Ancient Secrets of Life

Is it possible to live without sickness, aging or death?   Lets us examine the facts and then make our decision.

When I was a young man I would hear about or read about people getting old, getting sick, and dieing off… This situation of events horrified me because from the facts I had learned from the Beings who mentored and taught me I felt that none of this was necessary.

I went to my mentors and asked about these things and I was told, when I was “older” (in later years) I would begin to see information surfacing that could and would change these facts of life.
In time I did begin to see information of a different nature, information about life, health and anti-aging emerging in the society.
I also began to do my own research in these areas, and from my understanding I could see that the ancient people seemed to know more about this type of knowledge then did the people in this present age.
The further I want back into the history of humanity and this planet the more information I discovered that was important to my search.

In the most ancient records relating to the Annunaki [alien} race (a race of Beings that visited this planet in the distant past and remained here for several thousand years), much information is given, because these Beings were considered “immortal” in comparison to humanity.   It is historically recorded that some of the elite of that race ruled in certain regions and over the people of Earth for more then 100,000 years…  In addition, these Beings knew science(s) and held knowledge far beyond what is known by scientists today.

Perfect health, long life and even the avoidance of death is very possible and every human Being needs to understand this.

The AMA (American Medical Association) and other groups of this nature will NOT tell you this information even if they knew it.  These organizations are all about money and nothing else!  They are to be avoided if at all possible.  The practicing doctors in America are nothing more then high paid drug pushers… In the medical colleges across the nation the Pharmaceutical companies offer their knowledge free to students of medicine, its called indoctrination.   The average doctor is given 4 hours of nutrition and 2 years of pharmaceutical instruction.  The pharmaceutical companies cannot make a profit off of you if they offer a medication that will cure you…  their philosophy is and I am certain it will continue to be: treat the symptoms but do not offer a cure.

This is what happens when a society is devoted to earning money instead of finding and offering proper treatment to the people.
And this money disease is experienced from the highest offices in government to the lowest person on the streets.
Be that as it may there is a great amount of available and valuable information and alternative medicines ready and waiting for anyone who will take the time to look for it.  We live in an age when the Secrets of the ancient past are slowly but certainly being revealed, and this is to our benefit.

From my place in this revelation I will offer information that is ancient but most important, because as I wrote earlier, I believe the ancient people had all of this knowledge available to them and there are many records that state this fact and also tell exactly and specifically what to do and what to look for as results.

The Ancient Annunaki and later the Pharaohs of old Egypt believed that both the physical body and the Spirit (the KA or the Light Body) needed to be fed.   Food for the body is easily available but what exactly is food for the Light body? Can you actually feed the Light body or is this a phrase that means something quite different then it appears?

To the best of my knowledge while I believe it is impossible to feed the “Ka” with physical food, it is possible to feed or nourish those parts of our body that relate directly to its known entry points in the physical body… and in the olden times these parts were know as, and referred to as “portals” or pathways or Chakra’s and energy centers into and out of the body, for as it is written, Man is not flesh alone.
The ancient teachers and high priests knew of substances that could and would feed the body in such a way as to embrace the Light body, or at the very least make the body more receptive and available to the Spirit by nourishing the portals or energy centers within the body.   Let me take this concept a bit further for you.
The Annunaki and later the pharaohs of Egypt and others over time, all believed in the reality of the physical body and the Light body, and it was believed both had to be fed and cared for.  I realize none of this knowledge has ever been discussed or taught in the western societies and I believe the withholding of this information has been deliberate on the part of the church that certainly had this information (and still does)… But this again is another story that is not worth our time to explore in this article.

As we travel around the world we can see and learn from the old schools and temples and repositories of knowledge that Man (as a Being) is in fact much more then flesh and blood…  Man is not an animal as such even though modern science likes to refer to Human Beings as the Human animal.

The Eastern philosophy’s, teachings, many religions and even martial arts all refer to the energy body of humans.  The Chinese have a chart of the energy centers and connecting pathways, it is referred to as the “Acupressure Chart” or the “Meridian Chart”.
My intent in pointing this out is to bring your attention to energy flowing though you that is other then physical but effecting the physical in every way.

