Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit

In the incoming paradigm (the new age) of energy and consciousness we will require the knowledge of the ancients once again.  While it is good to have hospitals and clinics and doctors around when we need that level of help the person ultimately responsible for our health is ourself.   The ancient teachers knew this fact and taught such knowledge incorporated into the various forms of Yoga and Meditation and healing practices.   Specific knowledge was given to humanity to create a very real and lasting level of self help, self healing and self improvement on all levels

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Chakras Frequency Chart

Chakra’s Frequency Chart

In the past 20 plus years so many people around the world are “Waking Up” and in so doing are taping into a level of consciousness and intelligence unseen on this planet for  several millennia.   Today we have new technology and advancing science that can and does show us the reality of the teachings of ancient masters and their wisdom.  Today we know from a scientific level that the concepts of time, space and even form are not as real as we have been led to believe and we have the science available to confirm this as fact, which translates to mean that today we have both ancient wisdom and modern science stating the same facts  and pointing us in the same direction…  

Today we have the opportunity to learn from the best, we have emerging sciences and rediscovered wisdom available to us…  The darkness is lifting…  perhaps this is one reason we are told that the incoming age is in fact the “Age of Light”.   The message is, be excited for your own success and progress.  Add to all of this the many teachers that have come to the Earth at this time, in fact you may be one of them, perhaps its your turn to remember your destiny and take your place in the world.    If it is your desire to be a Life Coach or if you decide you would like the services of a Life Coach reach out and contact me.  I am a Life Coach, I know many others and I can point you in the direction of training and certification.