Symbols of an Alien Sky

In the ancient past of Earth the Solar system planets were not in the place or the orbits we know today.  The entire solor system suffered a severe change of its planetary structure and orbital paths sand the people of Earth, all over the Earth, witnessed these enormous changes and suffered at the results.   There are Cave paintings on every continent that depict specific events as witnessed by the people who drew the pictures.   In addition to these many painting there is the Egyptian culture who recorded the events leading up to the changes I refer too and actually embodied these changes in their science, art and religion.   We find the recording of events painted and inscribed on walls and in temples and building through the land.  

What is important to us is the information we gathering to reconstruct the world as it once was, including the sky above the Earth.     In prophecy it is said, there will be a new Heaven (sky) and a new Earth.   Certainly this was true of the former Heaven and Earth(as it once was) and could in all possibility be true again.   Nothing is “fixed” in the universe…  everything changes.

 Michael Talbot and associates have done a remarkable job in research and the development of information in making the video that follows.   This video is created in association with the “Thunderbolt Project” in which the Universe is seen nt as empty space but a  Electromagnetic forces alive and working in a Plasma field.   If we follow this research and information to its conclusion we can only begin to realize the universe is alive and well…  it is our Earthly understanding that lacks but this too is changing.   I invite you to watch and be inspired by the information given here.