Earth, Moon, Mars Connection

Its been talked about many times in the past by many people both layman and scientist, the people on the street and those in authority; Is there a valid and identifiable connection between the Earth the Moon and Mars?

You might be surprised to know that many mainstream scientists and independent researchers now believe these three bodies are connected and the evidence to support this belief is enormous and growing very quickly.

If you look again at the Ancient Aliens website ( you will find several articles that specifically refer to life on Mars and the true nature of the Moon and the Mars, Moon, Earth connection.   None of the relevant [actual] information about these planetary bodies is really new, only newly rediscovered.   Some research scientists have been involved in this area of study for many years and the reality of these things in the present and in ancient times.

There were several Earthly civilizations and cultures in the past who knew about this planetary connection. The Philosopher Plato among others spoke of a time in the distant past when the Moon was NOT in the sky above the Earth.

Democritus and Anaxagoras taught of a time when the Earth was without a (the) Moon.   Aristotle wrote that Arcadia in Greece, before being inhabited by the Hellenes, had a population of Pelasgians, and that these aborigines claimed to “occupy the land before there was a moon in the sky above the Earth”… for this reason they were called Proselenes.”    

In fact the Moon may be a rather new addition to the Earth realm not exceeding more then 15,000 years and if this is a fact as many scientists now suspect it would explain the remarks of Plato and the others.

Although some present day scientists would like you to believe the Moon has always been a part of the Earth the ancient people around the world will tell you no, the moon has not always been with us.   Many legends, myths and lore tell of times before the Moon was in the sky.

Such theories that attempt to state the Moon was (is) a captured body are nothing more then a joke in serious studies of the Moon.   The same is true of the theory that states the Moon was (or is) a piece of the Earth that was torn off in some solar cataclysm. More about this later.

There are many researchers who will tell you humanity has not yet visited the Moon and there are many physical and technological reasons why this might be true.   I can tell you that some very important information about the various missions to the Moon is false.

The government is not without a backup plan and the political importance of the original missions to the Moon were no exception to this rule.   Hollywood did in fact secretly create several substitute films of various missions to the Moon and return, and many researchers know this as fact.   You might guess that these secret films were made in the event a real moon mission was not possible.

BBC in London discovered some of the facts and made several   documentary’s.

On the plus side, many nations have sent unmanned exploratory probes and other machinery to the Moon and to Mars. At this time these bodies have been explored to a large degree, at least enough to know if life is present now or ever was present on Mars. Several probes were sent only to map the Moon and Mars from high and low altitudes.

Whether or not humanity has visited the Moon it is safe to say we pretty much know what is there. The same cannot yet be said of Mars because of the size of that planet, it being twice the size of the Moon and slightly larger then half the size of Earth. The Earth is 7,916 miles in diameter while Mars is 4,212 miles.   The Moon has a diameter of 2,159,2 miles.

Earth, Mars, Moon size comparison

Earth, Mars, Moon size comparison

There have been dozens of missions to Mars, (more then 40), the most notable missions being those sent from the USA, Russia (USSR), Japan, China, India and the European Space Agency (ESA).  

Russia has the distinction of sending the first Mars probe in 1960 (the Korabl 4). Mariner 3 (USA) achieved a flyby in 1964 followed by Mariner 4 in the same year.  

You can imagine that some of these missions have had a great deal of controversy surrounding them, for example the Mars 3 (USSR) Orbiter/Lander mission that was on Mars for 8 months and recorded perfectly every hour of every day however, the public was allowed to see only 20 seconds of that entire mission.  

20 seconds out of nearly 3 million seconds (2,991,974.4) is pathetic.  

There are several other controversial missions of course.

Throughout my articles I mention NASA and its overt policy to disseminate false information or no information at all concerning life outside the envelope of Earth, (The Military agencies on Earth take care of the information found on Earth and of course any and all mention of extraterrestrial life (ET’s and UFO’s) visiting Earth).


On the Ancient Aliens website ( you can find several articles relating to Mars and to the first advanced society to exist on planet Earth known to us as Atlantis.  

