The Akkadains

Most humans have thoughts about space and other worlds and aliens when they are children.   Some children go on and become astronauts, astronomers and other things related to the stars and the exploration of space and new worlds.     I was one of those children that grew up being fascinated by space and aliens and other worlds but I had an advantage human children do not have…   I had “teachers and visitors”.    My visitors were the real thing, the usual kind (non-human) but I believe most human children would have liked having these friends.    Some of my visitors were like children in their temperament and size.   They were mostly white in color, standing about 3.5 – 4 feet tall (comparable to a 9 -10 year old human child).   They were very slim in stature with no real body protrusions to speak of…  big black tear drop shaped eyes, long arms and hands with long fingers that were rather soft on the tips and somewhat flared.   They were very tactile (they touched everything…  because that was one of the ways they communicated, with me and among themselves).   They always came in groups of 7 to 15 at a time but sometimes many more.    I was told (by them) they called themselves “Akkadains”.    As I mentioned earlier they touched everything, (they are tactile in their nature), but they are also highly telepathic, and upon occasion when the need struck them you might hear a type of whistling noise coming from their tiny mouth.    A more friendly, fun and adventurous group could not be found anywhere in the galaxy.    I must also tell you that they were very compassionate and could “heal” most human wounds.    In my case I was more ill then they could heal…  however they made good companions.   The gravity of this planet (Earth) was overwhelming my intestines and causing some severe problems.    Because of the internal problems the first 16 years of my life was extremely tentative and the uncertainty as to whether I would live or die was a daily, ongoing reality.   I would have to adjust to the gravity of Earth, undergo the correct surgical procedure or I would die.   To me and my Earth parents it always seemed to be a toss of the coin what each day would bring.

I cannot recall an exact moment when these Beings first appeared, and it seems to me some of the original Akkadains are still with me.    I have known a few “Psychics” during the course of my life and I always find it fascinating when one of these folks asks me if I know who the “Little White Guys” are?    “They seem to be around you a lot, and they know you, and they keep touching you…”,  these are some of the comments I often hear.

It is not easy for human children to grow up in this world, there is so much that is out of balance and just plain wrong here.   Growing up as an alien child in this human world was just that much harder.    As I wrote, I was graced to have the “friends” I had and I still have.   I was taught, guided and helped along  in ways I cannot fully reveal but allow it to be said I could not have survived my childhood or my young adult years, the illness I suffered or this world in general without the help of my friends.

The Akkadains are a sub-species of yet another ET group that has visited the Earth in past and recent times.   The original group I refer to does not wish to be known to humanity, at least not by name at this time, but I can say they are nearby, and they are working in the background of human affairs (not interfering).   In time, not long from now, these Beings will reintroduce themselves to humanity and help in the reconstruction of the planet and the civilization.

Over the ages humanity has been on Earth (and actually long before) there have been many visitors and quite a bit of intervention for one purpose or another.    As I grew up I was able to ask questions ab0ut almost every thing    My ET teachers and advisors always pointed me toward existing information I could acquire on my own, or if none existed that would answer my questions and would tell me what I needed to know.    Sometimes the amount of information was so extensive it would take weeks or months (and sometimes even years) to acquire and understand.   In this case the information would come in “Bubbles” (A bubble is the best way I can explain how I received large portions of information or knowledge).    When I had worked my way through a particular bubble sometimes another bubble would appear and this process would continue until I had received all I needed to know.   One more important fact about these bubbles is that they not only contained information, but somehow also contained energy that created specific events that I could and did learn from, and if the lessons included other People or meeting other Beings that too was provided.

I cannot tell you if I was born with certain knowledge or if I had been programmed with it at a really early age, (I suspect the answer is both things are true of me) but I can tell you my knowledge of the fabric and nature of the universe was, and still is very different then the knowledge taught in the human school programs, or scientific information and the physical teachers I encountered as I grew up.    In recent years I have seen an emerging form of science that is closer to what I understand about the universe.   This form of science is now being called “Quantum science” and encompasses quantum physics, quantum mechanics and others.   I know that very soon other forms of quantum sciences will emerge and eventually do away with the old forms of physics… (In fact, I have knowledge that even at this moment on Earth there are two levels of education being taught and depending on your peer group, monetary level and or political level one of these two levels will be made available to you).   The older forms of science are based entirely upon what you can see, touch, smell and hear…  in other words they are observations based solely upon physical stimuli within the physical universe, thus are known as physics or physical science.