If you are interested you can gain more information about this subject online at:

It is said that the information presented by the Chinese is more then 10,000 years old or older.

The Chinese and other Asian people are also very aware of the diet and specific foods having a positive (or negative) effect on the body and our emotions.
We all know that food and exercise directly affect how we feel and most probably how we think (a reflection of our body health or condition).

Another Source of body as energy can seen in the Chakra Chart…

Chakra’s are energy centers in the body that correspond to the entire nervous system and endocrine system.  These energy systems and centers in the body were known long before the people knew about the organs within the body.

Here is an online link to information about the Body Chakra’s:

From a purely physical reality it should come as no surprise to learn that the ancient people were healthier and more robust then we are today.  There are of course many reasons for this including an abundance of exercise, a more natural diet and no processed foods and a cleaner natural environment (clean air, water and land) and the level of personal stress was far less then it is today.
These factors are of course important in their own right and certainly are contributing factors to personal health and a long life, but the real ability to live for an extended time and in good health was (and still is) to be found in the ancient understanding and knowledge of what feeds the physical body and the Light Body.

At this point in our evolution we pretty much know what feeds the body to keep it in a state of good health but to answer the original question of what feeds the Light body we need to return to the ancient times through the records that still exist for us to read and understand.

There is much in the ancient records to tell us about the “Annunaki” (alien) race, who and what they were and of their presence here on Earth.  The records shows us that this group of Beings (and I will refer to them as people) came here with a developed science that excelled and exceeded our present knowledge in many areas.  The Annunaki lived in and occupied an area that today is known as the Sinai and the eastern Mediterranean .
Their civilization was centered around a part of the world known as Sumer (pronounced Shumer), which today is Iraq. The ancient records also show that at a certain point in their sojourn on Earth the Annunaki found it necessary to create a living Being that is today part of the overall Human race…   However, this specific Being is a hybrid, a human part homo sapien and part alien.   Through their intervention and from their knowledge of the RNA/DNA codes they were able to create a living Being (homo sapien sapien).
The ensuing story of this new [human] creature is very interesting but again it is not part of our story here.

As I mentioned, the many sciences and other knowledge known to the Annunaki was enormous.  They were masters of DNA alteration and masters of the chemical sciences, physical science, the Elements, medicine, biology, astronomy, mathematics, geometry, building and engineering, aerodynamics, space flight, navigation, mapping and surveying and much more.
It appears from the ancient writings they had great knowledge of the atomic (atom) structure of matter.  This information leads us directly into arena of information I intend to share with you.

It was not until after 1947 (when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered) that modern humanity began to learn about some the ancient secrets and sciences known to the Annunaki in those days.  Since 1947 many ancient records, plates, tablets and scrolls have been discovered throughout that region of the world, all of which are being interpreted; many have been already and with each new passage it seems humanity is amazed with one more new concept and a new piece of knowledge.

The modern concept given to us has been to think of the ancient people as ignorant and incapable, a people just out of the caves, the concept that only modern man has intelligence is absurd and unreal.
The more we learn about the ancient people the more we realize that they knew much more then we do today in many areas of life and science.

It is important to understand that the Annunaki were in fact complete Beings, not hybrids or half of something.  They brought their knowledge with them to this planet and from all that is written about them it would appear their knowledge was extensive and complete.
We also know from the ancient writings that their [personal] life span was far and away light years beyond our present life span.  There are many reasons for this but one of the most contributing factors was their knowledge of physical Elements, atomic structures and all such related science.

It is written that one of the main reasons the Annunaki came to this planet was in search of Gold, an element they needed to repair the atmosphere of their own world.   Earth it seems has a great abundance of Gold and other Noble metals and the Annunaki knew this fact.
They used the Gold to do exactly what they intended (to embrace and fortify their planetary atmosphere) but additionally they used the gold and other Noble metals to embrace their personal life force and thus extend their lives.
It was only in recent times that humanity re-discovered this information and the use of these Noble Metals by those people and for this purpose.   Because it is interesting and important I am going to share the story of this discovery.