There are several important facts that we do know about Atlantis including it was an advanced civilization from the moment it was established on this planet.

Atlantis 1

Atlantis was a very different civilization and most probably it was what we now think of pre- Egypt… the Egypt before the Egypt we know now.

In referring to the Egypt we know today it is a fact that this civilization was severely decayed long before it was discovered 5,000 years ago.

It has been said by many researchers that the Egypt we know today is but a poor remnant, a fragment of what it once was.

* We must ask, what was the real ancient Egypt like?   A reasonable answer can be determined by looking to Atlantis.

Recent archaeological discoveries have revealed that Egypt was a global civilization and evidence of its presence is literally everywhere on the Earth, present on every continent!  

The ancient writings preserved in India, Tibet and other Far East countries all point to a global advanced society and civilization that existed on the Earth in the distant past. Add to this the millions of Artifacts that have been found on every continent and an entire group of maps and information that reveals a world most of humanity does not know existed.

Suffice it to say, the world is not at all what you have been told about it, and the extreme ancient world is even more hidden and mysterious.

Exactly where did ancient Egypt come from, where did Atlantis come from?   We must ask: “Are they the same civilization?”

It is not a coincidence that pyramids have been found and photographed on the Earth, on the Moon and on Mars. And from the form , size and construction the reality most likely is, these structures were built by members of the same civilization.   And this is one of the most remarkable statements that has been made about this information.

Many years ago my [alien] mentors told me the story of Mars, how it was once a very populated planet with a highly advanced civilization, very much different from anything Earth has.   I was also told there has been at least two solar system catastrophes, the last one being around 12,500 BC (approximately 14.500 – 15,000 years ago).

In both solar events several of the planets were moved about and a few actually achieved different orbits.  In the most recent event Mars was completely relocated.  In ancient times Mars actually occupied the 2nd (second) solar orbit from the Sun and now it orbits in the 4th (fourth) orbital position. The planet that occupies the 5th solar position is now the Asteroid belt.   

The planet Venus now occupies the second solar orbit and what is most interesting is that Venus did not exist at all in our solar system prior to the last cosmic event.  

Venus may in reality be a large chunk of the planet that is now the asteroid belt, a chunk large enough to achieve its own orbit and become a planet.

Astronomers estimate the divided planet (which now is both the planet Venus and the Asteroid belt) would have been 5 – 6 times the mass of Earth.  This fact goes along with the writings of the ancient Sumarians in their description of the solar system.  

Through the many Mars missions [probes] Earth scientists have discovered and now know that in the distant past Mars did have a lush environment, a rich atmosphere with good air, vast oceans and green forests.   Today the planet is mostly desert and most of its atmosphere is gone.

There are however many ancient relics and reminders on the planet and some seem to have been deliberately placed by the former occupants and together they tell the story of a highly developed civilization that once lived there.

You may have heard of or read about the “Face on Mars”.   This is a structure on Mars one mile long and 1,500 feet high in an area called “Cydonia”, and adjacent to an ancient “City” that features several pyramids including one five sided pyramid.       

Face on Mars looking up

Face on Mars looking up

Cydonia city

Cydonia city

Cydonia drawing

Cydonia drawing

The Face on Mars was first seen and photographed by the Viking 1 Mars Orbiter on July 25, 1976.

I mention the structures of the Face and the adjacent City because while NASA has tried, in vein, to discredit the photographed images of this region they none the less do exist.   The size of, and the image of the “Face” itself, bears witness to another structure that can be found right here on planet Earth… the Sphinx, next to the Great Pyramid in Egypt!   Both structures, the Face on Mars and the Sphinx on Earth are half Lion and half Human.   This is cannot be a coincidence.


Of course there are people who will look at these objects on Mars and exclaim that the images are rough and faded… this is really not the case.   As you might expect the structures are covered with thousands of years of blowing dirt and dust.  

Recall that Mars is now a mostly desert planet, there are areas of greenery and even areas of water, even fragments of cities exist but of course nothing is as it once was, and it is not difficult for NASA technicians to airbrush out the images NASA does not want you to see.  You can actually use a program (online) called Google Mars…  If you honestly look at the surface areas of Mars you can easily see the airbrushing, and smudging that has been done to hide what is really present there.  

