Mars and Earth (The story of Naira)

When I was still a small boy my dad asked me, (while we were watching the original “War of the Worlds” movie):  “what do you think happened to all the Martians, to all the people on Mars?”   I told him, “They are all here, on Earth, this is where they came too.”

Many years later I was living at the end of Carmel Valley with my lady friend.  In those days I was selling Quartz Crystals and working on some research projects.    I had been working for some time on a thread of information about life on the planet Mars.  It seemed to me that there should have been life, not necessarily human life, on Mars in the not so distant past.   One day one of my teachers [alien] contacted me and began to tell me a long story about Mars and the events that lead up to its abandonment and final destruction as a planet with a civilization.

What follows now is a close narrative of that original story.   To the best of my knowledge I am one of three (possible) people on planet Earth that actually knows this story. 

(In the telling of this story I must use terms and phrases that are specific to the language and understanding of Earth humanity (in the present time).   The choice or terms is mine because I am translating.   As a side note, this process of translation seems very odd  and lacks the detail of the images I received at the time this story was given to me.)

There was time in the not so distant past when Mars was home to a huge population.   That civilization was highly advanced (by comparison to present day Earth) in its scientific and mechanical technology and well along in its spiritual awareness.   In many ways it was an ideal civilization where peace was a reality and life styles were without strife or suffering.  There was abundance enough for all.   The greater social and civil problems had been addressed and solved.  There was no war and no threat of war.  There were no dissatisfied or disgruntled factions on the planet.   Politics and politicians simply did not exist and were not part of the civilization.   The planets of the solar system were completely known and had been explored.  Space flight was well advanced even to the point of interstellar exploration.  The name of the planet was “Naira”.  It was not red, in fact it was a small version of Earth with just about as much land mass and Water (65% water and 35% land).   In those times there was no moon or natural satellite in the sky.  The greater portion of the surface was preserved for the growth of plants and food stuffs.   Most travel about the planet was accomplished with the use of underground subway style trains.    This fact should not be too surprising considering the nature and location of the greater population areas (cities) which existed both above and below the surface, (Several larger cities shared an equal amount of building space above ground and below).

If you look at ancient astronomy you will discover there really is a rogue planet that comes into and through this solar system every 13,000+ years.  This rogue planet has many names from the several times it has passed through the solar system and was witnessed.   In most of the times of its passing (and it is known as the Planet of the Passing) it caused no harm.   The solar system is a big open place and there are many objects passing through it from time to time.   The ancient Sumerian’s called the rogue planet “Nibiru” and it is written about in their history.   The Sumerian’s also claimed that their teachers and early Rulers came from this planet, beings known them as the Anunaki.   Our interest here is in the planet itself.

The people of Naira had of course seen “the Planet of the Passing” many, many times in the history of their civilization.   It had come close to them on several occasions but it had never really interfered with their planet or its journey through the solar system except one time, and it the story of this single event that our story is about.

The scientists of Naira tracked the course of the rogue planet and realized that on the next passing Nibiru would collide once again with the ancient planet Tiamet which occupied the next orbital shell out from the Sun…  the orbit just beyond Naira.   This collision would have enormous effects for the solar system and Naira and Tiamet would be right in the middle of it all.

Because the actual event would not take place for several hundred years there would be time to plan for and take specific steps to insure survival of the people, if not survival of the planet.   At some time in the near future the people would have to be informed and involved in whatever efforts where needed.

Over then next few years many options were looked at and considered but in the end there was only one realistic plan that would matter and be acted upon, it was the plan to evacuate the planet, to leave Naira forever if need be and find or create a new home elsewhere among the stars.
You can imagine that every scientist and every learned and skilled being was brought into the plan… and a great and noble plan it was.   It was decided that the only realistic means to insure the survival of the people and most of their society would be to construct a spaceship of enormous proportions, something large enough to house the entire population of Naira.

Just to help you understand how big this plan was let me tell you that Naira (Mars) is approximately 1/3rd the size of planet Earth.   The image below will help you to see the difference.

aaEarth Mars comparison

The proposed spaceship would have to be gigantic and would take many years to construct.   The first few years were devoted to creating the plans and estimating the needed materials.  Naira did not have the amount of materials necessary (needed) to construct the ship.  A search team was sent into the outer reaches of the solar system and into interstellar space.   Eventually 3 asteroids were located and towed back to Naira where they were placed in high, medium and low orbits around the planet.   Today there are only two of these asteroids left in orbit.   One was used entirely, the remaining two were used only partially.  I should add here that all of the asteroids were selected for their ore (mineral) content.   In recent times, the remaining two asteroids were rediscovered in 1877.

The project of building the spaceship that would take the population away from Naira to their new home took more the 150 years to complete.   There was of course other work that needed to be accomplished.   Finding a planet that was suitable of housing the population of Naira was of the utmost importance.   Several planets were selected and examined.  One consideration was the actual distance to the new world.  Even at light speed travel to another solar system would take lifetimes to accomplish.   This meant that new generations would be born on board the space ship, there would need to be room to grow.   Food and supplies was another major consideration.   Much food could be grown aboard the ship but would it be enough?  A breathable and renewable atmosphere would need to be created.

The planet Earth was already occupied with early Man although there was an abundance of open and unused space available, and the Earth planet was close…  right in the neighborhood in fact.  It was reasoned that the Earth could be divided into regions, the population of Man could be educated and advanced and in a short time the Earth could become populated with a combination of human and Nairan.   The plan to populate the Earth planet would be kept as a option in the event no other available world could be found in time.

