Philosophy and Medicine

Many people ask me to explain the wisdom and philosophy of my people which obviously is not like most of the information you might encounter on this planet but it does exist, it is ancient and it has a name you can identify and substance you can work with   Such knowledge as I would share with you has in fact been preserved and is still used to this day in places in the world.

There are Masters and teachers, usually located in the Far-East, who do know the information I share here.  These Masters have known this information for thousands upon thousands of years and while they tend to protect it, and they have done so for a very long time, they do know the time to reveal this information has come.  There are two main areas of information you should learn about, among these are Philosophy and Medicine.    

Philosophy is a specific way of thinking, feeling and acting internally but it is not exclusive to internal activity alone, it externalizes itself  in your daily actions and interactions with people and the world around you.   To this end I wrote a book and it is available on this website, it is titled:  “Principles of Self Mastery” .   You might be surprised what you are capable of.  

The  second area  is “Healing and Medicine” which translates to mean “the Health of your entire Body, Mind and Spirit” .   On this planet there is an ancient form of “medicine” that incorporates all three  branches and as I wrote earlier it is ancient in its origin, in fact it was one of the forms of knowledge given to humanity from the beginning and for the very purpose of preserving the whole body, mind, spirit health.    

In this section I am only pointing you in a direction.  I am telling you that such knowledge as you need to grow and prosper and remain young and healthy on this planet does exist and it exists in several forms.    One of the forms of personal health and healing is known as:  “Ayruveda”  but you may also see it referred to as “Ayruvedic Medicine”.   Here is a link to a website that will provide you with a good understanding of this subject:

I have no personal connection to this website and I offer it only as information for you.  

(The website contains a good amount of  information (articles) about Ayurveda both as a personal practice of philosophy similar to forms of yoga and as viable methods of self healing; alternative medicine).  

In the incoming the new age (the incoming paradigm) energy and consciousness will require the ancient knowledge once again.  While it is good to have hospitals and clinics and doctors around when we need that level of help each of us is ultimately responsible for our health.   The ancient teachers knew this fact and taught it and such knowledge as we need to preserve our health is incorporated into the various forms of yoga and meditation that was given to humanity to create a real level of self help and self healing.   

To learn more visit the articles I have  created and set aside for you on this website.   Look for the articles on Yoga and Ayruveda under the “Healing” category.  (Or, click on the links, marked in Yellow).

There is one more area of of self help and self awakening I believe you should know about.  It is something the ancient Pharaohs knew about and used extensively and a substance that was rediscovered 100 years ago.   The background knowledge gained and studies that have been done since the 1960’s is enormous and even though it is not a State guarded secret it is also not extensively advertised in the public domain.   During my research over the past twenty plus years I have only come across two companies that produce and make this product, after the original methods and recipes known only to the ancient alchemists and given only to the royalty.  I could write a great amount of information about this product however it is best you see for yourself and make your own decisions about it.