The Aliens Now Called “Human”

By this time all research about Human history should be pointing to one simple, unavoidable fact… That humanity is really not Human… at least not in the way humanity is trying to depict itself in this age.   Humanity is in all cultures and by all accounts a hybrid species… be it pure or hybrid it is certain this species does not belong on this planet (Earth).

A more confused and disoriented species has never been found.  Truly Humanity is a species without a home, and without a clue!

Look at any natural species on this planet and you will quickly see that it “Fits in” to the natural order of things.  Within all of the natural animals of this planet their is no argument about its place or roll in life here.  Virtually every species seems to have come here with a “program” that tells it what to do, when to do it and how.  Call it instinct or nature  and you are correct.  Indeed every species except one (the human species) fits into the order and nature of this world.  every species except one knows its place, and does not question its journey through life.  Every species except one lives with the energy of the planet and the nature of things here.   Humanity however does not.

Why is humanity so out of balance and out of place with this world?

Perhaps the answer is as simple as it seems… that humanity is not from this place, did not evolve here, and is not a natural part of the energy of this world.    Perhaps the real truth about humanity is that HE IS AN ALIEN HERE ON EARTH.   Man is like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole… just as awkward and just as out of place.

Is there any proof that humanity is not native to this world and did not originate on this planet?   The answer is, yes.   Actually there is an abundance of proof that has exists in ancient history, in the Christian Bible, in the writings and records of ancient Sumer and in ancient records scattered around this planet.   Consider that the ancient people had no problem accepting alien visitations. angels and off world Beings.

Modern science has researched the origin of Man for decades and the findings always point to a “Intervention of the Species”.   In plain language this can only mean that Man is a Hybrid species composed of two separate and distinct races, cultures and creatures.   Referencing the western Bible, in Genesis (the first chapter of the book) we discover God (or gods) at a point or place early in the “creation of Man” process.   Herein we read the words:  “Let Us create Man in our own Image and Likeness”.    Interestingly enough science does not question the creation process but does question the use of the plural words (not singular words) in the speech of this god, or should I say, these gods?    ”let US crate Man in OUR own Image and Likeness”…  who exactly is god talking to?  Religionists will tell you God is talking to the three parts of himself..  (sorry but this sounds a bit schizophrenic to me, and to many others who have read this passage).   A better, and more realistic explanation of this passage would be one Being talking to others of his kind and making a decision about what the “New Creature” will look like and act like.

The ancient Sumerian records tell almost the exact same story, the wording is almost identical and the meaning cannot be construed as being anything other then the exact meaning given in the western Bible…  but these ancient records were written 2000 years (or more) before Christianity began on this planet.    The main difference between the western Bible and the Sumerian records is that in the Sumerian records the “gods” (the people making the statements) are identified…  In fact it is a small group of scientists (today we would call them “geneticists”) who are set upon the idea of creating a new hybrid species to be used as”workers” in their gold mines and for various other endeavors on this planet.

One might ask at this point, is there any proof that such mining endeavors exist(ed) on this planet…  well yes, there is lots and lots of proof that an early advanced culture of Beings did indeed occupy the Earth, did educate and train the people, created cities and structures and went so far as to educate and inform the “new created” people about the solar system, the stars in the Heavens, how the Earth was created, where the “Home world” was located, established Kingships and realms/regions of geography, established Rules of Conduct, laws, judges and reward and punishment for the acts of the people.

The ancient Kings, if you wish to call them by this term, were extremely intelligent, educated and resourceful, and history reveals that they lived upon the Earth for more then 400,000 years.   Most of the “Myths and Legends” of the old world are about these ancient Beings, their families and their adventures, their arguments and sometimes feuds and the many things they did, structures and cities they built, how they divided the Earth into  specific lands and groups of people, each area with its own laws, rules and rulers.

The ancient Sumerian records do in fact exist and are today a part of the collection referred to as the “Dead Sea Scrolls”.   Since 1947 more then 60,000 ancient scrolls and texts have been discovered in caves and such in the area of the area of the Dead Sea where the first scrolls were discovered.   Add to this giant discovery many, many other discoveries of equal or greater value found in nearly every corner of the world… on top of mountains, in the jungles, under the oceans, in lakes, in caves and underground places…  the question is not, “Is there any proof”…  the real questions is, “How much proof do you want? “

This website is all about the proof of the Ages that is laying on and under the surface of this Earth.

The main reason for Man’s misunderstanding or just plain ignorance about the nature and working of this planet can only be found in the explanation that the greater part of himself including the intelligent part of himself is not native too or from this planet at all.   The reference points and knowledge contained in virtually every animal on this planet simply does not exist in Man.

And last but by no means least we come to the “Feeling”” held by almost every Human Being on this planet..  the Feeling that tells us to “Return to the Stars”…  in truth, to return to the Home World… out there, somewhere among the stars.   This too, this desire/feeling cannot be strained out of the genetic code of Man…  it is as much a part of him as breathing.   It identifies him in unusual but distinct ways as a creature more from the stars then from Earth.

At this moment Man is the Alien now called “Human”.