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Home world

Many times I have been asked if I would describe my home planet.  What life is like there, what does the planet look like, how many people live there and many other [anthropological] questions that honestly should have been asked by the many contactees that have existed over the years.

From my perspective I simply do not need to be convinced that UFO’S exist or that people have met with alien Beings. These things have been happening for thousands of years and lets not forget I am an alien.   I grew up talking to alien Beings, interacted with them on a daily basis, learned from them by their methods, and lived among them.

Although I am here and have been for a long time the truth is Earth is not my home world.   I like to tell the story that as I grew up here my hero was Superman not because he had all those super powers, I have a few of my own… But because we both had a secret identity.   Clark Kent was not his real identity any more then the Earth name I was given by my own adopted parents.   Clark had another name given to him by his biological parents…  Kal El.   My biological parents gave me Devaron (this is the really short version of my actual name).   We both came here to Earth from a distant world and over time and training we both learned to interact with humanity and begin to offer help in our own way.

Over the years I learned that there are many people on this planet who share some form of identity with me, by this I mean, these people all feel to some extent, great or small, their alien connection and history…  And it is to these people in recognition their presence that I write these articles…  To many of these people these articles are like letters from home. In addition to adding some comfort to this Earthly life these articles are reminders that worlds beyond Earth do in fact exist.   I also write these articles for the regular human population who have a sincere interest and curiosity to know if life beyond Earth is real.   It is my hope these articles will provide a level of entertainment and information.

In the first article titled “Location, Location, Location” I identified several places in this galaxy where extraterrestrial life exists.  Also I have stated in several articles that to my knowledge there are more then 256 occupied planets in the near regions of this galaxy, and each is a home world to the Beings that live there.

The specific world I come from is located in the Lyra system near the star system you call Vega.  There are several occupied worlds in that region of the galaxy.

My parent race looks human but it is not actually human…  There are several genetic differences between the two races.
One of the main differences is not visible to the eyes but is extremely important…  Human is a hybrid and my parent race is not.   Also my parent race is a much older species then is the Earth human.   The region of the galaxy where our home world is located is an older region, which may help to explain why there are so many visitors that come to Earth from this region.

Even a race of Beings 100,000 years older then humanity would be an advanced race comparatively. Can you imagine what humanity will be like 100,000 years from now? A much older and wiser race.
Our race is certainly not the oldest species in the galaxy, there are many races that are much, much older.

Let me continue with the original subject.   For the sake of identity only I will call my home world “Elanus” (this is not its actual name but close).   It is what you would call a water world.  It’s size (compared to Earth) is somewhat smaller, about 85% the size of Earth.  Earth is considered a water world as well.  Long ago the cities on Elanus were relocated to underground areas.  We have the technology to create spectacular cities that do not resemble cities at all.   It would be a mistake to think of these cities as some form of sterile environment… They are not.   Large, spacious, open, airy and fragrant in accordance with the passing seasons on the planet surface.  Included in the overall effect of the city environment are days and nights, the various seasons and weather.   The surface of the planet has no large cities as such but does have small villages where citizens can vacation, rest and recuperate if need be and there are vast opportunities for privacy.  The bulk of the surface is reserved for and used as gardens (agriculture and biology), recreation, vacationing and education and research.

It is important to note here that we do not raise animals to eat.  We are mostly vegetarian or fruitarian.  Over the centuries we have discovered and developed food items that provide enormous nutrition and these items are a staple in our diet and you could find such items aboard any of our space (travel) vessels.

As I mentioned earlier, our world is a water world.  We have many large cities located in our oceans.  These cities are surrounded in clear protective bubbles and energy shields.  In an emergency the cities could break lose from their tethers and float freely to the surface, and they are completely self contained.  Life can continue inside of their protective shells for several years if need be.

Many of our residents prefer living in these ocean cities. I am one of them. My parents noticed from my early age that I had a natural affinity for the water…
At four years of age I was swimming in the ocean much to my parents objections. Throughout my teen years and well into young adult you could always find me in or near a swimming pool, lake or ocean. I seem to do best in water. I had learned, or inherited a technique of breathing underwater very early in this life and although it always frightened my parents, because they thought I was dead, I could remain underwater for several minutes and often did.

Part of my interest with water was and is its cooling effect.   My body heat is much higher then normal human Beings. The mean temperature on my home world is cooler then the Earth by several degrees and the citizens have a higher body temperature to compensate.  When I have visited doctors for any reason the standard procedure is to record the body temperature and blood pressure.  My normal in both areas is very high and I have alarmed a few medical practitioners during my journey here on Earth.   As a child and young adult I would often use swimming pools or any water source to cool myself.   Earth it seems is way to hot for me most of the time.

We have enjoyed space travel for several thousand years. We have visited and mapped a good portion of several regions of this galaxy.
It’s a very big galaxy so most of our travels are confined to it however we have traveled to other galaxies, like Andromeda and there are “relatives” living there.

