ET”s On the Earth

In a previous article titled “Aliens now called Human”  I discussed the possibility that the Earth world is populated by aliens that came here from a nearby planet that was nearly destroyed.   I also related the story of “Naira” (the name of the planet where the bulk of humanity migrated to Earth from).

What is important about this [present] article is that it further discusses the reality of ET’s living here on Earth in a very great number but more important is the past purpose for this and what to expect in the future, beginning now.     It may be a surprise to most humans to learn that this subject has been and is one of great interest throughout the world.   There have been several studies and much research done to prove or disprove the reality of this issue.    As recently as 1995 a study was conducted and it was estimated there might be as many as 100 Million ET’s living on Earth not only among humanity but actually as humans.   These ET’s have varying degrees of remembrance or recall of who and what they are…  from almost none at all, even rejection of the notion, all the way up the scale to actual pure ET’s…  but all have come to this planet for very specific purposes among which includes the awakening those ET’s who here on Earth but are considered asleep, and also to promote specific thoughts and actions which will assist humanity through the present and coming global changes.

Most of the studies I referred too above have been done by private individuals but not all studies are done in this manner.   Some studies have been very extensive and have been performed by leading universities around the world.    The truth is Mankind is curious about his own beginnings and his teachers.    The Earth is full of structures and buried cities from ancient times and civilizations.   There are thousands of ancient documents and writings (in various forms) that have been discovered and many are now decoded and interpreted.    There is abundant proof and literally millions of artifacts that prove conclusively, at least in the eyes of science, that Man has been visited hundreds, if not thousands of times across the centuries.    In some cases the visitations lasted an indefinite period of time, long enough to have completed the many structures we have discovered around the world.    Add to this the many myths, legends and stories that pervade every indigenous tribe, and all nations and people.    When so much physical evidence exists it cannot all be false.    At some point in the research there must come a time when the evidence is overwhelming in one direction or the other… either everything points to a fake or everything point to a reality.   In the case for ET’s visitations to Earth in the past and those ET’s presently living upon the Earth the preponderance of evidence, the body of evidence is overwhelmingly in favor that this is a Reality… that ET’s have in the past and most probably do in the present live on this planet.

As a researcher I have uncovered many forms of evidence in favor of ET visitations in the near and distant past…  and into this present time on this planet.   As a researcher in this modern world I have the benefit of technology to aide in my search from exotic machines to ground piercing radar from satellites circling the Earth.     I also have the benefit of sharing the research and findings of others like myself…   and of course there is the benefit of the world wide web (the Internet) in which amateur, novice and professional researchers may share or collaborate in their findings.

It is you the reader who benefits most from all of the resources and researchers who are at work in this world.    Whether you believe the results and conclusions of the research, or not,  you at the very least have the opportunity to know why.   If you discover you have an interest to do your own research you have a starting point with the research already done….  you don’t have to reinvent the wheel so to speak.

Along the way you may actually discover that you too are an awakening ET, or perhaps you already know this, and these writings and articles, the research being presented here will help you to accept more about yourself or you might find yourself reaching out to other people you know to possibly to help them find more about themselves, to awaken and to add your knowledge to the library that already exists but always welcomes new information.