Alien Family’s

The planet Earth is extremely old… much older then present earth science now estimates.  This fact is also true of Mankind.   As a species Humanity is much older then most scientists now suspect however evidence is being discovered on an almost daily basis that is revealing deeper and stranger truths about Man then was ever suspected.

In the recent past the church attempted to claim the Earth was not more then 6,000 years old.  Modern science including archaeologists, geologists and microbiologists to name only a few have discovered physical evidence that proves the Earth and Mankind to be tens of thousands, even 100’s of thousands of years older then any date considered by the church.

Over the last 100 years or so artifacts of questionable origin have been discovered in many places in the world.  I use the term “questionable” because these many artifacts (and there are thousands)  do not fit into any presently known history of Earth or any past society or civilizations (with the possible exception of ancient Sumar)  yet here they are many thousands of unexplainable items and records and writings;  Small items, large items, buildings, structures, whole cities high in the mountains and deep underwater…  footprints that should not exist where they do nor when they were made;  Batteries, spark plugs, machines, computers, light sources, written histories,  pictures, hieroglyphs, cave paintings… the list is enormous and it continues to grow.

And what does it all mean?  It can only mean that our past, the past of Earth, is completely different then the average person has been taught or led to believe.

Humanity has kept many secrets over the millennia.   Some things should not be secrets and some secrets should not exist at all.  Some secrets exist to protect certain people or preserve certain knowledge.   Although I personally do not like secrets I understand the reasoning for some to exist.  An example of a secret that has been necessary for the upliftment and good of the human species is the secret of certain families.  You of course are free to believe as you will but there is greater truth hidden in this Earthly life, quite a bit in fact, that would intimidate and probably threaten the general public if they knew the facts.    It is this very reasoning that prevents NASA and other global space agencies from telling humanity the [known] truth about UFO’s, aliens, alien civilizations and evidence of life and life forms found on Earth, on the Moon and on Mars.

In older times and in the older countries of  western Europe (Ireland, Scotland, Greece, Italy etc) there is a word that by today’s standard has two distinct meanings but in older times it meant only one thing, this is the word  “Changeling”.   The old world (original) definition for this word is:  “One child left in the place of another”.  In present definition the word can also mean:  “A personal ability to change form, from one form to another, a creature of mystery”.  It is the original definition that we are here concerned with.

From the most ancient times humans have been exchanged by aliens.  The usual purpose has been twofold;  first, to create a higher more evolved bloodline and DNA patterning for humans and, second, to introduce new and higher thinking, knowledge and technology into the human civilization.   You can object to the process but you cannot alter it.  It is as much a part of humanity as water is to the Earth.   It was known that the child that was taken usually had a better life then the one left (in the sense that life on Earth can be difficult).   In modern times changeling’s were exchanged in orphanages all over the world.   There are many “changeling’s” living among human families at this moment.   By some estimates there may be several million changeling’s presently alive and functioning on planet Earth.   Perhaps one should be asking what is the present purpose of such Beings on this planet… is it any different than the purposes of olden times…  is it more, or less?

If you consider the age of humanity on this planet, and the progress that has been made you might be able to see that “intervention” of many kinds has taken place.    This is true of the technology presently being used across the planet.   Today there is a much higher more urgent need for the presence of changeling’s in the human civilization.   What humanity does not know or at least does not fully realize is the jeopardy of life he has placed himself in.

The military/industrial complex under the guise of “National Security” has created an Earth threatening environment and by all understanding is to be considered out of control and in fact “Insane”.    So real is this threat to the Earth planet and to the life forms upon it…  so removed from his own purpose and intention has mankind become, that for the first time in the history of the universe, in order to save the human species and this planet it has become necessary for the “Divine to Intervene in human affairs”.    The bulk of humanity does not know what is meant by these words, and it is likely they will not, in this lifetime, know the meaning of these words, but consider this, without Divine Intervention there will be no Earthly humanity, no future for man at all.    With Divine Intervention humanity may be reduced in numbers but will survive and go on.   by Divine Intervention the physical problems of Earth and Man will be greatly reduced, to a size and configuration humanity can once again understand and deal with.  All of the problems facing humanity will not be removed but will become manageable.

Divine Intervention is not to remove Free Will but rather to return it to all people, equally.   The old will pass away.   The systems that now plague the Earth and its people will soon fail and finally be removed.   New children will emerge… children with new values (different values than now exist).   As was predicted, there will be a new Heaven and a new Earth.