Planet of the Beginnings

To all things there is a beginning…  Humanity had a beginning and in the time scale of the universe it was not that long ago.

Many people see that humanity is having a difficult time with itself.  It appears there is not enough intelligence available to make the correct decisions about almost every issue facing humanity.   For the most part humans can’t get out of their own way and the decisions they make are based on very narrow parameters of judgment and foresight.   In fact if we look at the political arena around the world we see many decisions based on pure greed and the lust for power, control and ego.  The matter of ego is so strong many humans think only of themselves, its the meaning of the word “Narcissism”.   The news media is full of comments made by people that clearly show their lack of social and civil awareness. 

There is a small group of people in this world who see themselves as “Elitists” and special and outside the mainstream of humanity…  this is an illusion of self aggrandizement and a mistake.   A more out of touch and out of balance group of people you will never find and they illustrate my point here exactly…  these people actually believe they control the world and everything that is done in it, and oh yes, it is all done for them.   These people are nothing more then walking egos and in truth have no concept of reality at all.

All of this action and thoughts and ego posturing “is the mark of a completely immature and spiritually unaware group of Beings”,  and it is this description, this definition that enables alien races who are observing this Earth planet to refer to this segment and level of humanity as the “Planet of the Beginnings”, or as “The Planet of the Children”… and both statements are correct.

The very reason humanity on this planet is having the problems with itself is that it has NO empirical knowledge from which to draw upon, no experience in handling the physical matters it faces including the development and possible use nuclear weapons and other advanced technology’s (specifically technology that was given to humanity [to the military/governments] in exchange for research (mostly genetic) to be performed on selected humans…  by a race of alien beings who have all but exterminated themselves in their own insane quest for technology and finally their quest for self preservation).

Spiritually speaking the population of humanity [presently residing on this planet] is almost at the bottom of the universal ladder of Human evolution.   There are only four levels below humanity and I can assure you that you would not like the picture you would see if you knew what I referred to here.   Can Humanity sink lower…  yes.   Can Man grow and climb out of his present physical circumstances… yes.   Can Mankind do the necessary work alone and using his present level of knowledge… No, absolutely not!

The fact is Humanity (on this planet) is as a child.   Potentially he is a very great child, but at this moment he is barely out of his infancy.    As I wrote earlier, some alien races who are observing this world refer to the population as “The Planet of the Children”.   

The various forms of technology including Nuclear power, Quantum physics, Quantum Mechanics etc. are not new technology or new information… these things are known to almost every intelligent species throughout the Universe…  these things are only NEW to Earth’s Humanity…  In fact this level of information is so new to Earth Humanity that there is very little understanding about it is,, what it does or what it truly applies to or how it works.  

If you look at a Star map you will discover that planet Earth is situated in a small Star system located at the very outer edge of the Galaxy…  The placement of Humanity onto this world is no accident.   Although Humanity has not attained the level of understanding that can appreciate what I am saying here it can appreciate what is implied and why this situation exists.   As I said,  ”To all things (physical) there is a beginning”.    Man, the species, is a creature that is extremely powerful.   The segment of Man that is dwelling upon planet Earth at this time is but a branch on the Tree of Man.   The greater part of the Human species (and the Parent Race) dwells in several planetary systems (Star Systems) closer to the middle of the Galaxy, and another arm of the Race dwells in the Andromeda Galaxy.  

These distant arms of the Human Species are much older and far more established then Earth’s Humanity but they are the same species and have the same abilities and qualities but are more developed in these areas.    You may have seen it written, “Let us create Man in our own image and with our own likeness”.    Yes, Earth Humanity is a created and strategically placed arm of the Human species…. not at all indigenous to the Earth planet.    And if you will examine your own deep inner feelings you may discover, as so many people have, that THIS Earth world, as beautiful as it can be, is NOT your home…  Within you all is a “Feeling” to return, one day, to the place of your origin, to the home world…  to the parent world and to the parent Race.   

I have been asked to explain the meaning of the Mayan calender date of December 21, 2012.   Let me say here, The Mayan calender is NOT the end of the physical world and it is not the end of humanity, however it is the end of of an old cycle of consciousness and energy, it is the end of a segment of growth that has taught and endured the Children of Earth.   It is also the beginning of another cycle, another more expressive and expansive period of growth… something very different from the last and present cycle.  

Think of it as transitioning from High school to College.  If you look out the window of life, as it is unfolding on Earth at this moment, you cannot help but to notice the many troubles befalling the world of Man…  this is unavoidable and in fact it is necessary because we are witnessing the end of the old ways, the end of the old paradigm and the beginning, the birth of the new incoming energy.   The new and incoming energy and consciousness will be as dramatic and earth changing as the energy that ended the Dinosaur Age and began the Age of Humanity.  

The New Age will come to be known as “The Age of Enlightenment”.  

100 years from now if you could see the planet at that time you would be seeing a very different world.  The politics of today and the governments of today will all be gone.   There will be no more wars and no weapons to use in wars.   There is however a great civil war coming in which the common people will unite against the tyranny and suppression that exists in the world today.    People everywhere will soon come to demand better conditions for their personal lives and for everyone in every part of the world.   The old system will be torn down.   Capitalism will cease to exist entirely along with the social and civil imbalance that was created within this system and others like it throughout the world.   A new form of government (a system of management not government control of the people) will come into being, one that handles the affairs of the physical world (resource management) in terms of its resources and the collection and distribution of such.  

Humanity is scheduled (and destined) to come out of its own dark age…  out of its own infancy and into the beginning of its own internal light and intelligence.  

I hinted that man cannot make the changes alone not with his present level of knowledge.   Intervention is necessary and intervention is coming.   In other articles, on this website, I have hinted that “New Children” are arriving on the planet and will not adhere to the old ways…  they will not become a part of the problem.   They will become (and they are) part of the solution.

The old forms of religion will also disappear.   Suppression in any form…  deception in any form is not acceptable and will no longer be tolerated.    Do not think I am saying the “Love of God” will disappear… indeed it will not, in fact it will grow to new heights, but not under the old constrictive and restrictive forms of religions as they are presently administered.    The days of ecumenical counsels and church boards deciding what you should believe, how you should believe and when…   are at an end.  

Let me explain to you that as the frequency of Consciousness increases…  as it moves up the scale and widens its band it will become impossible for anyone to lie to anyone.   This is what Telepathic communication is all about.   The New Children I mentioned a moment ago are mostly Telepathic and will become far more so as the Earth energy and Consciousness opens up.

There are many alien races observing the Earth and its people at this time.  Some of these alien Beings share a form of telepathic communication with certain earthly people.   This form of communication will increase over time and as people are taught about its reality and allowed to, in fact encouraged to practice, it will become easier and more natural and more accepted.  

This one small but very natural thing introduced into Humanity’s lexicon will cause incredible changes upon the Earth.   When politicians and corporations can no longer lie to or deceive the people… when all secrets are known and none are hidden, this one fact alone will completely reshape the world.

Of course I am only hinting at what will come.  The reality of all of this is that Man is about to take another step in his own personal and social growth.