The ancient planet Mars (an update)

During the past 60 years humanity has sent its best mechanical and technological probes into space and to certain nearby planets.   Of course these machines have the very best technology, cameras, measuring and sensing equipment and devices on board to insure the highest quality of information, graphics and other evidence being captured, digitally recorded and sent back to Earth.

You would   expect this and you would look forward to the results both as a scientist and as a citizen..

During the early days of space exploration, from the early 1960’s through the 1990’s, including the Moon and inner planets: (Mercury, Venus and Mars) very little information was forthcoming from NASA and the other space agencies. Few people realized at the time that the silence was deliberate.  

Over time information leaks in the “system” began to occur and we can argue if this was deliberate or caused by people who were whistleblowers or just plain people determined to inform the public of some of the events and various discoveries that are constantly being made.

I believe this revealing is a combination of many things.

Through the years since the 1950’s our technology has improved, computer programs of incredible capability have been developed and made available to the general public and many people have become serious researchers of space and planetary exploration, and are becoming expert in following and reading the evidence being sent back to Earth from the many probes now operating.

In other articles I have written, I have directly inferred that Mars was once populated with a highly developed civilization including scientific and technology.   It is also important to understand that a serious set of natural events did take place in this solar system around 14,500 years ago and if you read ancient history you will find this date popping up all over the place.   Ancient history buffs, archaeologists, geologists and many scientists are aware of this date and use it as a point of reference in updating their findings.

Since the very first space probe and over the years many thousands of photographs and videos have been sent back to Earth for observation and study.

You might imagine that among these many photographs there would be some of a questionable nature (by this I mean, photographs that show or indicate items or artifacts that exist outside the postulated framework of history and civilization given to Earth’s population). If the Brookings Institute had there way (and they often do) there would be many objectionable and banned photographs.  

The Brookings Institute advised NASA keep secret any and all questionable evidence, in any form, from the human population because they reasoned that such evidence would counter existing social and political and religious concepts. You can’t continue to lie about history and human reality when the empirical evidence is pointing out the lie.

If, as I have stated, there once was life (intelligent) and an entire   civilization on Mars you would expect to find evidence of this all over the place.   And this is exactly what has been, and is being discovered.   Unfortunately NASA releases about 1/10th of 1 percent of the photographs that have been taken, and these are usually doctored or airbrushed before being released. Still some actual photographs leak through the system and are quickly examined by people around the world.

It is wise to say some of the evidence is fake but most of it is real. There are artifacts, buildings, structures and pieces and remnants of every kind, even statues strewn about the landscape, every thing you would expect to find from an ancient civilization.  

The atmospheric conditions on Mars are indeed severe compared to Earth but not so much so that everything has been destroyed or covered up.   Recently it has been suggested by some scientists Mars contains a livable atmosphere…

The planet is weathered yes, destroyed beyond recognition No! 

One thing NASA has been doing from the very first explorations is “Washing” the photographs, a process that is twofold. First it takes the photograph(s) and renders them black and white (no color). The second form of washing is actually airbrushing out anything they see as controversial and banned.  

There are a few other tricks done by NASA but these are two of the main ones.   Many excuses have been made by NASA about faulty equipment.   Now ask yourself, would this agency buy or use inferior equipment or black and white cameras when it can afford the very best equipment?

Washed out, black and white images are evidence within themselves of proof of deception taking place.

NASA once believed no water existed on Mars, but that has been disproved. In fact there is plenty of water not only at the north and south polar regions, but at several places on the body of the planet, and it is more then theorized there is an enormous amount of water under the surface of the planet, just as there are huge underground water reserves on the Earth.  

Early on in Mars exploration several cities were discovered, the most famous is “Cydonia” with its several pyramid structures and the “Face on Mars” (just east of the city) which appears to be a face made of two creatures (One half human, the other half a lion). We have a similar structure on Earth near the Great Pyramid, it is the Sphinx, part Lion and part Human.  

This may seem like a coincidence but I believe it is not.

In the near future I believe two events will occur that will benefit humanity’s search for ET and life elsewhere in the cosmos. One event will be a partial disclosure of evidence relating to ET life and additionally more extensive information coming from Mars will be released.  

The search for life on Mars begins right here on the Earth because here is where that life came when it left Mars.

Plato knew of a time in the not distant past when there was no Moon in the sky above Earth.   The same knowledge is true of the native people on several continents and including an early tribe of people in Greece that claimed they owned the land they lived on since before the Moon came in to the sky (“Mnaseas said that the Arcadians were born before the moon, and so they were called ‘proselenian’; meaning, ‘before the moon’.”) 

Today most scientists who deal regularly with the Moon know it is not a natural satellite or a captured body and it certainly is not a piece of Earth that got knocked off in the distant past… The main reason for this theory being thrown out is the age of the Moon, which is 5.5 billion years old while the Earth is about 4.7 billion years old.

