Aliens among us, an update

As most of you know from my articles I am a “Changeling”, which means I am an Alien. While many on this planet can claim to be alien to it, few can say with any authority they are from a world other then this one.

During the last 120 years belief in UFO’s and aliens among the populous has gone from acceptance to outright rejection back to acceptance once again. The greater part of humanity now claims to believe in Beings and technology from other worlds and what is even more impressive is the open use of “Back Engineered Technology” gained from various sources but mostly from crashed and recovered UFO’s going all the way back to the mid 1800’s and most notably the crash in Roswell in 1947 and its related crash that few ever heard about, same incident different ship that landed in Socorro, New Mexico and was recovered about 10 days after the Roswell incident.

In February 2012 I did a two-hour show with George Noory on Coast-to-Coast AM radio.  During this program we spoke about Aliens who live upon the Earth in some form, mostly as Changelings that have been placed within the society for the benefit of humanity.  On the Ancient Aliens website the sub-title reads, “We Have Always Been With You”. Take this literally.

Of course there are many people who are unwilling to consider life on other planets as a fact… it matters not what their reason is.   And not long ago this notion about life on other planets was completely rejected by science for any number of reasons but mostly to avoid questions about the use of technology and practices in some classified industries and areas of government where it is feasible to deny such connections without implicating that the aliens actually do exist and we (Earth humans) are using some of their science and technology.
Again, the admittance of the alien reality would go against the current religious and social values, which many academics believe would disrupt the world as it is and forever end the status quo belief system of the church.

This update is created to point out the changing beliefs and values among the public and scientific community.   Gladly public and scientific opinion in this area has changed and significantly so.  People are no longer claiming to have seen a UFO but are now claiming to have been inside one, and in some cases they have been inside on several occasions.  And these are not rare incidents.

I personally know or have known people in authority, people in science, people in the military in high ranks who have come forward with their own story or with verifiable incidents, empirical evidence of UFO encounters ranging from mere sightings to open contact and communication with aliens.
The physical evidence for this is enormous to say the very least about it.  The US Air force and other military agencies have all got tons of written, photographic and hard evidence.   Area 51 is not imagination or fiction.  It is an area of Nevada where secret and super-secret testing of “aircraft and space craft” takes place without the prying eyes of the public.

Over the years I have made specific statements about aliens on the Earth and technology being used and about certain UFO crashes that have taken place. I have included facts that were not public at that time.
What I personally like is when other people or companies say or confirm what I have already said. The article below is just one of these.

The following is an excerpt of a news article few people in the public have read even though it was completely available to them. This article appeared on Disclose TV: “University of California Scientists: ‘Camouflaged’ Aliens Live Among Us”:

“November 28, 2014 – Scientists of the University of California came up with an unusual hypothesis suggesting that space aliens have long settled on Earth and live among us as observers.

Of course, there is little empirical evidence of this, but according to ancient sources, including the Bible, our planet has been visited by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations since its inception.

In [the year] 2000 scientists of the University of California, led by Professor Jonathan Malkisom, held a press conference, during which the sensational news that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have long been among humans was reported.
They have adopted human appearance and closely monitor our every move.

“It’s like an extreme version of the camouflage found in some insects and animals….
Moreover, according to historical records, there have been aliens on Earth from the beginning of creation,” says Adrian Kent of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Canada.

A confirmation of the words of the Canadian scientist can be found in the Book of Genesis, at the point where the confrontation of Jacob with the Almighty is described:
“And Jacob remained alone; and a man wrestled with him until the rising of the dawn.”

The ancient philosophers were always looking for the answer to the question whether beings arriving from the sky are members of the same tribe as the angels. But as a rule, the answer was no, since the arriving beings were mortal, while the angels live forever.

The question of extraterrestrial civilizations was openly and seriously discussed for the first time only in the twentieth century, especially after the CIA declassified a small part of the archive on the Roswell case, when the U.S. military found a crashed flying saucer and delivered its parts to the nearest base.
There is information that in addition to the unknown space object debris, the bodies of three aliens were found and taken to the base. The cause of the incident was the impact of ground radars on the navigation equipment of the alien spacecraft.

According to another version, the UFO was hit by lightning.

There are reports that U.S. President John F. Kennedy, a few days before his death, asked the head of the CIA to provide all the materials about the incident, but he did not manage to access the most secret archives.

From the 1980′s, many people started claiming that they not only had seen the appearance of a UFO in the sky, but had been inside these objects, and even had come into contact with the aliens.

One of the most famous contactees is Bulgarian prophet Vanga:

“Sometimes one of the aliens takes my hand. They communicate only with a few inhabitants of our planet. They are constantly watching us,” said Vanga about her contacts with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

What do aliens want on Earth?

There is only a hypothesis, which was suggested by British scientist Timothy Good in his book:“The Earth is no longer an ‘intermediate base.’ They have settled here for a good long time now.”

In January 2011, British scientists announced the need to prepare for emergency meeting with an extraterrestrial civilization, and even suggested the foundation of a special committee at the UN.”


I found the article to be interesting in that the scientists themselves are admitting to Alien life on Earth and living among humanity. Also the fact the aliens have been here since the very beginning. The same statements I have made many times over.

There are four stages to acceptance of truth in society; the first is outright rejection of the idea or notion.

“The four stages of acceptance:

1. This is worthless nonsense.
2. This is an interesting, but perverse, point of view.
3. This is true, but quite unimportant.
4. I always said so.”

It is interesting how history repeats itself because in the not to distant past humanity fully accepted Alien visitations and life forms with question.