The Message in the Bottle

Modern man is engaged in the search for ET’s (extraterrestrial life) and hopefully if such is found it will be intelligent and benevolent.

Even the best Earth scientists have no real understanding of how to go about finding ET and several questions have emerged along the way and beg to be answered.

How will we know if we find an ET? What do they look like; where do they live; are they intelligent, benevolent, war like, hungry? What can we expect from them if and when we do find them or they find us.

The universe is large beyond measure and ET’s could in fact be anywhere out there, near or far. It is also possible the ET’s are aware of humanity and may be just waiting for a perfect moment when open contact from their side will be made.

(all of this is under the presumption we have not already been contacted in the past, and believe me there is sound argument in favor of this point from many sources both scientific and common).

Some years ago when genetics was first being discovered it became clear that the DNA was in fact a language and the body of Man and everything biologic was in fact a specific “Program” written from this language, much like the operating systems we use in our modern computers.

In our endeavors to explore space, the other nearby planets and beyond the scientists have created “probes” that are launched into space, usually for long term flights, most never do come back but continue to transmit their data to the Earth stations until they are so far away that this is no longer possible.

Attached to many of these probes are plaques that bear messages about who sent these machines into space. It is hoped that along the way one or more of these probes will be detected and intercepted by a higher life form (ET) and if the message on the plaque is understood perhaps contact can be made.

Taking this search to a higher level you may recall that there are records that state (in the Bibles of the world and in ancient writings, specifically the Sumerians) Man is a “Created” creature… that is, man was “made” in a more of less artificial manner by God or the gods (the interpretation of this is specific to the writers of the text involved).

Who ever created Man did so in a deliberate act and in a specific manner with intent and forethought about the creature and the purpose of its creation. “

Biblically or scientifically the facts point to Man as being created and not a naturally evolved creature, at least not on this planet. When the Genome Project got underway one of its purposes was to Map the DNA of Man in order to understand the nature and attributes of the Being Man is.

As research progressed it became apparent that more DNA sequences existed then were active and working. In time the amount of these sequences became astounding and began to look more like a junk yard of DNA models that may or may not have significance to the Human, yet there was so much it could not be entirely discounted, and the genetic sciences are so new that there is much we do not understand the need for or the purpose of… the title of Junk DNA was given to this area of DNA sequences… and relegated to later study.

“In August 2004 Paul Davies, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Australian Centre for Astrobiology at Macquarie University (Australia) proposed that the Genome Home project could be extended to analyze Human DNA for signs of genetic ’messaging’ by aliens – a sort of Genomic SETI… “

If you take this idea to its fullest place it becomes very much like finding “The Message in the Bottle”.

It is a sound idea and worthy of the time to look for results. If in fact the “gods of man” were aliens, who according to ancients texts did “create Man in their own image and likeness” would they have placed creation notes and possible directions back to themselves in a place where in time, possibly far in the future when Man is learning to read and Decode his own DNA programming, the question of finding the creator(s) might be an issue, might be a desire and the search would begin and eventually expand to looking both outside and inside for the answers.

What if, among the junk DNA there are ancient codes, ancient programs or even instructions of a kind that point back to the creators and how and where to find them?

Presuming the creators were aliens, as the ancient texts indicate, what better place to put information that in time would be available to humanity to find its origins and originators. This message, in this manner would be passed down unobstructed, in its original verse, indefinitely, so long as Man existed… it would in fact live within him forever and would always be available ,but more so when the code (language) of the DNA could once again be read and understood by man.

One thing is certain, if this message does reside inside Man there will be no denial of it, no misinterpretation of its meaning or intent and in many ways the discovery of these facts will be as important as was the discovery of fire.

The following is a article taken from the Sydney Morning Harold, August 10, 2004:

Space isn’t the only place to look for proof of extraterrestrial life, writes Paul Davies.

“The question of whether we are alone in the universe is one of the biggest of the Big Questions of Existence. One way to settle the matter is to find some cosmic company. A direct approach to this problem is to scan the skies with radio telescopes in the hope of stumbling across a message from an alien civilization.

It is a long shot of literally astronomical proportions, but that hasn’t deterred a dedicated band of radio astronomers from trying.

Known as SETI – the search for extraterrestrial intelligence – this project has been running for 40 years. So far the silence has been deafening. There could be all sorts of reasons for this, including the obvious one that ET simply doesn’t exist. But while the radio astronomers seek to beef up their efforts, it seems worth asking whether other approaches should be tried.

Put yourself in the situation of the aliens, out there somewhere in the galaxy. They surmise that Earth looks promising for the emergence of intelligent life one day, but they have no idea when. There would be little point in beaming radio messages in this direction for eons in the vague hope that one day radio technology would be developed here and someone would decide to tune in.

A better plan would be to leave a message for us to find when we are ready. The trouble with this set-and-forget strategy is the time factor. Life takes billions of years to evolve intelligence. Even if ETs figured there was animal life on Earth, they could be faced with a wait of tens of millions of years. That is a long time for an artifact to survive.

Putting the text inside a large metal object and plonking it on the Earth’s surface is expensive in transportation costs, and risky. Our restless planet leaves nothing untouched for long. The artifact could easily end up buried or drowned or eroded to scrap.

The ideal solution would be to encode the message inside a large number of self-replicating, self-repairing microscopic machines programmed to multiply and adapt to changing conditions.

Fortunately such machines already exist: they are called living cells.

The cells in our body