From time to time I would be introduced to a different species of ET’s.    For a long time in my pre-teens and teens years I was introduced to and remained in the company of a species of human looking ET’s.    From the overall knowledge I acquired from them I learned that their species is very prevalent in the surrounding galaxy and in the nearby Andromeda galaxy.    In all they claim to have 256 planets spread over two galaxies and each one they call “Home”.    These Beings are very interested in humanity and want the Earth’s people to become part of their “Federation of Worlds”, in time.    Humanity can only gain to the extreme from such an association.   However there is a deliberate wait for humanity while it settles some of its internal and adolescent problems and finally reaches the spiritual goal of desiring a unified and social civilization.   

Their message to humanity is:  “We can help by advising and guiding but our advise and guidance must come through Beings that already exist upon the Earth and within the human society that presently exists.”   In other words, we cannot do the work for you, and the changes that are made within your civilization will be dictated by your level of consciousness and intelligence.  It is you alone who is designing your world.   Peace will come when you will no longer tolerate anything else,  and realize that the one thing you need is each other.”

I have also met Beings that most humans do not believe exist, some of these Beings are native to this Earth and live upon it.    I can tell you that the Earth has creatures on it, within it, and in its great oceans.    I mention this fact because part of my training as I grew up was to meet and connect in part with a least a few of these creatures.    In time Humanity of Earth will meet (again) with these creatures, not a museum or zoological finds, but within the confines of their own natural environment.   

There are some amazing creatures that live on this planet.   Some of these creatures might be considered fictional because they have only been seen or encountered very rarely over centuries of time.    Like most of the animals on this planet they have a tendency to avoid human contact whenever possible…   and whether you believe it or not the animals do avoid human contact because they instinctively know human (Man) is NOT a natural creature…  at least not natural to Earth.   “Man”  did not evolve here on this planet and does not contain the creature message (DNA)  that identifies all natural creatures to each other.   In so many ways, human is an outside creature, that is, Human is a creature created outside the box of Earthly nature…   just look at how he treats this planet, his obvious ignorance of its Eco-system, environment, oceanic system, land mass, the envelope of air that surrounds the earth etc..    Man is like a bumbling child that has either forgotten how to interact with the Earth or possibly has never known these facts.    I would bet on the second option as being closer to the truth.

You may or may not know that Earth “Human” is a hybrid creature.    Earth Man is a composite of two species:  a creature that once existed on the Earth and is related to the Himalayan Yeti and the north American “Bigfoot” (aka Sasquatch)…  and a race of Human like Beings that came here from another world.     For those of you who have not read Zachariah Sitchin’s books on the “Anunaki”  race that visited the Earth more then 100,000 years ago you might want to look into this.   

These books are interpreted from ancient records and documents that were discovered (found) with and are part of the collection of documents called the “Dead Sea Scrolls”  of 1947.    The information these records contain are not the total truth but are the truth as seen by the people who lived in that distant time with their limited knowledge.   Not everything – not every fact was known to these ancient people but more facts and information then you have today.   The many ancient structures you have found and will yet find are created by the same race of Beings over thousands of years.   The achieved age of the ET’s that visited this planet could be considered nearly immortal by todays Earth standards.    The old stories and sagas of the Ancients (Beings who lived upon the Earth that were in their time called “gods”) are mostly true and evidence of their lives and presence and the legends they left behind are scattered all over this planet.    

I have been told by my teachers, that the original family that came here were twelve in number and over time divided the Earth into 12 areas or segments and also into 12 “Tribes”.    Each segment of the planet and each tribe was ruled over by one of the “gods”.    In the beginning the gods were as teachers and taught the people many things and their science was far beyond that of today.  Over time the energy of this planet affected the minds and hearts of the gods and they turned upon the people and themselves.    There were many arguments and disputes among the original members and near the end there was a great nuclear war that touched almost every part of the Earth.    The Great Father (King) of these ET gods, who had twice visited the Earth saw how the energy of the Earth had effected his own children and to bring peace to the Earth he intervened into their affairs  He commanded his Children (and He referred to them as His Children) to return home.   To leave the Earth and its people.  To allow the people of Earth to learn and grow in their own time and under their own terms.   Also taken were 144,000 people chosen from the Earth (and united as a chosen Tribe) to be returned at a later time, to teach the people of the Earth, in the absence of the original gods.  It was considered that this chosen tribe would not be harmed or negatively impacted by the Earth energy.    This is the tribe of people the ancient history books refer to as the “Lost Tribe” (the 13th Tribe).  

In recent time it has been discovered, not by Earth scientists but by offworld (ET) scientists that the same energy that effected the Original family members is presently effecting the entire Human species.     In other words, the warlike conditions and thoughts of people and several other negative expressions of humanity are caused by, (are being caused by) Earth’s magnetic energy and other energies.  This problem has been tracked back in time for more then 25,000 years.

The cause of the problems Humanity is having is more metaphysical then physical, although, as everyone can see, the effects are touching all levels of life on this planet.