One of my favorites in this Life is the Creation of Wealth.  I have been doing this for a very long time and believe it or not I have been and still am helping a lot of people become wealthy.   Honestly its not that difficult to become wealthy, if it was difficult there would be a lot less wealthy people in this world… and being wealthy is not the private domain of some elite group. Most people that live in poverty at some level do so usually because they think or believe they have no choice to do or be other wise, yet this fact is against all reality and reason.  I can tell you I am not the normal person, and certainly my life has not been anything normal.  I have seen things most humans have no idea about, have not seen and never, in this life will see…  It is from this vantage point that I can make claims and tell you information that you might not know.    Below is a special report I have prepared just for you.   

Concerning Wealth

It took a very long time in my life to realize that Wealth, prosperity and financial abundance was not the territory or some elect few people in the world…   it belonged to everyone who would claim it for themselves.

Once I really understood that Wealth in general belongs to no one and to everyone, I was included in this formula of prosperity.

There is no limit as we might understand to how much opulence and wealth exists… the universe is larger then we can imagine from this level of life. And the material universe represents only the smallest portion of what actually exists, (significantly less then 1%) which means we cannot ever exhaust the source.

Wealth is a God thing, meaning that it is created by and sustained by and given unconditionally to all.

It does not take too much intelligence to see how much more of our self we can express being wealthy as opposed to being poor.   Virtually everything in this world is geared to wealth, including education. travel, health, proper diet, housing, clothing, sports, technology and entertainment… and the list goes on.

Becoming and being wealthy is not difficult when you finally accept it as a reality, that it is essential to living your life fully and a part of your own life I might add that you are completely entitled to, even as a birth right, as a member of this world and this civilization.

Remember,   wealth, prosperity and abundance is not the exclusive domain or right of any group of people… it is the right of all people and anyone can claim it at anytime.   Once you know, once you understand that you are wealthy and prosperous already then it is only a matter of choice to claim it and accept it.

The universe is opulent and wealthy beyond your dreams or demands… No amount of wealth that you can have will in any way take away the wealth of another person (unless you steal it from them).   You do not have to compete for wealth.   Wealth exists without limit, you do not need someone else’s share.

The visible and physical universe exists from unlimited energy that can have any form given to it, and as I wrote earlier it that which is physical represents only the smallest fraction of the whole universe…

What your eyes cannot see is the other 99.99999% of the universe… it is totally present but invisible to you. You can understand it is there, the physical universe swims in it like fish in the ocean… and it is here that you will derive your greatest wealth for it is a fountain you can tap but never use up, even if you lived forever.

When the average person looks into the night sky they see the stars and a few planets but the greater par of the sky seems to be blackness, emptiness… the great void… but the truth is, it is not empty at all… what is there exists at a set if frequencies your eyes cannot see, but that empty space is not empty or void… in fact it is crammed full of energy, it is full of the very stuff that created the stars and the planets and the living Beings and things that occupy these places including you and me.

Everything that exists on this planet came from the void. Everything that exists in the entire physical universe came from the void.   What ever you desire will come from the void, including your ideas and desires to have it.

Strange words, I know, but as it has been said, truth is stranger then fiction.

Here is a secret known only to a few… The universe is conscious! In fact until recently in the history of humanity the universe was always thought to be and taught to be a Living Being… a Conscious living Being!

As a boy I was taught the universe has 3 natures (or qualities), and it works together with itself in a perfect manner (It being a perfect living thing).

The ancient Masters identified these qualities and also taught them as a man would teach another about the nature of his parents.   Indeed, if you understand then you would know the universe to be our living parent… some have even called it Father… and it is!

The 3 qualities (natures or forms) of the universe are, in terms of science: Energy, Consciousness and Force… In ancient times and teachings these were called Prana (energy), Consciousness and Love. When Energy is taught from the metaphysical principles it is taught as “Prana”, which means, “Life Force”.   Scientifically and metaphysically Energy is not dead, in fact it cannot die.     As I mentioned, the three forms work perfectly with and within each other.   You can learn to use them properly and effectively.

Science presently recognizes that, “Energy cannot be added to or subtracted from but only changed from one form to another”.

The energy that fills the universe has always existed and always will… And while it is not yet spoken of academically many scientists will tell you that, “it seems there is a consciousness behind energy, something that responds to our research and inquiry in ways we cannot yet explain but must accept as being present”.

Teachers like Jesus taught the people that life is not what you see only. There is another side to life, a side that listens to you, and responds to our prayers and supplications.

He taught, and demonstrated that nothing is impossible to this side of Life and he referred to it as the Father, not only His Father but Our Father…

And while I am not trying to be religious here we cannot leave out the nature of Consciousness and Intelligence as part of the Life Force we all are composed from and subject too.

Words like “Knock and the door will Open – Seek and you will find – Ask and it shall be given…” are all powerful words and all relate to the Invisible side of the Universe… It is invisible to human eyes but it is not unknown and certainly not unreachable… in fact the opposite is true. It has been asked, Who is your Father and your Mother? In the ancient teachings it was known the Father was “Consciousness and the Soul, the Mother was the living Energy and the Force was Love.

Most people think the only opulence and wealth is what you can take from the Earth or lay your hands on… this is not true at all.