Our technology is of course in advance of anything on the Earth, and while I am not at liberty to tell you about this technology I can tell you it serves us in many useful ways and saves our citizens from tasks they might not prefer to do. You might call some of this technology robotics, and yes robots in some form do perform the less desirable tasks, also the necessary, repetitive and menial tasks.   And we really do have robots that take care of the robots.

We do not use a monetary system on the planet.  Food, clothing, housing, medicine and education are afforded to all citizens without cost.   This is part of a general concept we all share that has to do with achieving our personal best.
I know it is a difficult concept for humanity but our experience has shown us that the most important thing we can do in life is to become the best person (or Being) we can be.  By being your best in every way you know how, you are making the highest contribution to society.   We have seen that all people come into life with some form of desire to accomplish a thing.  The best a society can do for its members is to promote the concept of greatness and accomplishment.   When people know they are free to grow and accomplish their dreams they often do and the society in general flourishes because of this.

If you listened to my Coast 2 Coast radio interview you might have heard me explain that we are travelers. It seems at times that our entire civilization is off the world traveling somewhere.  Travel is education!   We encourage all of our citizens to travel and “meet the neighbors” and expand our personal consciousness and knowledge base.

I personally have seen space ships as small as 9 meters in diameter to as large as a small moon.  The purpose of these vessels is of course different with each ship.   The largest ones are normally used for education and research purposes. The smaller ships are exploratory in design and those ships in between the two extremes are used for many purposes.

There are of course aliens of many different sizes, shapes and colors.  It is a bit surprising at first to see such a diverse crowd but after a short time you become accustomed to it all.  There is no room for prejudice or anything like racism. And to add to the adventure many alien races use a form of telepathy which translates to mean, your thoughts are not really your own.   You learn quickly to keep your thoughts in check and leave your judgements at home.

Let’s return to the home world and look a bit closer at it.
As I wrote earlier, our large cities are located underground or underwater in the oceans.   There are many reasons for this including protection from objects in space, like large meteors and similar objects falling in from space.   All planets are subject to incoming debris from space, and the planet, if used properly can and will provide protection.   We use the surface of the planet for gardens that provide both food sources and beauty.   In the underground it is not difficult to control the weather and create conditions that emulate the surface world and can provide necessary protection.

There are native animals that inhabit the planet and we do not keep them in cages or zoos of any kind unless there is a very good reason to do so.   Our philosophy is that the planet belongs to them too.

Elanus is home to more then 17 billion residents.   Altogether I believe there are about 4,800 cities located underground and in the oceans.  We have all the forms of transportation you enjoy on Earth plus a few forms you have no idea about.   Long ago we learned to “teleport” from place to place and that system is quite common on the planet.  Yes we do use this system on board our space ships and we have transported many humans using this method.

This system is also used in our medicine.   Consider this… Everyone on the planet has a DNA history.  And every time the teleportation system is used a complete DNA sub-record is created.   The way teleportation systems work is that the person who steps into the machine is not in truth the exact same person that emerges from the machine.  The molecules of the original person never leave the departing station, only their complete DNA pattern and molecular pattern and other patterns are transmitted…   The best way to say all this is, while everything is there (present) in the host, down to the last particle, all of it is new.

If you truly understood the nature of energy you could see how to transmit only “information” and rebuild the body person with the energy that infuses the universe itself.   Another method to achieve the same goal is to transmit the necessary information and the mass energy… Whew this is complicated but both systems work.  The secret to remember is that mass/energy has no actual form until it is given form, yet energy exists at all times, every where! Learn to study “space” not matter… Space is not empty or void.

In our medicine we can use the DNA records and information to create a “bio-holographic Being” and effect on that Being any repairs necessary to return perfect health to the original host.   If we are successful with the artificial Being we know how to fix the original Being… if an accident is serious enough we can place the host in a stasis until we determine what is to be done to repair them, and as I already indicted there are many useful options.

One more thought about transporters before turning our attention to other things… Recall that I said (wrote), every time a person uses the transporters a sub-record of that person is created…  That record can be modified!   A former or older record could be substituted in whole or in part thus changing the Being to whom the record belongs… This process as you might imagine has good and bad to it…  The good part is that the body can be repaired or returned to an earlier version or time using the former sub-records but there could be a loss of memory and knowledge covering the time span between the present and former records used unless that factor is included as part of the transition process (this could be a very different form of plastic surgery).   There are other things that can be done using the transporters but I can only tell you I have given you enough information to activate your imagination.  There are some amazing possibilities available.

Our solar system has 14 planets and two suns (stars).  In the distance is a white giant and our star is similar to the Star (sun) that warms the Earth world.  Of the fourteen planets three are inhabited.  The bulk of the fourteen planets revolve around the great white star but none of them are occupied mainly because of the high heat and radiation of the write star.   The smaller yellow sun (like Earth’s star) is much more adaptable to biologic life.