In April 1904 an archeologist by the name of Flinders Petrie (and his team) were in the Sinai region doing mapping. While there it was decided they would climb Mount Horeb, the mountain where Moses met God at the burning bush etc…  At the 2,500 foot level of this mountain the team discovered and ancient Egyptian Temple (the Temple of Serabit). At first they thought this temple was a place of worship but it turned out to be a temple of “Workship”, and was in fact a place where certain metals and elements were being processed.

The entire structure was examined and it was found to contain tons of a fine white powder that could not be identified. Ultimately almost all of this powder was packaged up and shipped to various science laboratories around the world for analysis and an explanation for it.

For the next 70 years scientists everywhere researched, analyzed and examined the powder to no avail, until Immanuel Velikovsky, Andrea Sokurov and other Russian scientists discovered what the powder is.
Today there is a great amount of scientific information available describing this powder and its amazing properties. The scientific community knew once the properties were known the government(s) would step in and began their own research, which of course immediately became classified information.

Some of the properties of this amazing powder are what is most important to humans.  Through research we have discovered the powder to be “Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements, ORME’s”. The ancients called this “Starfire” also, the Elixir of Life – Food of the gods – the Tree of Life – The Fire Stone – Philosophers Stone – the Paradise Stone and other names, all relating to the hidden properties of these noble elements acting upon the human body in positive and sometimes astonishing ways.

The Elements derived in this white powder [form] are the very elements used to begin the process… gold is gold, silver is silver and so on, but the final result (powder) is not the metallic form at all but the Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Element form and in this form the element(s) have astonishing properties one of which is they can be ingested and we are nothing short of amazed at the results we experience to the physical body.  When we research this information we discover that this is the elixir of the gods in the records of the ancients and these are the formulas and materials used by the ancients to feed the Ka (the Light body) and to give the physical body the energy it needs to prolong life and create an envelope of health.

While I am not interested in doing nor am I specifically giving a lesson in science, it is important to know at least some of the attributes I refer to…  attributes that will directly affect the physical body and related energy systems.

It has been proven that the ORME’s create within the body a “Superconductivity” which translates to mean, the electrical pathways (nervous systems); the brain and energy systems of the body are working at a much higher capacity (they are capable of it) and the results of this increase will over a short time become pronounced.  In physics a superconductor is a conductor that does not lose any of its energy.  Our physical body and its various energy systems is a conductor of this type, and we can increase its energy transmission to be a superconductor.

Until recently it was believed by the scientific community that superconductors could only exist in extremely cold (sub-zero) temperatures. The research in ORME’s has changed this belief because of them, it can now be proven that superconductors do exist at room temperature and at physical body temperature.

The implications of this is staggering particularly in terms of Consciousness and the effects of emotions on DNA (emotions and thoughts do effect the DNA).
From the studies done on DNA and cancer we now understand that the cancer cell is basically a cell whose DNA message is confused.   It has been shown that when single Ruthenium atoms (part of the Platinum Noble metals group) are placed at each end of the double helix DNA, it becomes 10,000 times more conductive (smarter).  It becomes in effect a superconductor.  Platinum, Iridium and Ruthenium in the treatment of cancers are miracles in medical science. Cancers, which are caused by the uncontrolled and abnormal division of body cells, are completely affected by these metals in their ORME state.   I must warn you here that if this is used in the treatment of cancers, once started the process must be continued until the cancer is completely eliminated.
Ruthenium allows the cancerous cell DNA to become relaxed and rewritable from the original DNA (healthy) program. It is important to know that DNA has memory; this is how it programs each cell to do or to be a certain thing in the body. By this method (rewriting the DNA code in the cancerous cell) the cancer is effectively destroyed without surgery or the use of radiation or chemotherapy.
I am certain we will not hear about this from the Pharmaceutical companies.

