The Journey Home

In my last article titled, “Some Humans are not from Earth” we investigated the possibilities that physically and psychologically some (most) Humans have a real issue with living on planet Earth.  There have been several studies conducted about this issue by various institutes and people including medical researchers and Universities.

There appears to be four main factors that negatively effect most humans and the observation of these effects is cause for concern, but more then that is the answer to the question, why? Why are humans affected in this manner if human is a natural creature to this world? And therein lies the key to many discussions scientific, medical and spiritual.   Is Human really native to this world?

Clearly most human Beings have problems living on this planet and clearly they should not!   The gravity, the intense sunlight, the 24-hour day and the planetary vibration are just to much for many people here… this would not be the case if Humanity had evolved here.
The naturally evolved animals that occupy this world do not have the medical or physical or psychological problems demonstrated by humans and if we are ever going to create a world of healthy and fit Beings we need to understand the reasons for these problems and then determine the cure.

One of the most important aspects of humanity being “out of place” with the Earth is its inner desire and recent active work to redesign the Earth; to terraform it into something it is not.
Humans don’t like the climate, don’t like the strong sunlight, it gives them skin cancers, don’t like the gravity, it breaks down their bones, don’t like the shortened hours in the days, it interferes with their sleep patterns and the vibrational energy of this world is driving many of them insane.   Sleep is extremely important to humans, and the lack of sleep and rest are known causes of dysfunction and even insanity. It is not surprising that the suicide rate is alarming and the scores of people who are dysfunctional and inwardly harmed or imbalanced is staggering.
We must ask why all of this is so.
It is possible to “hide” or be shielded from some of the aspects that affect the human population on this planet but not all of these things can be eliminated.   The Harmonic frequency of this planet cannot be hidden or ignored; its effect is specific to everything on and about this planet.  This is the vibration rate I referred to earlier. 
Here is a chart that explains some of the known differences. Compare the frequencies of Earth and Mars.

Frequency's of the Planets

Frequency’s of the Planets

Notice the frequency of both worlds; Earth is 7.83 and Mars is 14.78. In terms of musical tones the Earth is “A” while Mars is “G#”.
On a scale of 1 –100 if the Earth Gravity is 100 the gravity of Mars is 80.
The solar intensity of the Sun on Mars is .0431 where Earth is 1.0. As you can see the intensity of the sun on Mars is less then half that of Earth. Be glad you are not standing on Mercury at 6.683… blinding!
In my research of ancient people and civilizations I have discovered that most of the problems we have today did exist ages ago, however the ancient people had a remedy and a balance within their societies that we do not have today.

Over the thousands of years since those ancient times humanity has suffered several earthly catastrophes including at least one extinction level event and an untold number of wars. Through it all modern humanity has forgotten or outright abandoned its former knowledge and its roots.

The fortunate part of our modern society is the technology we enjoy.   By its use we are able to see into the past in many ways. We are literally relearning what we should have always known, and had we remained with our former knowledge the causes and the cures for humanity would be available and in fact we might not have reached this point in our evolution.

I have pointed to four areas that I believe contribute to the overall problems most humans experience on this planet. The more these things are seen as real issues the quicker we will see the answers.

When I was very young I often spoke with my teachers about the energy emitted from this planet (Earth) because I could see, as they saw, that the energy, the frequency of this planet was not correct for humanity.  The energy, the gravity, the intense sunlight, the vibratory rate and the psychology of thinking and feeling displaced has been causing an internal war within a majority of the people, and this internal war has reflected on the outer level, in the outer physical world, as war and discord and a general imbalance and undue stress within the civilization.

Mankind is fighting within himself and losing so long as he stays here on this world.  In short, this planet, as wonderful and beautiful as may seem to be, and it is in its own right, is not home to most of humanity and is not a fit place for humans to live, literally!

Although there are significant problems with the planet as it now exists by far, the planet Mars is far more fitted to the needs of humanity.  Its sunlight is not nearly as intense as here on Earth and probably does not cause skin cancers as the sun does here. The gravity is 1/6th less then Earth, which means there is less stress on the human skeleton, the frequency (vibratory rate of the planet) is nothing like it is here on Earth, and finally the hours of the martian day are in line with humanity’s inner clock of 25 hours, not the 24-hour day of Earth.

