Puma Punku II

When I began the research on this article I found so much evidence to support the antiquity of the Puma Punka area I could hardly determine where to start… In fact I started two articles with similar information…similar but still somewhat different… I thought you, as a reader might enjoy both articles, so I am publishing both…

 It has been suggested many times over that “Puma Punku” is one of the oldest, if not actually the oldest of the ancient structures on this planet.  Estimated to be 17,000 + years old.    Puma Punku is a terraced earthen mound area that is faced with megalithic blocks of enormous weight and size.

The stones are made up of granite and diorite.   Which means they are harder and stronger than any ancient (brass or iron age) tools that may have been used in the period.   There are lines cut into the diorite stones that are as straight as a line can be, and deep and exact from one end to the other.    It is obvious that no stone age tools was used to cut these blocks or create the lines and valley cuts in them, or the finish (polish) them we see on these blocks.  To do all of this would have taken  very precision cutting devices and tools, possibly “diamond” cutting tools which did not exist (to our present knowledge) in that time.  If diamond tools did not exist we must ask, what did they use to do the precise cutting and finishing that is exemplified in these stones?   Not only are these stones extremely difficult, if not impossible to cut without the proper tools, they are heavy…  one actually weighs more then 800 tons.  Add to this the fact the stone quarry is more then 10 miles away.  There is serious doubt that such a structure could be built today with our existing tools and technology.

Puma Punku is part of the complex that encompasses TIAHUANUCO, in the Land of the Incas.  It lies almost in the very center of the great terrestrial basin of lakes Titicaca and Aullagas.    The elevation here is 13,300 feet above sea level and in some places even higher.

Modern archaeologists are afraid to make any real postulations and statements about this complex because everything here goes against their prejudicial (biblical and government history) beliefs and teachings that supports such technology as being discovered only in this modern age.   In truth there are many structures around the globe that defy the prejudicial beliefs and limited thinking of modern scientists.

There is one more significant thing to mention regarding the ruins of Puma Punku.   Not only were these stones cut, but they were finely cut.   The cuts on these stones are perfect.   All of the blocks are cut so that they interlock, and fit together like a puzzle.   There is no mortar used to bind the blocks.  They are perfectly straight.   The holes cored into these stones are perfectly round, and all are equal in depth.   The entire area is covered with great stones that once fit together creating a structure some four levels high.   If these people could have moved these large stones to this precise location, then obviously they also had a way to place them one on top another…  but no one today can imagine how this was accomplished.

One answer that few scientists are willing to discuss but fully realize it as a real possibility is the intercession of an alien race (or races) many thousands of years ago.  There are in fact many stories all around the world that support the idea of alien intervention.   Ancient Sumar (today we call it Iraq) is in all likelihood the place where the original Garden of Eden was located.    Studying the history of Iraq (ancient Sumar) we find evidence that this place was the birthplace (creation place) of humanity.   (I will address Sumar/Iraq in another posting).

If we listen to the voices of modern man we will not find our answers.   The history of such places as this (Puma Punku and other ancient structures) is mostly lost according to the modern archaeologists, and that which is not lost is highly doubted by those who think of themselves as authorities in this area (it is, however, difficult to be an authority on any subject when you have a closed mind and narrow opinions).    The evidence we seek that answer the questions of who, how and why are to be found in many area of the Earth because as we have discovered, many structures of this kind have been unearthed or rediscovered and the building patterns, the structures themselves, the materials used and the method of their construction and their age are almost identical, which leads us to believe the builders were related to each other or were the same Beings.   Is there any proof of this idea?   Not surprisingly the answer is Yes, there is considerable proof.

There are several ancient structure sites in the world and we need to consider them all, or at least the greater part of them, in order to piece together a picture of the builders and their technology, and along the way we may discover, at least in part, the reason for these structures to exist at all.  Among the many ancient sites that exist on this planet are these, to name but a few:  Puma Punku, Tiahaunaco, Machu Picchu, the great Pyramid complex (all three pyramids), Atlantis, the Nazca Lines, the Sphinx, Petra, Easter island, Stonehenge,  Teotihuacan (the pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, and the several other structures that share this complex),  The Bimini Pyramid, the pyramids of China,  the recently discovered lost city off Yonaguni, Japan (311 miles long).

Here is a link you may use to see the underwater pyramid of Yonaguni:  http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/phikent/japan/japan2.html

One important point to remember about the past 25,000 years is how many Earth changes have come and gone including a possible world wide flood, enormous earthquakes and earth movements including the building a new mountain ranges on the north and south American continents and in the far east:  Japan, Tibet, India, Bali etc..

There is one more fact to be considered here.  To this day there has never been even one tool found that could do the job of carving, cutting and finishing the great blocks of stone at Puma Punka or anywhere else in the world.  We have however discovered ancient hieroglyphs and writing which indicate “Tools” of another kind were used (not axes and blades or chisels, fires and strings, etc).

If you search the Internet you can find many  photos of the [Puma Punku)] area and some very interesting information.   Here is a good place to find information and photos:    http://daveearley.hubpages.com/hub/Ancient-Mysteries-Puma-Punku-in-Tiahuanaco