Throughout this article I have hinted at the human body being more then flesh and blood, and so it is. In fact, in today’s new emerging science we are learning that the physical body, like everything else in this physical realm is not in fact what it appears to be…  the illusion is that the universe, the world and everything on and in it is solid.   It is an illusion because we have also learned from the sub-atomic levels of life (the level where all is built or created from) there is no such thing as “solid”.   What does exist on all levels is energy, and the rules that govern its flow, structure and order.
In the sub-atomic level there is no time, no space, no distance or solids or any of the items and terms we think of as normal life…  As one of the more famous scientists has stated: “If you knew the truth of physical matter you would know that you have never touched anything, nor can you!”

The Annunaki knew that life in the physical realm was not what the ordinary person conceived it to be…  All of life is energy and it could be understood and acted upon in a proper method.
Eventually all intelligent Beings must and will learn that all of life is energy and consciousness and from a certain level within each of us all of life can be accessed and affected in positive or negative ways.  The building blocks of Life are found not in the physical realm but in the “Quanta levels” of life below it.
About 25,000 years ago a Being named ZoAster told us that in all of life there is only the greater and the lesser; wheels within wheels.   It can be seen the Annunaki knew all of this and much more very well and used this information to gain abundant life and strength and wisdom, and you can do the exact same by following the path they followed.

As I wrote earlier, the information I am revealing was until recently deliberately guarded and hidden and not at all known to most of the world of humanity.  Since it’s discovery other caches of knowledge of this type have been discovered.   It makes sense that the ancient people in their wisdom would have replicated the information in the event one source was lost or destroyed.

Sir Laurence Gardner was an excellent researcher of the ancient knowledge and mysteries.  He has written several books revealing the knowledge of the ancient people and specifically the knowledge of the Annunaki.

Zechariah Sitchin was another learned man and excellent researcher of ancient wisdom and knowledge and he also wrote and published several books giving account of the knowledge of the alien Annunaki race.
Incredibly both men died in the same year, 2010.

Zechariah Sitchin was foremost in researching the history of the Annunaki race and their presence on the Earth.  The books he wrote and published focused on the lives and deeds of the Annunaki while on Earth including the creation of a new human creature (homo sapien sapien).

Laurence Gardner researched and studied the science of the Annunaki and some of his works and published books relate to this knowledge. One of the books I would point you toward is titled, “The Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark”. There is also a small [You Tube} movie of him as he spoke at a convention about the Ark and its secrets (the Ark of the Covenant).
Here is the link to that video:
“Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark” (a video)

It is with the knowledge of Noble Elements (Metals) and their obvious and hidden properties that we will learn of and benefit from the secrets of life the Annunaki knew.
The noble metals (Elements) are metals that are resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist air, unlike most base metals.   They tend to be precious, often due to their rarity in the Earth’s crust.
The noble metals are most commonly considered to be ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum, and gold.
As base metals these are considered precious and valuable mainly because of their rarity upon the Earth. Gold and Silver are considered precious and valuable however they exist in abundance on the Earth.  For our purpose these metals are valuable not so much for their rarity as for their inert properties.

The basic information about these metals is that if you attempt to ingest any of them in their basic form you could be harmed or even killed, yet there is a science, a very specific and clear science that shows us these metals can be ingested once they are transformed to their ORME state, and the results are nothing short of amazing.  This is one of the great secrets of long life known to the Annunaki.

While it is not known what process was used to transform these metals into their monatomic state in ancient times we do have equipment we can use today to produce the same results.  In this respect it seems humanity is coming full circle.

Before ending this article there are two more areas I want to share with you.  The first area relates to the actual properties that have been discovered in these metals in their ORME state, both personal and mechanical.   The second area is where on Earth this material can be obtained in the event you are interested in doing so.

As mentioned we know these Noble metals once transformed to their ORME state have remarkable effects on the human body.   Each of the original metals seems to have a relationship with one of more of the glands in the endocrine system.   Gold in the ORME state seems to effect the Pineal Gland, which we know produces Melatonin and Iridium seems to link up with the Pituitary gland which produces Serotonin.  Conceivably these ORME products could replace the present Hormone Therapy.   Instead of using the hormones from animals it is now possible to simply enhance the natural hormones of the human body.

