The Moons of Mars

Modern astronomers have determined the planet Mars did not have any natural satellites (Moons) of its own.  Yet there are [presently] two Moons in orbit above the planet and evidence of one more that is now completely missing.  The Moons above Mars seem to have been towed into orbit because they are in nearly circular in their perspective orbits and because of their unusual close distance to the planet surface… (Phobos is only 3,000 miles above the surface of Mars) and there are certain markings, like giant chains used to tow these great rocks.  These are facts that lean toward the evidence of them being artificial satellites.  Deimos and Phobos are the names given to the two existing Moons of Mars but it is Phobos that seems to have the most mystery to it. In the videos presented here pay attention to the Metallic exposed surfaces of Phobos.

By all accounts and from the evidence that has been gathered the moon Phobos seems to have been hollowed out by some artificial device and the scars or markings on the surface indicate that its materials were taken from it by mechanical means. There are several other anomalies associated with Phobos including much evidence that Phobos may actually be a Spaceship of a type. keep this fact in mind as we unravel the Atlantis information. It may not seem relevant at this moment bu ultimately a very different story Humanity and its beginnings will unfold.

The Video here is an older one featuring George Nori of Coast to Coast radio, and Richard Hoagland (famous for his book and research into the Face on Mars)…


Much of the information presented in these video was of course gathered several years ago however very few people know of its existence or the meaning of this information therefore i believe it is well worth viewing once again as new information is always forthcoming and adding a new flavor to what we already know… the point being, eventually we will have enough information to understand the total truth the matter.

The following video is one of seven (1 of 7) in this series. The information was presented in England on a “Coast to Coast” type radio program with Howard Hughes emceeing and Richard Hoagland providing the actually information. Take your time and enjoy the information being presented. Richard can be a bit long winded but ultimately he reveals a great amount of facts in his narrative. I will include the first video link and the remaining links will such that you can click on the link to produce the corresponding video.


Phobos – The Truth IS Out There!!! Pt.1/7 Video

 Below is the links to the rest of this series