Everything in nature is energy including your body.  Everything in nature works according to its energy centers and every thing biologic has energy centers.

 Thousands of years ago humanity was taught about these energy centers and what they do and why it is important to your life to keep these centers and what they control healthy.  To this end you can do a bit of research and discover that at least in the Far-East (the Asian nations and people) charts and graphs exist that outline the body energy channels and centers.  Additionally there is a great amount of information to treat and keep the body healthy, and to treat the body when illness or disease is present.

No one knows exactly where or when the information was first given to humanity but it is known that the information about the body energy and its channels and centers is extremely ancient.   The Chinese are given credit for developing the charts and information for the body energy channels, known to the world as Body Meridians.  

While the practice of Acupuncture has been ongoing in the far-east for thousands of years and is used extensively and almost exclusively by the Asian people. Western medicine is still struggling with the concepts and science of it all and most western doctors would probably like to ignore and forget that such science exists…  after all, it is inexpensive, non invasive and it works!

12 Meridians of the Body

12 Meridians of the Body

Human Acupuncture points

The main information you need to begin your education about the body energy should be about the 7 main energy centers of the human body known as “Chakras” .  These 7 Chakras control the flow of energy for specific areas and functions of the body.  The two charts below will help to locate and identify the 7 Chakras for you.

 Chakras color,symbol, idetity

Chakra location

The Chakra Centers work in concert with the energy highway known as Meridians, which act much like the veins and arteries and blood vessels delivering vital energy to the body however, think more in terms of the nervous system and its functions.

What is most important about the ancient information is that the body is seen as energy  (frequencies, wave forms and light) as opposed to purely mechanical biologic forms.

Because the human body is in fact energy it can be and is effected by Light waves (light intensity, colors and radiation) and   Music (sound and frequency).

The Monks throughout the eastern temples use both of these methods to affect specific changes within themselves and their surroundings, and this processes they use have been performed for thousands of years.

Of great interest is how this ancient information fits into the new sciences of Quantum physics and sub-atomic particles emerging at this time on the human stage.  

One of the main reasons Chinese medicine came into being was to help people to return to normal body health with little or no invasion of the body (surgery and the like). The Principles of health were taught to and practiced by specifically chosen people who would in turn treat the general population.   Over the centuries several forms of self healing have been presented to humanity.   Among these are the practices of Meditation, Reiki, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Chakra healing and healing the body Meridians and several other forms.  

In general the Eastern philosophy about medicine and healing is to treat the body as energy.

All of the forms mentioned here accomplish this goal in slightly different ways.

Within these articles I am offering samples of what you can learn and do. I am also attempting to encourage you to do your own search (or research) to find information that can help you or if you just have the desire to learn more.  Here is a Reiki Healing music tape  you might enjoy.