One Being, Two Minds

I have been on this planet for nearly 70 years and I have watched the actions and thoughts of Mankind. Over the many ages of Man several alien groups have come to the Earth to study humanity, to help guide humanity and to offer assistance through knowledge and technology, to the extent that such is possible.

The earliest teachers of humanity, and some would say, the creators of humanity (Human is a created species; a combination of an indigenous ape like animal that dwelt upon the Earth, and still does in certain remote areas, and genes of the aliens who came here), left the Earth several thousand years ago and one of the reasons was indeed to allow the new Man (human) to evolve and learn and become whatever was within its soul to become. Some would say it is the watching for the result of the great experiment. Although Mankind has never actually been alone throughout the past centuries there has been an action of non-interference (a temporary law) in place until recently. Humanity was considered hands off except to observe, and to intervene only in certain matters, and only within certain groups of “people” located at various places on the planet.

I cannot say where or when it began but it is now obvious that Human has divided itself into two specific groups. The issues and energies that created this division have over time become very pronounced and discernible and from the perspective of most alien groups it is like watching two separate societies emerging. Perhaps it is the effect of the genetic alterations that were made to the original animal (in biblical reference this would be at the beginning of the time of Eden), the two sets of genes trying to intermingle and correct themselves to create one (not two) viable and real creature. I can tell you here that if you study the “abductions” over the [past 100 years you will discover that there is a sincere and specific interest in the genetic coding and subsequent properties and effects related. Is something wrong, did something go wrong, or is the division we are witnessing part of the results that could only be understood over time?

Nature has caused a break, a separation of a kind, that distinctly points to two groups of Human within the one main group. Let me take this issue a further step so that you will understand the greater implications and quite possibly begin to see another, coming, possibility that may take place or could actually be taking place this moment.
It is important for you to understand “Consciousness is the fuel that drives the Universe”. Consciousness alone determines the reality of a species including its terms of life and the time of its existence.

These are the facts which Humanity is subject too. These few facts are personal to the individual and also apply to the entire species without exception. These facts apply to everything and everyone throughout the entire Universe for all time. The appearance of two minds (one greater and one lessor) is an illusion. God the greater Being and mind is not separate from the mind and Being of Man. You may have been taught that you are somehow different and therefore somehow separate from the Divine mind and Being, if so, you were taught incorrectly. Nothing could be further from the truth. Older civilizations (alien civilizations) understand that the universe does not exist in separate parts or levels nor does it have a grand creator that sits apart from the creation. We know there is but one Being, one Life, one Consciousness, one Love, one symphony of energy… and although it may be too big to truly fully understand or describe the Universe itself IS the Living God. You live in it and IT lives in you.

Why is this information important, and why now? Nothing happens by chance or accident, especially those events and issues that form and create a planet or a species of Life. Indeed nothing really ends but all things change. Within the Human population of the present world there are many Beings expressing different thoughts and desires. Up to a certain point this would be a natural and normal fact and nothing to be concerned about, however there is a place, a point in expression within the society wherein certain forms of expression are, or have become no longer desirable or constructive to the growth of the society or the whole species, and Humanity has reached that point. This fact was always known and the time when this type of information would become fact was predicted long ago. The [Christian] Bible tells of a time when “The wheat shall be separated from the chaff.”

Several other “Holy” books of other religions also refer to such a time and circumstance. Humanity is quickly approaching a time, chosen by Divine, when events and world issues will create an atmosphere of change conducive to the level and kind referred to in the old predictions. While some people, perhaps many, will view these [coming] events as dooms day scenarios the truth behind such things is not to destroy life but to allow the emerging factions, which are becoming more evident each day, to grow in their own way, each giving and receiving lessons and events and energies conducive to its own nature and form of expression.

Humanity it seems has become a divided species, not in looks, but in thoughts and actions. We are witnessing the reality of two different minds (two distinct levels of thinking and acting) expressing in one [Human] form of Being. The resulting energy and actions, if these factions are not separated at this juncture could be disastrous, even fatal, to both.