From October 2002 through January 2003 The “Alpha Learning Institute” in Switzerland conducted live tests on 10 human subjects, 5 male and 5 female.   The testing was to determine the effects, if any, of the ORME’s on humans.   The results according to the director Sean Adams of the Institute were staggering to say the very least.   This Institute excels in studies on Learning disabilities dyslexia, ADHD etc. and is linked to government agencies and corporations. This is the primary institute in the world for defining these areas of study.   The director wrote: “What we are seeing here is quite amazing.  The tests show it to be highly effective… the effects are immediate and cumulative.” 

Over the period of the testing and beyond it was determined the Monatomic elements could effect very specific positive changes in the brain by balancing the Right/Left hemispheres and causing greater overall intelligence and clarity of thought.
In the ancient records there are many “Attributes” that may seems strange to us today.  We must accept that these things did exist until we can prove otherwise.  We know from the labratory testing and examination that has been done over the decades that these metals in the ORME state can and do “disappear”, can and do cause levitation, are superconductors, and have amazing properties that constantly impress the scientists who research and work with these metals.
We know that these metals can heal both the body and the brain and it can be verified that they affect the endocrine system directly.   We know that Iridium in the monatomic state can be attached to the ends of the double-helix DNA thus cause a biologic state near immortality…  The more we know about these metals in the ORME state the more we are astounded.
At the very beginning of this article I wrote:  “Is it possible to live without sickness, aging or death?”  In my knowledge and from all that is written in the ancient records the Annunaki people did live exactly this way.  They also taught some of the priests and royalty of the land how to prepare these substances for consumption and we further see that over many ages these substances and the results they would bring were known and used.

There is an epic event in the history of this planet that changed everything foe ages to come…  It was the great flood and the prior events that caused the flood.  Humanity and the planet has not been the same but now through circumstance or intervention, divine or otherwise, the records and writings and structures and villages that existed before the flood are being discovered and along with them we are finding great cashes of information.
Do I believe we can live without sickness, aging or death…   Yes I do.

Humanity has always believed in certain concepts and immortality is one of them. In ancient times we saw this demonstrated in the Beings that established the civilizations and gave us technology and knowledge and wisdom.
We know intuitively that immortality is real if not from this source then from another… But it is real and we can achieve it.

In simple terms we know these elements once altered become “Asymmetrically Deformed High- Spin” elements.  This process of transformation converting base metals into monatomic elements does not appear in the Periodic Table of Elements because until recently this type of element was not known.  The Period Table of Elements as we know it is a modern invention.

To close I am aware of several small companies that produce the White Powder of Gold. We have the technology and it was developed the last century but truly refined in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

In the words of David Hudson after engaging in more then 12 years of specific and intensive work to determine the properties of the ORME’s on human Beings it was determined that this substance should not be considered “medicine” as such. “It would be better to think of this as a Transmutating material for mankind, because the effect on your body is a holistic effect not just a cure for a disease. It really is about filling your body with Spirit, with light…  it produces the same field as the field around your body… the life force, or Chi as it is called in the far east.

If you will search the Internet for “White Powder of Gold” you will find several good sources. While I will not tell you who is best I will tell you do not buy gold or silver in the colloidal state thinking it to be ORME, it is not.
There is one more source of information you can view on this subject, it is a video: “Lost Secrets of the Sacred Arc”. Here is the link:

There is one other video I believe you should see. It is:
“White Powder Gold Secrets Revealed”:

There are many videos and many reports both lay ans scientific regards these Noble Elements in their monatomic state.  I know all of this may sound like a fantasy but it is not.  Scientists around the world have been working dilegently to identify and catalog the properties of these substances because they are varied and enormous and astounding.
I encourage you to do the research for yourself, to make your own decisions about these substances and to find out if they can be of any help in your world and life. Is it possible to live without sickness, aging or death?

I believe it is!