Ask yourself, where did the opulence on the Earth come from and, is it universal … of course it is.

One more thought for you concerns the nature of all physical nature. The physical universe is quite small compared to the non-physical or invisible universe. The greater good is not even visible to us at this level…

The riches on the Earth are but a byproduct of the riches of the universe.

Imaginatively, if you discovered a cave full of gold and jewels you might think you were rich but if you found a place the size of New York City full of gold and jewels what would you think?   The Masters taught that there is so much wealth available to us there is no place on Earth large enough to contain it including the Earth itself.

Wealth exists and it exists in plenty… The things we think that make us wealthy like gold, silver and precious stones are common to the universe.   I like the story of the man who asked St. Peter if he could take just one suitcase of gold into Heaven… and when St. Peter saw it he replied, Paving Material?

I know that people think this place, this Earth world is so important, and from here it is, but if you ever get to see this planet from a great distance, to see how really small among the stars it really is, and how much of the universe exists around it this sight may put all of this life into perspective…

Its important but it is not all there is. The opulence here is real enough but it is miniscule compared to all that exists.   There is enough for everyone a billion times over… As the Masters have all said, you can have it all, you can have as much as you can take, or ask for or demand… The universe is without limit and you can have your share, no one will deny you.

Many people think the wealth they see displayed among the rich and famous has somehow consumed or used up what is available but this could not be further from the truth.   The Well of Wealth has barely been tapped on this planet… and if you consider the wealth that exists in the invisible realm of energy that surrounds, permeates and composes this universe the amount of wealth accumulated is so small it is not even worth mentioning.

How do you become wealthy?

Let me start off by saying, your physical circumstance has very little to do with your ability to become wealthy…   You are not to old, you are not to ignorant, you are not to lowly or insignificant. Your color is of no concern, nor is your body type or your nationality or height or your looks.   Your education is not of concern nor where you live or what you call your home.

What then matters?   You matter.

Now read this slowly. Your life is a reflection of what you believe about yourself.

The Universe is unconditional in its application… only you determine what you are capable of and what the universe can and will do for you and with you.

Your relationship with the living universe is one on one… and it is active and working right now.

No one and nothing can interfere with this relationship unless you allow it deliberately or through ignorance.   You may have been born into a set of circumstances beyond your control, but it is your choice to remain or not.   Many very wealthy people have come from extreme poverty.

Once I realized that my relationship with the Living universe, with God, was “one on one” and that I was being given exactly what I had asked for in my life, it sat me back… it made me look at life again, but this time knowing that I had secretly or openly asked for my life to be exactly as it was…

But in knowing this I also realized that if I had been given the life I had I could also be given a very different life, the design and choice was mine.

And this is the great secret… “life always gives you exactly what you ask for.”

This is a very difficult statement for some people because they believe their life is not of their own making and design.

(It always seems easier to blame others for our misery or failure or mistakes.

And yes, some people will never achieve their dreams because it is easier to say, I was only doing as I was told!)

If you do choose to reshape your life, know that you really can do this but it requires a little specific work and understanding on your part.

If you ask for something, you must Be Specific, be as exact as you can.

While it may seem correct to say, I want to be rich, what exactly do you mean by this statement?   Different people have different versions of what “Rich” is. What rich is to one person may not be rich to another.   Some people think if they have $10 in their pocket they are rich. Is this what you mean?

If you went before a king who told you that you could have anything you want, would you be vague about what you asked for, or would you be very exact?   Wisdom tells you to Be specific and exact as you can!

Set a time for your Goal or request to be met. This is not for the universe, that has no idea of time, it being infinite… this is for you. It is for you to know exactly when you want to manifest this request… If you don’t set a time for yourself to see this goal come into being you actually won’t be using your energy correctly. I mean, it’s your request so when do you want to see it happen… today, next week, next year???

While what I am about to tell you is not one of the rules, it should be.   Simply said, Release all guilt you may have about your request!

No matter your circumstance or conditions in life, you have a right to ask, a right to seek and a right to have… the universe is unconditional in its application!

Put away any guilt or fear you might have about asking for and receiving. The universe is not judging you.   Simply ask and receive!

Have Faith in yourself and in the process, in the Living universe that has already heard your request and is rushing to fulfill it in the time line you have set for it.

Peter wanted to walk on the water just as he had seen Jesus do, and asked Jesus if he could…   Jesus said, Come out of the boat.. and Peter came out of the boat and walked for a short space on the water… then he began to sink.. Jesus saw this and took hold of Peter’s hand and said to him, “Why did you doubt? “

My point here, The universe is real enough and capable enough to fulfill any and all sincere requests made of it…. but you can slow or even stop the process by interfering with it… and doubt is the interference every time.

To have FAITH is to believe in the invisible process. God is both the visible and invisible process in this universe. You do not have to know how a miracle will be done or takes place to have it happen.

Finally, BE GRATEFUL (Live in Gratitude).   Being thankful and grateful for all you have and all you will receive is a very important key to your success.   True gratitude is an act of Love, an act of appreciation and an act of saying Thank You… To be grateful when something good happens is good but to be grateful for what is about to happen is awesome.  

There are a few more points you will need to learn but the ones above are the ones you need for now…  I will be publishing more in the next few days, and offering a free book for you to study.