 

Mainstream archeologists would have you believe Atlantis is a myth however the old world continues to reveal itself as evidence to the contrary.  On an almost daily basis new and many times surprising evidence is being brought to the surface and not just in one area of the globe but all around the globe.  As independent researchers look deeper into the ancient areas of this planet new evidence and clues emerge.  Now and again an independent and forward thinking scientist will come into the research and add his or her knowledge to what has been discovered and slowly the picture that was ancient Atlantis (the global civilization), like the pieces of a puzzle is being created…

in so many ways the evidence is like “connecting the dots” eventually to reveal a true and concise and understandable image. 

The quest for Atlantis is really just beginning.