Alien Child in a Human World

Some people have memories of being born.   This process (being born) is how most people think they got here, its standard protocol on planet Earth…  but its not the only way to get here, and being born is not the only way of getting into a body.   Also, when humans talk about ET’s (extraterrestrial Beings) the standard thought is that all ET’s come from other planets somewhere out there in the physical universe…  well, that is only partially correct.    There are indeed many other worlds in the physical universe that are populated, but there are also other levels of life, you might call them “Realms” or dimensions or some such word, the point is, there are [also] NON-physical places that exist and are just as real as Earth and Beings do come from those places to live on Earth for a short time.  

Usually such Beings [from other Realms, and other planets] come to Earth and live among the people for the purpose of educating the people…  and to lift the human race to higher levels of consciousness, awareness, and ability.   The ancient past, and in truth in every age of the present human civilization has hosted at least a few such Beings (without naming even one of them).    By comparison to the average human life these Beings are (and could be) considered a god or at least god like.

There are also times [like this present moment] when Beings from other planets and Realms gather in great numbers to assist  a race (in this case the human race) through a transition or into a higher realm or dimension .   Without this gathering of help the transition I speak of would either be extremely difficult in its process or it might not take place at all  and this type of help, has been given to all races of Being who are in transition.   Humanity is presently engaged in such a transition.

I have no memory of being born but I do have memory of being “placed” here.   In ancient times it was know that human children were often replaced with non-human children… If you go back into the old folk lure the older countries like Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Norway (basically Europe but not specifically and only Europe) to name only a few countries,  you can find stories of mothers going to sleep with one child and waking up with another.   Truthfully the old stories tell about very mixed emotions when such a thing happened…  Today however this same exchange event can be accomplished rather easily, in any orphanage in the world with almost no one the wiser.   This is especially true in 2nd and 3rd world countries.   It was also true during the two world wars that took place in the first half of the the 20th century.   This is the method of “Changeling’s” and this method has been used throughout the ages of mankind on this planet.

Humanity has been guided in many, many ways from the first moments of its sojourn here on this planet.  Truth is humanity would be long forgotten if not for the ET outsiders (intervention) who have cared for this race.   It is in the interest of humanity’s own destiny, in its overall progression in consciousness, social understanding, morality, education, civilization, invention and technology that we have interfered (if you wish to call it that).   

I am not as smart as the Beings that put me here because I am a hybrid creature and this was needful so that I could live as a human Being, in this human world,  undetected and undetectable by all but the Beings who placed me here.    My education and the method of my education is very much different then yours.   You were educated by human teachers in human schools with the technology and knowledge humanity possessed at the time…  I was not.     Although I am highly educated by human standards, I did not attend any of the your schools for any length of time, nor did I learn any of the lessons you learned, nor did I play in the playgrounds or attend the lunchrooms of your schools.    Honestly, while you folks were in school learning what ever it is you know I too was learning but not in human ways, not exactly human lessons and I certainly was not taught by human teachers.   What I learned I can apply not only to Earth but to the universe(s) that surrounds the Earth and to the dimensions that accompanies the Earth.

I look human but that is where our similarity ends.   Even as a very young boy I knew I was “Different”…  I could see and understand things and I knew things other children and my parents did not know and could not see.    I confess I did attend human schools for a very short time but I always asked too many questions and I never believed the answers the teachers gave.   Often I would ask the teachers questions they could not answer, the exasperating part for me was, I was asking simple questions I thought anyone would know.   

I was adopted [at a very early age] and I do remember my [biological] parents.   The people who adopted me were nice enough and certainly cared for me and did all in their power and understanding to make me comfortable.    However I had a very difficult time living on Earth as a child, until I was well into my teens.    The gravity of this planet (Earth) was too strong for my inner organs and I came close to dying many times during the first 16 years of my life here.

Even though I am an alien my people (my parent race) did not interfere with my life all that much except to teach me and  when such interference was unavoidable or necessary.   My training (and education) was done aboard ships usually but not always at night; often but not always while my body slept.  I was also taught through direct “Downloads” of information;   information loaded directly into my brain centers through the use of certain frequencies used as “Carrier Waves” for the incoming information.    Many ET Beings living on the Earth can and do receive information in this manner.    I was allowed to grow and interface with humanity to some extent, which was mostly determined by my personal health and other factors.  Because I did not attend human schools for any length of time and had very little human interaction, my people (my teachers) would educate me in many of the ways of humanity, so that it appeared I did fit into the society…  but I know there were  disparieties in their teachings (like missing information) which to me have always been funny.    What I mean by “disparieties”  is that there are human things I simply do not know how to do, (I won’t elaberate) and my people could not help me in this because they too do not know how to do certain human things.   Bottom Line is, they could not teach me, and I still do not know certain things.    The fortunate part is that these disparieties are not really very important things within themselves and I have the psychic ability to “substitute” in certain ways that makes my lack not really noticeable unless you know exactly what you are looking for.   Females notice more often the males that somethings are “odd” and some have bothered to ask me about what it is they detect.   Most of the time they just accept my odd ways as being just the way I am

Yes I do have a few [select] friends, and yes they do know I am an ET.     They appear to have no trouble with that particular thought or concept.   I have bothered to ask them if they have any mental or emotional difficulty with the knowledge they hold about me…  the answer is always No.   In my lifetime I had thought I would be rather alone because of what I am but as I have traveled around the Earth I have discovered what I suspected was here… many other ET’s who recall or remember themselves to various degrees.   I am not alone!

What was always most important about growing up Alien in a Human World was learning what this meant, and what to do with the knowledge that has been given to me.  The knowledge I hold concerns itself with many areas of human social and civilization values.   This includes the incoming children… the star seeds, the Indigo’s, and other names of  the next wave of Beings embodying on Earth… and the present moment when life on Earth is changing rapidly… when the old ways and means and knowledge is passing away forever, and the New energy is upon us.   

Mankind is about to undergoing an entire shift in consciousness…  a shift equal too or greater then the shift in consciousness that destroyed the age of dinosaurs and ushered in the next phase of life.    Humanity at present has a very low and distorted opinion and understanding of itself, but that is about to change.  

The old forms that controlled humanity will soon be gone from Earth.   Capitalism, Religions, governments and armies of the old world will soon be extinct and newer, higher concepts and thought and new forms and ways will begin to fill the human mind.    Some of you may ask, where will all this new information and knowledge come from, and the answer is, where did the old knowledge and information come from?    Where has all knowledge come from?   Knowledge exists within consciousness and consciousness is the engine that drives the universe.  

All of existence proceeds from a point in Divine Being,…  all knowledge, all understanding, all inspiration…  every invention and technology and much, much more… everything that is, and everything that will be proceeds from Consciousness.

So what was it like growing up Alien in a Human World?    It was exciting, different and unexpected.   I am preparing several articles for you to read and hopefully enjoy about my life and the events, lessons I have learned and other Beings and creatures I have encountered  along the way on the Earth, off the Earth and within the Earth, and the oceans of the Earth.

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