There are many mysteries and anomalies associated with the Moon which cannot be answered by thinking of the moon as a piece of rock that somehow got captured into Earth orbit.

In the Story of Naira (an article on this website) I explain how the Moon got into orbit and why, and even when. I also explain who built it and why.

One of the attributes of the Moon is its size. It is 1/4th the size of the Earth and it is 58% the size of Mars. In all the Moon is way to large to be a natural satellite of Earth. And when NASA visited it in the 1970’s they did find artificial structures on it. Why do you suppose NASA never went back to the moon after spending billions of dollars on creating vehicles and technology that could make the journey?

A few paragraphs ago I wrote the life on Mars came here to Earth. I know this is a huge statement to make and prove but not so hard as you might think.

Going back 14.500 years ago we can see that a cataclysmic event took place on the Earth and in space beyond the Earth and within the solar system.

In the 1950’s a Russian scientist of some renown Immanuel Velikovsky wrote and published a book (you can still get it) titled “Worlds in Collision“.   It immediately became a best seller and people were astounded by the information it contained. Basically it told the story of the solar system in chaos where planets were moved in their orbits and one or two were born from the destruction of others.

(You can download a free copy of this book as a PDF file. Here is the link:

According to science prior to the solar catastrophe (14,500 years ago) Mars occupied the 2nd orbit from the Sun (where Venus is now) not the 4th orbit as it does today.   Additionally Venus which did not exist prior to this event was a captured body ( probably a piece of another much larger planet or even a displaced asteroid.

If this statement about mars is true can you imagine the enormous forces played out on that planet… forces that destroyed much of its atmosphere and oceans and moved the planet two orbital troughs away from the Sun. What is interesting is the evidence we see played out on the surface of Mars revealing enormous electric discharges across its face. One such gouge created a valley several miles deep and thousands of miles long (it makes the Grand Canyon in Arizona look quite small by comparison). The planet Saturn was in that time much closer to Earth then it is, which means it too was moved from its original orbit.   In fact the ancient people revered the planet as a god and knew it as the Primary Sun (the first sun). It occupied the position where the north star (Polaris) sits now.

Here is video that you may enjoy and learn from which speaks directly of these cosmic events I refer too. The video is a product of many years of research and includes information gained from the scientist Immanuel Velikovsky…

“Symbols of an Alien Sky”, by David Talbott:

Earth Scientists presently understand Mars did have an atmosphere and an ocean in the distant past, but how long ago was this “distant past”?   It is easy to say it was millions of years ago but evidence does not support that claim.   New archeology and geology is supporting a more recent understanding of when Mars lost its atmosphere… Mars it turns out is not the dead and barren planet you were told about… in fact it is very much alive.

I have the story I was given by my teachers concerning these two events first in the solar system then on Earth. You of course are free to believe it or not but I have many reasons to think the information is mostly if not in fact all true.

Here is that account.

In the very ancient past when the Earth was still young a highly advanced group of Beings landed on the planet and found it to be beautiful and supportive of their race.   In history this race of Beings would be known as the Annunaki. The first landed in the Sinai area but quickly migrated to southern Africa which was a Garden spot for all intent and purposes.  

At first the idea was to take of the rich resources of this planet but as more “people” arrived from their home world including royalty it was decided to create a new world, a fresh place to live and die…

the Earth world had everything in abundance, all you could want.

The continents were much different in those times… There was one which seemed to be centrally located in the vast ocean of Earth. (Most people do not realize that there is only one ocean on Earth..

It has different names as you visit different parts of the world but still it is only one ocean that stretches around the entire planet.)

On this great continent Island they built a great city, a royal city from which the entire Earth could be ruled… today that city is called Atlantis and the Island continent is called Antarctica.

The original Annunaki divided the Earth into twelve parts and gave each part to one of its royal family members. Because they were from the stars the various family members named themselves after the constellations that surrounded the Earth in Space. It was they who gave the names to the constellations.   The Zodiac is also named after these members and their attributes. It is no wonder that later Man thought of these Beings as gods.

Over time the entire Earth became colonized. The technology in use by these Beings is today everywhere evident on the planet…  

The pyramids were used for three things, depending on their shape and size:

1) to generate power from the magnetic fields of Earth and worked in much the same way as solar energy generators.

2) As landing platforms for their great space ships.

3) As Temples for ritual, honor and initiation.

Human ( as we know them today) did not exist in those early times.  

I believe you can read the story of the creation of Man in several books including the western Bible. Man is made in part from the DNA of the creators (Annunaki) and from the DNA of a certain humanoid creature that existed then and still exists. Human is a hybrid to this day.   The words “Let Us Create Man in Our Own Image and Likeness” should be familiar to most people on Earth…  

Concerning Mars I believe the Martians had in the course of their solar exploration visited the Earth and knew of the Annunaki living on the planet. I also believe the first choice for the people of Mars was not to move to the Earth… but that choice became a matter of survival in the final moments of events that were about to unfold.

