Perhaps the most discussed, the most pondered, the most hoped for and the most doubted civilization ever to exist was and still is ATLANTIS.

Home in Atlantis

The study of Archeology is a rather new science, if it can yet be called a true science.   It is in fact no more then the discovering of ancient sites, structures and relics then cataloging these things, very often times taking these objects to other lands to be housed/stored in museums, away from the public eyes and than making  personal opinions by the discoverer or explorer.    

It is not [yet] a profound science because it still contains bigotry, prejudice and preconceived notions and literally bought and paid for opinion that are set either by the church or government.   The Great Pyramid controversy is proof of my statement here.    Although it is not openly discussed it is a matter of fact the Great Pyramid may have existed and sat untouched on the Giza plateau for more then 50,000 years and even as much as 500,000 years, encased in its white alabaster limestone.  

The great structure only began to erode and age with the constant theft and removal of the Limestone covering.   Over the past centuries Cairo has suffered large earthquakes. One of the largest occurred on July 21, 365 AD.   It was thought to be in the range of 8.0 (by our modern calculations).   This particular earthquake was felt from Greece to Alexandria.   It was also reported that the citizens of Cairo went out to the Great Pyramid and striped off its limestone to rebuild their city.

Today, we already know that no matter how loud the egotistic screams of the “Egyptologists” (those with the most prejudice and the most to lose if the truth, other then their truth, is exposed).    

It cannot be any more obvious the Egyptians did not build the great pyramid, or any of the pyramids on the Giza plateau including the Sphinx.   And they could not build it now.   Our present society with all its seeming technology still cannot produce such a structure and to say it was done 5,000 or 10,000 or 50,000 or half a million years ago by half naked tribesmen is ludicrous and ridiculous.   

And lets add some real salt to this recipe… If the Egyptians did build the great pyramid did they also build the thousands of other identical shaped pyramid structures that exist on this planet? The truth is there are several pyramids on this planet and some are of greater construction then those at Giza. Pyramids have been discovered in the Atlantic ocean near Bimini Island, some in Bosnia, some in Central China, some in Mexico and Central America, and thousands of smaller ones throughout South America… Almost all of them are built in exactly the same way as those sitting on the Giza Plateau… The technology and basic structure and choice of materials used is nearly identical.   Did the Egyptians build these too?

The simple truth is modern archeology does not have any idea or concept when or how any part of ancient Egypt came into being.    

Our discovery of  Egypt began little more then 5,000 years ago and we know today that the civilization that created ancient Egypt was already in decline by nearly 80%…   It makes us ask, what was that Original civilization and what was it like?

The crux of our knowledge includes the Great Pyramid and a few other structures that share the plateau with it (the body of the Sphinx was buried and remained so until about 1890.   Our [modern day] discovery of Egypt found a civilization that had already depleted itself of more then 80% of its once enormous technology, culture, established laws and social structure. 

We know from history and research that whatever ancient Egypt was, where ever the original civilization came from, when it came to Earth it was a full and complete civilization. 

This means it was a civilization that did not evolve on planet Earth and the original civilization located itself in a central place on this planet and spread out and colonized other lands from that place.  

In recent years, in secret research in Antarctica, much technology and evidence in many forms has revealed the remnants of an ancient civilization…  a very advanced ancient civilization.   For this very reason Antarctica has been made “Off Limits” to the general public and presently is hosting scientists, geologists and engineers from more then 17 nations.  

Add to this research many ancient maps that have been discovered. The “Peri Reis” and original “Mercator” maps clearly depict the Antarctic Continent without snow or ice, and including forested land with large and small lakes.  It is the opinion of researchers that most of these maps were created more then 46,000 years ago and most probably from a platform in the upper atmosphere or space itself.  Our recent global satellites that have ground piercing radar and other forms of technology on board  indicate the old maps are correct in most of the details they reveal.

 One of the little secrets of Christopher Columbus was his possession of a map which he used to convince the Spanish monarchy of a Continent existing on the other side of the world (which he mistakenly thought and identified as India).    I have claimed in the past, and now many scientists are becoming more and more convinced that Atlantis, the Continent was and is what we now refer to as the Continent of Antarctica.   And there  now is compelling evidence that the “Cradle of Civilization” was not the Middle East but is ancient Antarctica and possibly South Africa.

Peri Reis Map LG

More then one researcher has come to the conclusion that indeed the Egypt we know today is the remnant of ancient Atlantis (that part that has survived).  The real questions are, or should be, “Where did Atlantis begin (what was its origin) – where did its population come from – Was it an alien civilization – and finally, where did it go?”  

100 years ago we might have wondered if Atlantis actually did exist, today we know it did and we have begun the process of rediscovering  it.   Interestingly enough our search for Atlantis is taking us around the world… not in one small area of the globe –  but all over it.

The answer to all of these questions will take time because in truth there is an enormous amount of evidence in many forms and in many places on this planet.   The evidence we seek is scattered across the world.  There is significant knowledge and millions of artifacts, megalithic structures and even whole cities that have survived through half a million years or more.

My personal beliefs  about Atlantis are several fold.  I believe the original civilization that created Atlantis came here from a distant star and through circumstance and consequence nearly expired here on this world.   My research has shown me that Atlantis was only the name of the central hub of the total civilization that populated the Earth.  

