Alien versus Primate

Lets go back to the time of the Annunaki civilization. In the ancient records and preserved in the Sumerian texts, the Book of Enki and several other books and writings including those written by Zechariah Sitchin we learn that the “human” was (is) a created species (a hybrid); part alien (Annunaki) and part Earth Primate.

In recent studies where scientists and biologists are working to determine what Primate species was used in the creation story it has also been discovered that “human” is a war like species and in reality that war is taking place within its own Being.   It appears to be a war of survival of the species… which one will exist over time… will it be the alien or the primate. Will the two ever combine in a peaceful and productive way or will there always be this inner struggle.

The studies of primates around the world has brought to light important information about the nature and actions specific to primates in general and how all of this relates to the Human species.

Primates appear to be a war like species and will commit violent acts and even murder against neighboring tribes and even relatives.   It is being looked at in terms of DNA programming that was not corrected in the first lace but left to nature to figure out.   The real problem was made at the beginning of creating the new species and for what purpose.   It is now being supposed that the original creators had no intention of allowing the new species to exist for any length of time… if the original records are true then the new human was created only as a worker in the mines… nothing more then a common laborer with a specified life span, and a termination date dependant upon the time of the leaving of the Annunaki from the Earth.  

As the story goes, there were two Annanuki brothers Enlil and Enki.   Enlil was the Earth administrator and Enki was the scientist.

As the Annunaki moved onto the planet to mine it for its gold and other materials their workers objected to the strenuous conditions and asked if another way might be found to mine the ore. Enki was given the task and his solution was to create a laborer from the various primates that existed at that time on the planet. He found one that he liked and began to alter it genetically adapting its DNA to accompany both strains…

Eventually he succeeded and the new species was born. A being that could take orders, had enough intelligence to act on its own, could be trained and was strong and could endure the Earthly conditions.

Enki called his creation the “Adamo”, meaning the first of its kind.  

Eventually the mining was completed and the Annunaki were ready to move on (back to their own planet).

Enlil, the administrator wanted to terminate the entire species and have done with it however Enki was opposed to that idea and wanted to keep his creation in tact and alive.

It is a scientific argument weather or not the “great flood” that engulfed the Earth was natural or created but history shows that the flood did happen.  

Enlil was already off the Earth and on his way home and Enki was to follow when a Higher Intervention occurred.   A High Being appeared on the scene and told Enki that the new species would not be terminated completely but instead was to be taught and given the rules of a true civilization and raised as a child is raised until such time as it could stand on its own without guidance or outside help. In short, Enki had created a new race and now the Annunaki would be responsible for its care and feeding so to speak.

The original DNA structure was never repaired and the warlike tendencies still exist in the species…

Look at the wars currently taking place on the planet. Look at who the real perpetrators of these wars are and the reasons for the wars.

It can be brought down to a few facts: One part of the species wants what another part has and is unwilling to negotiate for that product or commodity.

The Military/Industrial complex is nothing more then the machine that creates weapons to be used against people and nations who refuse to give up their property… 97% of the “policing Actions of the military are nothing less then outright stealing (theft) of property.   (In modern times this would be Iraq for its oil, Afghanistan for its Poppy’s etc.).

On a personal level, the other important but less obvious reasons for the human conflict is the war of the two Beings within the one.  

What I mean by this is the conflict that two very different Beings have even though they are united in one living body… remember one is the alien (Annunaki) while the other is a natural biological Earthly creature.   Both were created and evolved in very different environments.  

The Earth creature was not human as such but was in fact a evolving primate; intelligent and responsible to its own kind but not on the level of the Annunaki which is a much older species, much more evolved in its intellect and knowledge.  

The two species were mixed together to form one. Call this a hybrid and that is exactly what Human is… a hybrid, a combination of two distinct Beings united by mixing the DNA.  

The outcome, in this case in a Human Being.. 94% Primate and 6% Alien.

Look at the biological structure of a normal human male… we see the body is literally one thing and the neck and head is literally another.

The biology of a human is a confusion of facts.   The muscle and bone structure of the body is completely different then the bone and muscle structure of the neck and head. This should not be in a normal evolved singular species.

While the greater part of the humans species seems to be evolving toward a certain level I have seen human Beings that look exactly like their classic Neanderthal ancestors.  

The entire point of this article was to determine which species would eventually win over the biologic human body. Will the intellectual side, the so-called Alien side win… or will the primate side win.

Both sides re perfect in their own way but both sides are not acting as one Being would… there is division and argument and you can see the evidence of this all over the planet.

There is a group of people who openly hate anyone different then what they believe themselves to be… this is the primate in action.

The alien is the builder of cities and laws and civilizations.  The alien is the scientist, the examiner, the creator and the dreamer…