It is not a conspiracy theory that NASA is still involved in a major cover up of the facts about Mars, the Moon and other planets and objects they have encountered while exploring the solar system all of which stems from being embroiled in a one way church religion that all but forbids any knowledge of life anywhere else but on Earth.   And while you may believe there is [a] separation between church and State the truth is no such separation exists and NASA proves this on a daily basis.   Professional scientists and researchers have been ostracized or even expelled from their duties or jobs because they went against the established paradigm of limited thinking and silence.  

Remember the “Brookings Institute Report” (1960), where NASA was warned not to reveal any important facts about artifacts, information and/or possible life found on other worlds, in space or even here at home because such information could/would undermine the existing religious beliefs and possible economics based on these social beliefs and the imposed and controlled mass consciousness.

(The Brookings Institute Report of 1960 established a Code of Silence and the deliberate repression of facts and this is the main reason NASA has not and does not reveal what it has found on Mars or the Moon, in space or even on the Earth.   This is changing with the advent of Canada, Russian, Austria and China now on the scene.  The long lived lie is coming to an end.)

I have always been of the opinion that at least part of humanity is refugees from Mars.  People that came here to Earth in a great ship.   It is interesting that the native Americans of the southwest call the Moon, “the House in the Sky”.

Although Earth was not their first choice it was a confirmed ancient colony of Mars.  The scientists and explorers had come here to Earth and began to colonize and establish their civilization among the existing cultures and civilization already here.  

Thousands of Artifacts from as many places in the world have been discovered.   Some items reach back in time millions of years. and in some cases even Billions of years.   Below are a few samples from places around the world

400 Million year old Hammer found in rock near London, Texas

400 Million year old Hammer found in rock near London, Texas


Manufactured Spheres discovered in Mine in Africa..2,8 Billion years old

Manufactured Spheres discovered in Mine in Africa..2,8 Billion years old


On a Temple wall near Luxor, Egypt...

On a Temple wall near Luxor, Egypt…

ancient Gold Aeroplane from a pyramid in Peru

ancient Gold Aeroplane from a pyramid in Peru

ancient spaceship complete with astronaut

ancient spaceship complete with astronaut

The items are of course only brief samples of what is presently available to view in museums around the world.

In other articles I have written I have pointed out that there are too many diverse and fully developed cultures and races on the Earth to have evolved here all at once.

Something else has occurred that placed these diverse groups of people here.

What if these people arrived from a different world, already fully developed in their culture and knowledge?   Let me give you a scenario that would answer the questions I have pointed here, and more.  

Mars is a planet that geologically is much older then the Earth.   It also appears to have had a population, an atmosphere, oceans and quite possibly an advanced civilization… a civilization well in advance of any existing civilization of present day Earth.

As I wrote earlier, I did ask my mentors about Mars and they were forthcoming with a great amount of information. According to my teachers Mars was a highly advanced civilization complete with space travel to the planets and other parts of this galaxy and beyond.   I believe from the information given to me this civilization had the ability to travel interstellar and intergalactically (to other planets and star system and to other galaxies).

This may sound far fetched but consider where Earth technology will be in 1.000 years or 10,000 years or 50,000 years from now.

In the story about Mars I was told they had enough warning to understand their circumstances and enough time to take specific steps to avoid complete destruction of their race and civilization.  

One of the steps they took to protect their population was to design and construct an enormous spaceship   (a lifeboat that resembled Noah’s Ark but on an enormous scale… Makes me wonder if the story of Noah’s ark was not a smaller version of the original space ship).  

At an appointed time they loaded that spaceship with equipment and supplies and finally their population and set off to live on a new world.   As a side note not all the citizens of Mars came here to Earth. Many chose to travel independently to other worlds in other star systems.  

There are a few facts that are important to bring forth at this point:

The Earth was not an arbitrary choice for the Martians. In fact they had been here for many centuries doing research and establishing bases of operation and building their power grid (The global network of pyramids presently being discovered, is the grid I am referring to).

