Even though modern Medicine is a marvel and includes some great technology by which accurate diagnosis can be accomplished  like most people I believe that real cures can be and have been offered over the years but have been turned away and denied by certain factions within the medical industry and including the pharmaceutical industry which has openly admitted it has no desire to cure anyone which by doing so would obviously destroy their profits.  In their own words, they are in business for the money only.  

I mention all of this because there are many other ways and means to cure most or all of humanities disease and ills.

The ancient world did not have such institutions as the AMA (American Medical Association), hospitals, clinics, doctors offices on every corner and so on.  Neither were such things necessary. In general the diets were healthier, and the people used natural medicines and cures.  There were in fact doctors and knowledgeable people who knew the arts of medicine and healing even though there were no associations or institutes to represent them.  The knowledge of Herbs and plants to heal sickness and disease has been known for thousands of years and is still known and  used and practiced among the indigenous people of the world including the native American people here in this nation. The “Lying on of Hands” as an effective form of healing is biblical and was known  from the beginning of humanity on this planet.  

Some of the western societies have lost track of the old ways in favor of medical technology by machine.   However, in the past three decades there has been a shift in thinking and ever so slowly we are witnessing a return to natural medicine and organic healing practices.  

Today there is an increasing awareness and interest in meditation and the ancient healing arts such as Reiki (The word means, Universal Life Force) and Qi gong,, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, massage, Aroma therapy, and more.  Often we are finding real healing for people who have been told they could not be healed by mainstream doctors and medicine. This is a significant step backwards and forwards at the same time.  

While I am not speaking about miracles being handed out by the ancient practices I am telling you there are other options, other alternatives and choices you might not heretofore have known about.    

In this category (Healing Yourself) read over some of the choices available to you.  Look at the videos offered and think how these options might be of help to you;  to improve your life, your health and your world.