Lost Cities of Earth’s Past

Until recently many of the ancient cities and places mentioned in legends and myths were thought to be just that, legends and myths. New research tools have revealed many ancient structures and buildings under the deserts and under the waters and oceans of the world and many of these are the structures, places and cities of legend.

Western knowledge and Eastern knowledge has long been at odds about the age and the [actual] history of the Earth and the civilizations that have occupied the Earth through the ages, and many other facts and information relating to the events that have occurred on this planet.
The physical [empirical] evidence of the existence of at least one ancient global civilization is mounting; in fact the evidence has become extensive to the point of being extreme. It is no longer possible to hide the facts or deny the existence of at least one ancient advanced civilization and this one may be the ancient civilization of Atlantis.

In another article about Atlantis I have pointed out that 17 or more nations are currently exploring the continent of Antarctica. There are scientists of almost every branch of science represented there and they are not looking for oil. Buried under that mantle of ice is an entire ancient civilization complete with buildings and structures of every type. By all accounts this area, this small continent, was once the home of the first and most advanced civilization on this planet, whatever its name was.
If the old stories and legends are true this civilization would have been the center of the world and from its base the populations and society spread into every part of the planet, and the evidence of this movement, of this progress is now being revealed.

Recent discoveries of underwater cities, and structures hidden in the deserts of the world are confirming many facts about the ancient past of planet Earth. In more recent history we see that indeed an extinction level event did take place in which most of the world population was killed. Approximately 12,500 years ago an event of enormous proportion took place not only on the Earth but also involving the planets within the solar system.
As a point of reference in April, 1950 a Russian scientist published a new book, “Worlds in Collision” (Immanuel Velikovsky). In it he examines the available facts and explains how several of the planets in our solar system moved in the recent past from their orbits into new ones; a move that caused turmoil, violence and havoc to most of the inner planets including Earth.
(I recommend reading this book and discover the facts for your self!)

The world at that time was very populated. It is also estimated that more then 1.6 billion people died in that event.
There have been other events in distant history of the Earth of equal or greater violence.
There are a few arguments as to why the oceans rose more then 250 vertical feet but there is no argument that it did. Some scientists like to say it was the polar ice caps melting rapidly, some authorities quote the Bible that explains the excess water came from within the Earth itself, it is possible that both descriptions are true to some degree. At the end of this event a great amount of water remained on the surface of the Earth producing the ocean levels and coastlines we have today.
One thing is certain, all of the coastal cites of that time went underwater and have remained there to this day. Additionally, vast amounts of mud, silt and sand covered over many more of the ancient cities. This is the Earth we live on today.

Many researchers have discovered the same or similar facts relating to this event even when they came at the subject from different avenues of study and science! Specific statements made by archeologists about this event are mostly wrong in the light of new research tools including satellites with ground piercing capabilities that “look” into the Earth and the oceans to a great depth locating structures, even cities that once existed on the surface.
The ancient history of the Earth is revealing itself.
History, the real and true history of humanity is extremely important if we are going to understand the elements of humanity and its morality and destiny.

There are hundreds if not thousands of hidden and visible ancient cities and structures in the world. What we have seen in modern times, what we think we know about the world is but a small part of what actually exists.
Additionally the new technology is providing new evidence that is telling us the world of the past was unlike any picture painted by recent modern archeology. Our understanding of the past is changing rapidly and it will continue to change until we come to a place of truth; a place wherein the basic facts cannot change but can only be added to.

Here is a partial list of cities that have recently been discovered; cities and places I might add that were considered to be only myth and legend:

Alexandria, Egypt  (Underwater statues, buildings and other structures)

Atlantis, Antarctica (A great city located under two miles of ice).

Bay of Cambay, India, (underwater cities)

Dwaraka, India (the ancient home of Lord Krishna) (underwater city)

Khambhat, India (underwater city)

Havana, Cuba including Bimini Islands (underwater city)

Yonaguni, Japan (underwater temple)

Bajae (underwater city in the Bay of Naples)

North Sea, Europe (197 Foot Diameter, UFO craft on Baltic Sea ocean bottom)
Here is the link to the discovery and information page:

Fuxian Lake in China scientists discovered a vast collection of underwater buildings, approximately 2,5 square miles, at the bottom of the lake.
Here is some general information: http://www.chinaculture.org/gb/en_curiosity/2005-09/14/content_72876.htm

This article refers directly to the underwater city within the lake: http://s8int.com/water31.html

Olmec Empire, Mesoamerica’s First Great Civilization (Central America history of early civilization):


Carthage (Buried city, located in what is now Tunisia).

Troy (in turkey) Discovered in 1870, thought to be a legend
Link to Troy Information: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/849

Memphis (aka Menes) Its ruins include the great temple of Ptah, royal palaces, and a colossal statue of Rameses II. Nearby are the pyramids of Saqqara.

Mohenjo-daro and the Indus Valley civilization vanished without a trace from history around 1700 BC until discovered in the 1920s

Hatra in Iraq. Part of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Palenque in Mexico. Like most of the lost cities in Central Mexico no one knows the origin or actual age of these structures.

Tiwanaku, Bolivia near Lake Titicaca. One of the most ancient sites in the Inca Empire

Teotihuacán, Mexico. The same builders of the Great Pryamid in Egypt as these pyramids are, can only have built such structures.

Machu Picchu was rediscovered in 1911

Remember, this is only a partial list; the actual list is quite long and involves several thousand structures and places. There are more then 10,000 pyramids and structures in the central valleys of Mexico and South America alone, and more are being discovered daily.
In several of my articles you can find a thread that connects ancient structures and places to one civilization which is most likely the original alien civilization that came here 456,000 years ago and systematically and deliberately colonized the Earth.
This is evident is the similarity of the many thousands of structures found on every part of the planet. The engineering, the materials and the construction methods used, the architecture, and the general purposes of these structures are too similar to be accidental or unconnected, and as I mentioned, these structures are global, you can find them on every continent.

Geology, Cosmology and Archeology are at severe odds with each other because of the fictitious facts given by most archeologists and geologists who get their pay check from the government. Archeology is guilty of fabrication of the facts so long as it attempts to place the human civilization at an unfounded and obviously biased and false age structure.

What is most important to remember when researching these ancient structures and places is that modern Archeology tacitly agrees with the Church of Rome which has attempted to establish the age of the Earth to be less then 6,000 (six thousand) years old, thus placing all structures not older then 5800 years. This fact is evident in almost every estimate of age given in modern archeology. To the average person these false facts may seem real enough but to honest researchers it is discouraging to find these lies are still being put forth in the face of hard evidence that disputes false facts.
This problem of fabricated age has been an ongoing argument within the professional world of science for more then 100 years.
Simply said, it is not possible to carbon date the Earth or to estimate the age of the Earth and the universe in the Billions of Years while trying to convince an audience of time periods that are no more then pure fantasy.

Ancient History is revealing that humans or some other advanced Beings have been on the Earth for hundreds of thousands of years. Geologists will tell you that stone and rock cannot be carbon dated. The great pyramid and other structures are composed of stone and inmost cases the stone or rock used is of the hardest type known. This leads us to understand that these structures may well be hundreds of thousands of years old not just a few thousand as has been postulated.

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