You can imagine that we have many visitors to our world.   One of my personal favorites are the Osirins who are able to fly with their great wings.  You can see images of these Beings in early Egyptian records on the walls in several Temples and ancient ruins.  I know the archeologists of Earth think these images are symbolic or some type of drawings but they are neither.   The scribes who placed these drawings on the temple walls were not fiction writers…

The reality of alien visitors to Earth should have been accepted long ago, and in truth the ancient people’s of Earth did accept the visitors without hesitation or fear… (as a side note you can see images of “Bird Ships” on the website. These ships are the ones used by the Osirins… Look at the article titled, “Flying Saucers – Alien and Human”, at the bottom of that page is a Bird ship image).

Many people have asked me if my race believes in God.   As I said on Coast 2 Coast Radio, my people absolutely believe in a God of the universe however our belief may be somewhat different then yours.  For example most of our people have a 3D image displayed in their homes or personal rooms.   This image is a depiction of a Being that appears to be androgynous in nature but is full of light.  The image is a reminder to us to be and or to become perfect by realizing our own perfection.   In our understanding we are all perfect, you are perfect, even if you do not know it or accept it about yourself.  The reason we believe this is simple… Nothing in the universe is created imperfectly.  Just because a thing does not appear to you to be perfect does not mean it is somehow imperfect.  Sometimes as we cross through the universe this concept of perfection is challenged but the challenge is not to the thing itself but to our personal understanding of it.

The best way I can describe our belief in God is to say, we believe God is omnipresent… Is the universal life force; is the cause of consciousness and all knowledge and is the beginning and end (if these extremes actually exist) ) to all things. The idea of personal perfection is not a statement of ego it is in fact a statement of personal responsibility toward the self and toward all others in respect.

How long do we live… what is our normal age limit and life span?  We have a few ideas about life and what causes it and what sustains it, and our medical science is very different then yours (Earth medical sciences) and finally our nutrition base is different then your nutrition base.   Altogether this means we live a lot longer then Humans do.  In fact we have come to the point in our evolution and understanding and our science that death can actually be avoided unless something not seen (an accident) takes place.  One of my first meetings was with a female who came to me when I was 19 years of age.   She appeared to be of the same age as myself but was actually several hundred years older.  In time I learned that the parent race could and often did live to be thousands of years old… they know that under the right conditions the body cells could and will replace themselves indefinitely… Human bodies can do the exact same thing and the only inhibitor is a cap on the genetic stems called Telomeres, which can be altered, or even removed.

A few more final thoughts of importance concerns crime  and last but not least government. 

Concerning Crime, we have almost none of it and this most probably is because of our philosophy about the nature of, or causes of crime.   To us, a crime is made as a mistake in judgement on the part of those involved.  Such crimes as theft were eliminated long ago when we turned away from the use of money in our civilization.  When you consider that food, clothing, housing, medicine and education are provided to all citizens without cost what is there to actually steal?   The transportation is public, the use of machines for recreation or travel is public and the list goes on…  All that we have is owned by no one and everyone…   No, we do not have prisons or jails as such.   When a person does actually commit a crime we believe that person has suffered mental and emotional problems and these issues can be addressed without the use of jails (which do not cause a cure for anything).   Long ago we stopped blaming and accusing.   People have problems and it is up to all of us to help solve those problems.   You might want to read my article titled: “It takes a village”.   After a while in all civilizations what you realize is that what you really have is each other, so you begin to take care of each other, as it should be.
Finally there is the issue of government.   What is the purpose of government?   Our form of government is nothing like the government structures and forms we witness on Earth.   The best reasons for the differences is the age of our civilization and the issues we have faced and dealt with over the centuries. 

The physical form of our government resembles a great pyramid that has seven levels from top to bottom.
The highest level is a World Council consisting of 13 members.   No one person has more or less authority then any other.   The next level down has 7 councils each with 13 members per council.   This level of the pyramid represents the 7 regions of the planet, each region having its own council.   The next level down in the structure has 49 councils (7 X 7).. The reason is that the greater regions are further broken in to smaller ones so as to be represented more equally.  This structure continues on until all seven levels in the pyramid are satisfied.
All citizens are encouraged to participate in this government. This truly is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. All participation is voluntary, (no extra social perks).

What is the purpose of our government?   Consider the form of an old western wagon wheel…  it has three main parts to it:  The outer rim, the connecting spokes and the inner hub.   All of the parts are necessary and work together, and so it is with our government.   Our civilization like all others has great demands upon itself, in production and distribution of what is produced…  Simply said the purpose of our government is to make certain the wheels of progress are working smoothly and properly (no pun intended).   The outer Rim of the wheel represents the society and its demands as it all progresses forward.   The Spokes are the avenues of Demand and Supply, and the members who voice the needs of the great wheel…  and through this system the forces necessary to function are carried back and forth from the outer Rim to the Hub and back to the rim.   The Hub is the working of the government structure wherein all demand is met and coordinated with equal supply.   There is no political maneuvering or ego based politics.  The term limits are imposed at 4 years after which a person who has served can become an adviser to the Councils but no more.

There are of course a thousand more questions that can be asked and answered but in this articles we have come far enough…

To be continued.