It seems more than a coincidence that Atlantis was the name of the great city state,  Atlantic the name of the great ocean,  “Atlan” was the name they gave to the planet itself (Earth) and finally,  Atlas was the name of their King.

Keep this one fact in mind as you explore with me the ancient evidence in writings, structures, land areas and technology, “Atlantis was the name of the city at the center of the world at that time.”   You will discover with me that Atlantis and the civilization we knew it to be did not die altogether…  it lives in part today both here on this world and on other worlds nearby.

Would you be surprised to learn that the civilization who created Atlantis came here, to this planet, to colonize it, and to extend the original society of their home world?    The Earth was new in those days.   There was beauty, nature, clear and clean water and air, rich and fertile soil everywhere and the mean temperature was reasonable, much as it is today.    The land had animals, the sky had birds of every color and type and the oceans had fish of every kind.  The Earth itself was rich in ore (gold, silver, platinum, precious and semiprecious metals, minerals and a great abundance of gems).

In another article published on this website:  “Ancient Nuclear War”  I specifically mention that a great nuclear war ensued  immediately before the last ice age began on this planet (approximately 42,500 years ago).   The weapons used were by all accounts and records “continent destroyers”.     And if you research the end days of Atlantis, the destruction of the continent the great city sat upon the descriptions tell the story of what might be considered a nuclear holocaust, and when all the facts are known it may be discovered that the nuclear war I refer to actually caused the Ice Age…  just as a nuclear war of that magnitude would cause another ice age if it happened today.   Even the old Bible refers to a great war that took place on this planet, a war fought both in heaven and on Earth.  And yes there is physical proof of such a war having taken place both in the geologic records (several places on the Earth) and in written records.   

Historian Kisari Mohan Ganguli says that Indian sacred writings are full of such descriptions, which sound like an atomic blast as experienced in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  

He says references mention fighting sky chariots and final weapons.  An ancient battle is described in the “Drona Parva”, a section of the “Mahabharata”.

Robert Oppenheimer (the Father of the Atomic bomb) had read these passages but like most scientists of his time had no understanding of what was actually written or the descriptions given, until the first Atomic bomb was exploded in New Mexico.  Both He and Albert Einstein were present for that atomic test, and after that he said, now I understand what is written in these books of India and they are accurate.. (I am paraphrasing his words).

The following is a quote from the article “Ancient Nuclear War”:

“One of the main reasons I mention the fact that Earth did suffer from a nuclear war in its distant past is to identify “who created this war and why.”  We know from the written history of the Sumerians (now Iraq and Iran) of their mentors and teachers, there were factions within the Annunaki that “threw the first punch”.   It may have been something on the level of a civil war.

We are told, “the gods fought among themselves” and used weapons that boggle the mind (weapons of mass destruction) But why?   

I believe the answer to these last few questions are the keys to what happened on Earth prior to the last ice age…  that it was not a single meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs but a series of bombs… nuclear bombs… weapons so powerful as to be continent destroyers.   The ice age that ensued was an outcome, a result of a “nuclear winter” that progressed upon the Earth just after that great war.”

As I wrote earlier, we must start at the very beginning to understand the origin, nature and outcome of Atlantis, and it is a rather long and convoluted tale.   Be it from legend or written history or ancient records or newly discovered artifacts and other evidence we must consider the first question:   “Who were the Beings that founded and ruled over Atlantis, where did they come from?    Through the course of this narrative we will explore the most import questions about Atlantis, its culture, its technology, its citizens, its laws and that civilization as a whole.  

The final question we must ask and learn concerns the outcome, the final chapter of that once powerful and proud people.  What happened to end this legendary place, and where did the survivors escape to.

From where I stand the information about Atlantis has been severely confused and the facts all but abandoned.

Most modern archaeologists would have us believe the story of Atlantis is pure fiction, made up 2,450 years ago by a Greek philosopher named Plato, who claimed to have learned about it from his teacher Socrates (who learned the story from Solon, who learned it from Dropides, who learned it from Critias).   

The point here is modern Archaeology does not have the answer to Atlantis, and their view is tainted as it was once toward the mythical and legendary ancient city of Troy, (as it was written about in the “Iliad”).    Some archaeologists have learned not to make or hold opinions about the past or places of the past even when it is only legend that points to such things.   It has been shown that all legends have some basis in fact.

It is highly possible Plato was correct in his location of an island beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Now called the Straits of Gibraltar).  There is evidence of the remnants of a city deep underwater west of Spain (Use Google Earth and go to Latitude:  31°13’32.43″N and Longitude:   24°25’29.96″W).

We know from the physical evidence we have gathered from every corner of the globe Atlantis, the society was not located in one place but was in reality a complete civilization and a global civilization.   If you research the evidence you will find stories of Atlantis that indicate it is located in many places around the world from the Mediterranean basin to Brazil, to Hawaii and if all of the stories are true it indicates evidence of a global society.

In the beginning of this article I refer to The Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt.    From my research and that of many other people a clear and strong picture of the origin of Egypt is emerging.  More then any other civilization the ancient Egyptian civilization holds the keys to Atlantis and the Antarctic Continent is likewise proving to be the birthplace of ancient Egypt.

There is mounting proof that the continent of Antarctica which presently sits at the bottom of this planet was once sitting in the ocean between Australia, China (on the west) and North and South America (on the east).