Due to the size of the spaceship it was constructed in Space more then 350,000 miles away from Naira.   Foundries and factory’s were erected on two of the asteroids.  The one that is now called Deimos was chosen to be the main platform for the construction and Phobos was hollowed out and used as a type of space station housing materials and workers.  When certain materials were needed during the construction phase teams of workers would often visit the nearby planets within this solar system…  in time evidence of these “visits” will be discovered on Earth and on the other planets.


The Image (above) is of Phobos (on the left) and Deimos (on the right).   Deimos resembles a potato shape and has no outstanding features, is much smaller the Phobos and has an orbital period of about 30 hours.  Phobos has very specific markings including a crater of enormous size at one end, is very close to the planet surface and orbits the planet 3 times each day.


The image above is of Phobos.  Notice the markings on the asteroid and the crater at the left end.  If the crater you see was indeed a crater it would have been caused by a meteor or other body that would have completely destroyed Phobos.

Naira (Mars) has a diameter of 6787 KM.  The Moon (above Earth) has a diameter of 3476 KM.   You can see by the numbers that the Moon is slightly more then half the size of Naira (Mars).   This is not an accident or a coincidence.   NASA and the other space agency’s on Earth have discovered, long ago, the Moon circling the Earth is in reality an artificial satellite… that is, it is not a natural object, it was built long ago, and towed or guided into position (orbit) around the Earth.   Is there proof of my statement…  yes, there is overwhelming proof beginning with the results recorded by the telemetry equipment, sent to Earth and subsequently studied and stored in NASA’s file, along with millions of photos, videos and various pieces of equipment and probes that have retrieved information about the moon since the early 1960′s (and even before).

To complete this segment of the story let me continue and say (write):   As the rogue planet entered the solar system it was clear that trouble was in the making.  According to the ancient Sumerian records the Earth planet was created when Nibiru collided with Tiamet the first time.        A large chunk of Tiamet flew off and in time became the Earth.   If you examine the Pacific Ocean basin you will discover the impact crater, the place where Tiamet and Nibiru first met.    On this meeting it was destined that Tiamet would be utterly destroyed and its remnants would form what is now referred to as the Asteroid belt that occupies the orbital  position between what is now Mars and Jupiter.


In those days before the collision between Tiamet and Nibiru the planet Naira (now Mars) was much closer to the Sun, several millions of miles closer.   After the collision the planets moved to different locations, into the locations they hold at present.  There is a scientific reason and explanation for this movement.  It is referred to as “Wave Harmonics”.   To understand this principle simply think of a ball bobbing up and down in the middle of a pond, at the same rate.   It should not be difficult to see the waves that are being created by the ball.  The Sun acts very much like the ball in our analogy.   It (the Sun) does in fact “Move” or vibrate at a certain frequency that creates “Waves” that spread throughout the solar system and within these waves there are hills and troughs and all of the planets reside (live, move and have their being) in one of these troughs.   “Wave Harmonics” is a term used to describe the frequency and results of that frequency created by the “movement” of the Sun.

Science already knows that once, not long ago, Mars had an atmosphere (air and water) and supported life.  There is physical evidence laying all of the planet that proves life, intelligent life, once lived here.   In fact the “Face on Mars” and the nearby city and pyramids are almost identical to the Sphinx the Pyramids and the nearby by city of Cairo.   The truth about NASA is simple:  They DO have enormous amounts of information proving beyond all possible doubt that the Moon is artificial and Mars was once populated by a highly intelligent race of Beings whose technology far exceeds our own at present.

If you have followed the story of Naira this far you have most likely pieced together enough facts to lead you to the conclusion, that it was indeed necessary for the people of Naira to come to Earth, that their home world was destroyed, or at least rendered no longer a livable habitat.  The “people” came to Earth, settled in various places, established villages and towns and centers of commerce and civilization, taught the people of Earth many sciences and over time intermingled with them creating a hybrid type of species.

The fascination and allure most people feel about Mars is in reality and ancient remembrance of that world and a desire to return to what once was.   In truth that day in not far off, Earthly Man will return to the old home world, colonize it again and rebuild.   The Moon you see in the night sky above Earth was not always there, and it is not a natural satellite, nor was it captured into its present orbit.


As an addendum to this story I will add one more short story, a true story that unfolded shortly after I was given the information about Naira, the Moon and the events that brought the “People” to the Earth:

As I mentioned in the beginning of this article I was living at the end of Carmel Valley.    One day shortly after finishing the book about Naira my girlfriend and I visited a nearby restaurant for lunch.   Soon after being seated I noticed a man looking at me very intently, and he did so for a few minutes.   Finally he came over to the table and apologized for staring at me and explained that I looked exactly like someone he knew in his past.   I offered him my business card in case he wanted to discuss the matter but I did not see him again for another 3 weeks when, again we walked in to the restaurant to have lunch and he was just leaving.  He asked if he could join us for a few minutes and began his conversation by asking me if I believed in reincarnation?  I replied saying,  I thought most intelligent people considered life to be eternal.  he in turn replied that he did not believe in reincarnation except for one incident he could not explain…  an incident in which he was involved.

He then related a story in which he described the events in first person, that is, from his own personal view and experience.   The story he told us was the exact story I had just written (the story of Naira).   He was one of the engineers and was stationed on Phobos (and he described Phobos exactly).  He was in charge of constructing large “I” beams used in the framing skeleton of the spaceship.   He talked about how the ship was put together and how the people assembled into it, and how it was towed into the orbit it now holds above the Earth.

I never told him that I had just finished a book in which all the facts he related to me were contained.   After the story he thanked me, excused himself and left the building…  I have never seen or heard from him again.