When Mars was populated, when it did have a civilization as our present day scientists know it did in the past, there were no natural or artificial satellites in orbit, no moons above the planet and certainly not the Moon we have on Earth… the Moon being yet another artificial energetic influence on humanity.  I explained in another articles about the Moon anomalies it is extremely large even for the Earth and compared to Mars the Moon is half the size of the planet.

Earth, Mars Moon Comparison

Earth, Mars Moon Comparison

If we are ever going to change the dynamics of humanity we must change the dynamic conditions that influence humanity.   Take away the inner (internal) war and the outer wars will cease.   Take away the inner conflicts and the outer conflicts will cease!

We must ask if the violence we see displayed in humanity is natural to the species or is it a result of the constant physical and psychological bombardment of living in a foreign land; of living on a planet not suited to the mental, emotional and physical needs of the human Being?

Let us suppose for a few moments that my suspicions are correct, that humans are not from the Earth and this singular fact may be one of the most damaging factors to humanity and to this planet.

I contend that at least a certain segment of humanity did not evolve here on Earth but was forced by circumstance to come here, to survive… but in so doing has placed itself in a grievous position in terms of its own sanity, evolution and even future survival.
Ultimately returning to Naira (Mars) may prove to be humanity’s best answer for itself.
And it is more then interesting that this option is in the works. NASA and several other private corporations and some wealthy individuals are presently at work making specific plans for the journey to and the re-population of Mars.

The story of “Naira” as I told it in the article, “Revelations of the Moon” (Here is the link to that article:  

This is the story of the population of Mars that was forced to move away from its home planet in a bid for its survival.

It was always intended that one day the people of Naira (Mars) would return to their native world and repair and re-populate the planet.   Earth was never meant to be the permanent home to the Martian race, and when we look at the impact this world has had and is having upon the human civilization it is obvious we do not belong here.
Either we will destroy this world or it will destroy us!

As I wrote earlier there are very realistic steps being taken in the direction of returning to Mars and in the very near future establishing a small human colony followed soon after by a civilization of interested and adventurous people.     I sincerely expect a large contingency of young people to volunteer for the chance to be among the very first to visit and to live on Mars.

It is essential to note here that not all human Beings who live on planet Earth are from somewhere else but there is the consideration that in the distant past of Earth’s history more then one alien race is known to have visited the Earth and in some instances actually established significant populations centers and societies.
It may be considered myth and lore to speak about these ancient times and cultures but the truth is these things are part of the history of this world.   All the thousands of scrolls, papyrus, records and tablets are not fictions of science they are science fact.
Many notable Universities, independent scientific researchers and private individuals have spent years in the translation of these ancient documents in order to gain a verbal picture and some real understanding of the people and events of the past.

There will always be the naysayers within our society, those people who doubt the past either because they are ignorant of it, afraid of it or prejudiced by some arcane religion they follow that does not incorporate the reality of infinity even if it claims too.

We live in a new age in which Information and knowledge will be placed in the highest order.  We are all intelligent Beings and we are slowly but surely moving away from the issues that have enslaved this civilization for so long.
As humanity wakes up from its long sleep we will see the demands for peace and personal prosperity, not wars and corporate gluttony.   We already have the technology and knowledge to free this society, to provide power for our cities and our transportation… we do not need oil based fuels or coal or any of the corporate based materials that rob the people and the Earth, or poison the foods, the air, the water and the land.
Poverty, war, starvation, sickness and disease, ignorance (the lack of education) and hunger are all corporate reality’s.  It is the corporations that insist on making money profits at the expense of all the people and the environment of this planet.  Many corporations have become pariahs within the civilization.  It is and has been for many years the will of the corporations that keep the cost of living high, not because it is necessary and not because there is lack, but because it makes money profits.   This insanity will in due course change when it is exposed for what it is, when the names of the people who own and operate these corporations are known publicly!

Humanity will change when it learns “We are not here to help ourselves, we are here to help each other!”

Humanity is ready to take its next step, which is to visit the nearby planets and then the stars.  Its not just the spirit of adventure that calls to humanity to visit the stars, I believe it is part of the Being a human is… It’s in the DNA to know the universe and more.   When or where does knowledge and consciousness stop growing?
The journey ahead of humanity for some may well be the Journey Home.