Location, Location, Location

Today I am going to show you a world you do not know exists. It is part of my world and at this time I am being allowed to share it with you. I am certain it will take several articles to really describe it all and I hope you will stay with me until the end.   You may be aware that the information I will present is among the most requested by all the people who communicate with me.
Let me begin by telling you that the civilization I come from is many thousands of years older then the human civilization.  We have seen and experienced most of the problems humanity is presently undergoing.   Additionally we know the reasons for these problems (we know the cause) and we know the cure.
In the recent past we have attempted to work with the various world governments and agencies to correct certain raising situations within the human society but there is a contingency of the human population that does not welcome or want our advice, although they are quick to inquire about our technology.  

My point in writing this fact is to inform you of a decision that was recently made.   Several humans are presently working to convince the governments to reveal what they know to the common people about aliens (ET’s) and UFO’S in general, (a knowledge base that is fairly extensive).
In fact various governments have considered revealing such information but to a very limited degree.   Their major challenge is determining how much to reveal without revealing how much they actually know and this of course includes the extent of science and technology they possess.   I of course have no allegiance to these people and am free to reveal whatever I wish to.   And I intend to reveal a great amount of information because it is such that you personally are effected by it on a daily basis.
Although we have tolerated it for several years with this civilization we do not invite nor will we continue to tolerate deception, secrecy, manipulation and dishonesty. Qualities your major governments seem to have in great abundance.
Many years ago we advised the governments on this planet that at some point in the not to distant future we would take our information directly to the people and thereby make our presence and our intentions known.   Needless to say you have seen our ships in your sky’s for several decades.   And, Yes, we do have several “bases” located on this planet mostly, in oceans and very remote locations.
We also have other bases located nearby within this solar system.

We know there is intelligent life throughout the universe, it is not secluded or isolated in one part of the universe or distinct to any one planet.   It’s a big universe out there and from here you may not understand how big it really is or how long it has existed.
Your scientists like to say the universe is 6.5 billion years old but this figure is derived from calculations made in this local part of the universe only, in addition the concept that there was a Big Bang event that started it all is nonsense.   Presuming for a moment that such a theory was correct, that all the physical, visible universe exploded out of a particle smaller then a particle in an atom it begs to ask, where did that [original] particle come from?

Your science has a lot to learn about finite and infinite, matter and non-matter…  So far your science is based on physical reality only.   There is no science, yet, that includes the source of energy that is responsible for creating physical reality.   This may sound funny to you but in the laws of science these scientists claim as true if there is matter then there must be non-matter, not antimatter… Non-matter!   Antimatter is just another form of matter with a different charge in it.  Your science says there must be the equal and opposite of a thing; matter and antimatter are indeed equal and opposite to each other but there is yet another side to this equation and that is, if matter in any form exists then its opposite (non-matter) must also exist.  Your science has not encountered this possibility yet, but it is coming!
There is a scientist; Nassim Haramein who is working to bring forth a greater meaning and understanding to “space” (aka the vacuum).   In our understanding this study will prove to be more important then is the study of Matter because space represents 99.99999% of the universe and to think it contains nothing is a complete mistake… And this is what I am hinting at by telling you about “non-matter”.   Truth is, space is anything but empty or void of energy.   I will predict that in a short time your science will make a complete reversal of its understanding of space and in so doing it will open the door (finally) to speeds faster then light and anti-gravity and unlimited non-polluting energy.   Journeys across vast distances to other worlds and stars will be accomplished in hours not years or centuries as is the case presently.

To return to the original subject of this article because this not a science lesson, as I wrote earlier, it was decided to take the information and contact directly to the general population and avoid the government.  Do the various governments know we are doing this? Yes…   From their point of view whatever we say to you they can come back and deny knowledge of it thereby claiming innocence even though they are not.

So let’s begin.   If you look at the night sky and follow it from southwest to north east in direction, get out your star map,  (I have provided a simple one here for you) you will see Canis Major, Orion, Taurus, Triangulum, Perseus, Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Cygnus and finally Lyra.  I will tell you that from Earth (your view) there are three sectors where you will find inhabited worlds.  The area around Orion, the area from Gemini to and including Andromeda (Andromeda is a galaxy unto itself and contains many thousands of inhabited worlds. As a galaxy it is much older the this one (known as the Milky Way galaxy)…  And the area around and including Lyra…  The most famous star in that system is “Vega”.   Altogether in these areas but not including Andromeda there are more then 256 inhabited planets.   There is a group of ET’s who reside in the Reticulum system which is located in the far south on your star maps.   The greater populations seem to reside along the beltway known as the “Celestial Equator”.
Look in the area of Orion and you will see Aldebaran, Rigel and Sirius…  All of these stars have planets that are populated.   In Cygnus look in the area of Sadr.

Sky Map of North Hemisphere

Sky Map of North Hemisphere

There are of course many other places but I have pointed out some of the more dense areas of inhabited planets. In time, and not much longer your astronomers will discover the worlds I have pointed out here… There is already a deep suspicion that these worlds exist and in the places I have named.
On the Ancient Aliens website the subtitle reads: “We have always been with you”.   By this I mean, in one way or another the population of Earth has never been alone in the universe.  At times when the chaos has reached a maximum level it seems you are alone but in truth there is a reality to allowing a race to grow on its own, to discover its own processes by which peace and prosperity can be achieved…  And it is how wisdom is attained, the wisdom that does not vanish…  because it is real and it is earned.

As a side note, the closest we have come to actual intervention into human affairs on a global and public scale was at the end of WWII when two atomic bombs were dropped on cities in the nation of Japan.
We were prepared to openly intervene in the event a third bomb was to be used.   By 1954 we had arranged a meeting with several nations among them was with the United States President D. W. Eisenhower.   He was met by a small contingency of aliens at Muroc AFB (now called Edwards AFB) and among those things discussed was the use of atomic weapons for any reason.   Although President Eisenhower refused to stop using atomic power he did agree to not using such weapons in the future… This agreement was the beginning of the “Cold War” that went through the next 25 years and unofficially ended with peace talks and agreements to disarm nuclear stock piles and weapons. The nations were also reminded of this agreement by several demonstrations where the aliens shut down nuclear weapons and ICBM missiles at bases all around the globe over a period of years. 

The purpose of this articles was to help you recognize where in the universe other Beings like yourself live.  You are not alone, life is not found only on this one little planet… and soon you will be meeting the neighbors.

To be continued…