This does not mean they really wanted to inhabit this planet, there were other worlds considered.  

In the end as the population was leaving Mars some of the people went in other directions and some, I am told, made it as far as the Andromeda galaxy.

WISE Infrared View of Andromeda Galaxy and Companions

There is a reason why Mars has Pyramids and enormous structures, and why the Moon has those same structures and the Earth has these same structures.   None of this is coincidence or an accident.  

This was the style and the science of the Martian technology some of which produced specific power which energized their civilization (like free electricity) and propelled their vehicles. It appears these people knew the power generated by nature, the power resident in all things natural throughout the universe.  

Researching the ancient history of Atlantis and Mu we find references to such pyramid structures and megalithic building practices.

This would not be surprising if humanity understood Atlantis to be ancient Egypt, that is, the original civilization from which the Egypt we know today sprang from.

The Moon in the sky is not a “natural” satellite as you have been told.. Science [now] knows it is something else.

Something that was not captured by the Earth gravity as it want sailing by, and it was not a chunk knocked off the Earth by a passing planet..  

It is a specific and artificially created spaceship that was deliberately brought here and parked in the orbit it has.

It is entirely to large to be a natural object just casually captured by Earths gravity and placed in orbit. The Moon is fully 1/4th the size of Earth. Scientists know the Moon is hollow for the most part and according to the scientists who have studied this object it appears to be made up from different materials gathered from around the galaxy. These facts have been gathered over time by using probes, landing vehicles and scientific instruments sonar and other ground piercing devices.   The Moon surface has been monitored since the early 1970’s. To this day there is active telemetry equipment placed on the Moon.

The Moon is older then the Earth by more then a Billion years (this fact alone eliminates any possibility that it was or is a chunk knocked off the earth).   It expresses a round orbit, not elliptical at all, as a natural captured object would be, and although it is not spoken of publicly, this nearly perfect circular orbit is what makes many scientists believe the Moon was guided or placed into its present orbit.

From Earth’s surface the size of the disk of the Moon is identical to the size of the disk of the Sun. Solar and Lunar eclipses prove this.   The actual size of the Moon is nearly 1/4th the size of Earth and more then 1/2 the size of Mars (54% of Mars (large enough to hold their entire population). It is obvious to some scientist and researchers that the Moon was also being used as a observation platform and a tool to observe and study the local universe.     

The Moons of Mars

I have been asked by some why the Martians did not just go to the Asteroid belt which is today close by (between Mars and Jupiter) to gather the materials needed to build their spaceship?  

The answer is, the asteroid belt did not exist at that time. The original planet which was five to six times larger then Earth was still there, still intact and not in the pieces we see today.!

It is interesting that quite few of the Earth scientists know that Mars had at one point in its history 3 small Moons not two.   These small moons or satellites are referred to as minor satellites   (small chunks of rock in orbit around planets as compared with large satellites like the Earth’s Moon).  The two remaining moons are very irregular in shape. Phobos is 27 km in its longest dimension and Deimos is 15 km in its longest dimension.

Both existing moons are cratered and both orbit the planet in low orbits.  Look at the “Chain” markings n Phobos in the lower photo.




Phobos is only about 3000 miles above the Martian surface and circles the planet in a little over 7 hours (thus it makes more than 3 orbits in a single Martian day). Deimos is a little further out and orbits once in 30 hours.

Both moons exhibit strange marks on their surface, as though something was dragged across them or that they were somehow chained. The markings do make sense if these rocks were in fact chained and dragged into the orbits they still hold.

If there once was three moons what happened to the third one. Simply said, it was used up in the construction of the great spaceship that was to take the Martian civilization to its new home.

The Moon (above Earth) is a composition of many different materials, it is not a solid rock as was once believed.   Analyzing the rocks and dust that have been brought back from the Moon reveals materials that are actually quite rare on most planets but are plentiful on the Moon. Titanium is among these materials.  

There are several structures and devices resident on the surface of the Moon that by their existence tie the Earth, Moon and Mars to each other.

The Moon orbiting above Earth is the spaceship the Martians built to ferry their population to a safe harbor.

