Coast to Coast AM Radio Show of February 20, 2013

On February 20, 2013 I was invited to speak on the Coast to Coast AM radio show with  George Noory.  


I spoke about “Changelings” that live among humanity…  Changelings are ET’s that have been “Placed’ into the human society to fulfill the purpose of advancing the Human species on Earth in  DNA signature, in the upliftment of Consciousness and in advanced Education and Technology.

  There is an article on this website about Changelings, that will explain a great deal for you.  You can read it at this page:

“Changelings on the Earth”: 

The total show was a four hour affair and  I occupy the last half (2 hours).   Thousands of people listened in… many more then I thought would be up and awake at that time of the early morning.   I live in Arizona and my portion of the show began at 1 AM and went to 3 AM.  

In all, everyone who heard the program seemed to think the show was a success.  I answered many questions and concerns about the actual intent of the Changeling program on the planet, and described what a Changeling is.   

I have been asked by many people since the show first aired, if I would post the Audio version of the show on this website and allow other people to listen in…  in case they missed the actual show or just want to hear it again.   The following MP3 files (two files) are Hours 3 and Hour 4 of the Coast 2 Coast show.


If you encounter any problems with these audio tapes please contact me through this website, enjoy