According to my teachers the scientists of Mars knew and prepared for the solar event but where wrong in their estimate of time concerning the event or the damage that would be done.   They prepared a great spaceship that would carry the bulk of their population to a new home.

That spaceship, we now call the Moon. It is the vehicle that brought the Martian race to the Earth..   I believe they originally settled in an area we now call the Pacific Ocean on a series of Islands some of which today are the Hawaiian islands…

The Martians called their new home Mu. The Annunaki welcomed the new race and shared the land and technology with them.  

It is a matter of history that the Race from Mars was not and is not a peaceful race. (If Earth’s history was a Star Trek movie the Martians would be the Klingons).

There is no record of War waged anywhere on this planet prior to 12,500 years ago… in fact most wars originated after the Great Flood and during the past 9,000 years. What was so different about people prior to the great flood, or prior to 9,000 years ago?

The answer is, Influence!   But Whose?

The original people seemed to not be compelled to war or violence… even the Annunaki who claimed to have weapons like nuclear missiles would not use them…

They were considered ancient and forbidden.

I am convinced that two distinct floods occurred 2,000 years apart.

My question to you is, what caused these Great Floods?

Was it cosmic, or a simple and pure act from the Earth…

or was it a result from something like a nuclear holocaust?

The confusion comes when we try to think of both events happening at the same time and for only one reason.

Two floods, two distinct events and for two separate reasons makes much more sense. 

In the first flood of 14,500 years ago I can easily admit that Earth upheavals from the solar events that were taking place could have easily caused a global flood.

The second flood, called the Flood of Noah was not cosmic… it was a result of the ice age ending abruptly. And what would have caused this sudden ending?

There are only two things that can cause a sudden heat of unusual proportions.   One would be a solar flare that bathed the Earth and the other is a nuclear holocaust.   A war using nuclear bombs could have caused the melting of the last Ice age in the northern hemisphere.   We know the northern hemisphere was covered almost entirely with a great ice field, and we know the ice melted very quickly and without explanation.

I have read the water level (of the ocean) may have risen more then 4,000 vertical feet before it receded   There are many structures and cities buried under the existing oceans. With our ground piercing radar we can now “see” to the bottom of most of the worlds oceans and researchers have discovered several underwater cities along coastlines and even in deep water. There is an entire city complete with a very long runway (airport) in the southern part of the Sea of Cortez between mainland Mexico and the Baja peninsula… Another can be found due southeast of Spain in the Atlantic Ocean, another is located in the Bimini area off the coast of Florida. There are many.  

The great flood as referred to in the Bible still resides in tribal memory (the indigenous people of the Earth still have stories of it) and it is said, there were more then 1.6 billion humans alive on the planet at that time. There is no record of any previous war on the Earth.

I am not of the belief that these humans died because of their iniquity… (I think that is a church problem).  

I believe these people died because they were not aware of the events that would take their life and they had not the means of survival or resistance.  

There are Seas of Green Glass and verifiable physical evidence that indicate a nuclear war did take place right here on Earth about 12,500 years ago.

The Indus Valley in India is a clear example of evidence supporting a nuclear war in the past.   Here at least one entire village with all its inhabitants was quickly snuffed out of existence leaving only their scarred remains and high radioactivity that still permeates the area.

There are many other places in the world where we find Vitrified stone walls and building, Seas of Green glass that come about from the intense heat of a nuclear explosion acting upon the silicon in the Earth. And yes, there is actually a written description of this war in ancient books still available in India (see, “Mahabharata”). If you want to read more of this account from India here is a link:

Who were the combatants in this nuclear war?  

If we read the ancient texts we find that the war was waged both in heaven (in space) and on Earth… and obviously both combatants were capable of using these weapons, and did so.

We also discover that soon there after the Annunaki left the Earth and returned to their original home.   And as to the Martians I believe they are still here. ( recall they had no home to return too).

I believe we are witnessing their mind set on a daily basis. Wars and the rumors of wars, out of control military budgets that could be used to refurbish entire nations are wasted on more and more weapons and technology that can only be used for more destruction and endless war…

This is the undeniable proof that the Martians are with us and still have control of the Earth… They were and they still are a violent race.   They care for nothing natural and willingly destroy any and all things and populations that stand in their way.   In their mind set there are only two levels of people… Slaves and Masters.

This has been their way since before they arrived on the Earth, and you can trace their march through history by this singular mentality up to this very moment.

If humanity is not being plagues by these Martian Beings as I have described then why is there a constant war like state of affairs [still] present on this planet?   Who benefits from this state of war, who benefits from corporation that create weapons that can only be used for war… who benefits from the military/industrial complex that does exist on this planet?