As a lifeboat of this caliber it would have contained the history of the planet, the technology, sciences, education, art and everything that was Mars and the people who populated it. Think of it like this, if Earth had to relocate its entire civilization what would humanity take with it?

When the Martians arrived in Earth orbit and came onto the Earth they would not have come as stragglers and beggars but as a complete and specific civilization, well organized, and completely ready to colonize the planet.  

When Atlantis was created it did not start out as a colony of stragglers and beggars. It was in every sense of the word a colony of knowledgeable and intelligent Beings who knew exactly what they were doing and how to do it. Add to this, their society, their civilization, their culture, science and knowledge in general was unlike anything the Earth had known… with one possible exception.

The exception is that Mars was not the only advanced civilization to visit the Earth or to actually be on the Earth at the moment the Martians arrived.  

There may have been a second civilization plus early humanity.

The Atlantians created a global civilization, which means they knew exactly what the planet looked like. They had seen it, surveyed it and mapped it from space.   A few of these ancient maps have been found. In several of these old maps we see the continent of Antarctica displayed ages before the continent was discovered (or should I say, rediscovered) by early explorers.

Archeologists and other scientists have discovered amazing caches of artifacts and information that prove beyond all reasonable doubt the reality of a very advanced civilization in the ancient past of Earth (quite possibly more then one civilization). It is obvious from the type of and amount of evidence discovered that this ancient civilization was global because its signature can be found on every continent.

I am certain that if NASA were to release its actual records of discoveries on Mars, the Moon and the Earth it would be necessary to completely rewrite every history book on this planet.

I predict that one day in the near future this will happen but for the moment NASA and the other space agencies including our military will remain silent for the reasons I have already stated and more.

I would like to include in this article some of the amazing finds and discoveries that have come to humanity from just the small period of time humans have explored our local solar system.   I can include many items of information but I cannot corroborate my evidence with theirs (NASA).   The only source that resembles corroboration is Richard Hoagland’s “Enterprise Mission website ( Richard has taken upon himself the challenge of facing NASA and its adverse policy toward the public.  

There are of course many other researchers whose information about Mars, the Moon and the ancient artifacts found on Earth is quite impressive and I would encourage you to look for their videos and documents online.

December 2014 the Chinese landed a probe complete with a small rover vehicle on the Moon and quietly sent back to Earth for all to see images, photographs and more that the people of Earth, the researchers and scientists have always wanted to see and always did believe the Moon was holding… The People’s Liberation Army, (the Military of China) released this information and has since stirred up the noncommittal, nonsense NASA disinformation service., to the benefit of the people of Earth….   Thank you China!

Throughout my articles I include photos and videos when ever possible.   Here is a photo taken from Enterprise Mission website. If you thought the Moon was a barren world you are wrong. Recall that I wrote earlier it is the “Lifeboat” of an advanced civilization, a constructed spaceship complete with domed cities and entry ports and every necessary facility to support a civilization for a long   period of time on its voyage through space.

Taken with Hasselblad Camera on the Moon

Taken with Hasselblad Camera on the Moon


Here is a video that is worth your time to view, it is Richard Hoagland speaking about and showing images from the Chang 3 Chinese Moon lander.

In the ancient past of Earth there was a civilization that located itself and ruled in the area we now call Iraq/Iran, it was Sumeria in those days, and the advanced civilization who settled there was known as the Annunaki.   During their Rularship of the Earth one of their members “Alanu” was exiled from Earth and became the Ruler of Mars. According to the many accounts made by the Annunaki.   It is highly unlikely that Mars was a barren world at that time.

From the records it appears after nearly 500,000 years the main body of Annunaki left the Earth between 12,500 to 14,000 years ago, just before the last great flood caused from the sudden melting of the polar regions at the end of the last ice age.   It is an interesting fact that more then one great flood has occurred on the Earth, the latest being the Flood of Noah which is reported to have taken place 4,359 years ago ( or the year 2348 BC).


It is apparent in the writings of old Sumeria the Annunaki were gone off the Earth during that time but were watching the Flood take place from space, and did influence several human families toward survival, including of course Noah and his family.