Aliens and the Earth, Update 2

There are several articles on the “Ancient Aliens” website that openly and directly refer to the alien nature of humanity.   In the article titled: “Aliens Now called Human” I discuss the oddity of humanity on planet Earth. Specifically the very unnatural and inability of humans to adapt to Earth’s gravity, light, and environment.   In fact humanity always seems to be in survival mode for the most part.  I believe this planet is acceptable and useful to humanity but it is not Home and it never will be.

Every animal species on this planet except one is at rest and relatively peaceful here and has within it a [built in] understanding and agreement with this world. Only the human struggles for its survival on a daily basis.   When we compare the natural environment to the artificial environment humans are trying to setup and enforce on this planet it is like trying to mix oil and water… it is difficult at best and in the end the natural environment will win out.  Not surprisingly scientific researchers are discovering more and more evidence to support the fact that Humans on Earth really are the aliens and have been all along.  

The true history of this planet indicates that humans did not naturally evolve on this world.  It is not possible to go from the caves to building megalithic structures, using advanced technology, setting up laws and governments and global systems and then go back again almost to the state of ignorance and the caves as we have seen here.   Obviously other events and forces have been and are at work here whether or not it is popular to acknowledge this fact.  

Extensive Medical research has proven the physical body of most humans, if not all humans, is not fit for the extent of gravity (pressure) prevalent here on Earth. There are many ailments and diseases that arise from the overbearing nature of gravity and other physical conditions that exist here.   It has been scientifically proven in various studies that the human physical skeleton is too fragile for the natural environment of this world and if, as it has been postulated (wrongly so), humans did evolve on this planet why are they not suited to the planet and its natural environment or fit to live here?   It seems you cannot lie to or fool nature.  The original humans were capable of living many hundreds of years,  today’s humans live less then 100 years, why?  We can attribute some of the unclean air, and other environmental issues to aging but the real reason is the degradation of the physical body.  The longer this human species lives on this planet I predict the more it will suffer from the natural environment.  Through medicine and other methods Man may lengthen his life to an average age of 300 years but in truth this will never be able to replace the natural ability to live the long life he once knew, until he either returns to his planet of origin or finds yet another world that has a nearly identical environment to his original world.  

Recently Dr. Ellis Silver has written a book and states much of the same information I have stated in my articles. In fact so close are his comments to my own it seems he may have read some or all of my articles. The important part of this is the evidence that supports my statements and his.

Disclose TV (online videos) has reported at least twice on the work Dr. Silver is doing in this effort. Here is the link to the latest article where you can read about Dr. Silver and connect to his new book:”  

(No, I am not advertising for Dr. Silver… I have never met him, however he is obviously another source of good information, good for you and good for us).

In his book, “Humans are not from Earth”: a scientific evaluation of the evidence, Dr. Silver lists seventeen factors which suggest humans are not from this planet. He also discusses the possible place of origin and the timeline when humanity probably appeared on Earth.

The book is a scientific evaluation of the evidence for and (mostly) against man’s evolution on Planet Earth. Dr. Silver is a leading environmentalist and ecologist.

In a past article I wrote about “Changeling’s on the Earth” and spoke about this subject on Coast 2 Coast AM Radio with George Noory.   In the radio program and in the article I point out that “Changeling’s” are by their nature different then the people (relatives, neighbors, friends, associates etc) they live alongside.  A good example of this would be the various Prophets of ancient times such as the Prophet Ezekiel who it was said went up in a chariot of fire near the end of his life.   There are many other examples of this “difference” displayed in certain persons in history such as Moses and Jesus.   I specifically said in the article and program that these people were not like the people around them. Compare Moses to the people around him, or Jesus to the people around him… there is a very obvious difference here.  I am saying all people who proved themselves to be different then their peers are Changeling’s, obviously some are not, but the process and evidence of it is more extensive then you might now believe. 

Now this statement may incur a lot of ridicule but even so it won’t change the history or the events or the nature of Beings that caused them, and there is no actual explanation for these “different” people other then to say they were from God… (of course they were from God, who is not?)   Christianity claims these people to be special and indeed they are, that is the point here, they are special and different then the ordinary humans on this planet.  In so many ways they are unlike the average Human Being.  

The Changeling program as I will refer to it is ancient in its origin and ongoing and active even today.   In reality it is now as it was in the past, a necessary part of humanity and human evolution.   I know that without this program humanity would not be as advanced as it is, and even with this program it is obvious a lot of work needs to be done to bring humanity into a state of sanity and responsibility for its actions and support for its own kind. 

“November 28, 2014 –

University of California Scientists: ‘Camouflaged’ Aliens Live Among Us”.

Scientists of the University of California came up with an unusual hypothesis suggesting that space aliens have long settled on Earth and live among us as observers.”

It would appear from the words and the intent of this small article that at least some of the scientific community has found reasons to believe Aliens do in fact live among the human population and have done so from the very beginning of humanity’s sojourn on this planet.

With the advent of new technology and research techniques more and more evidence is coming to the surface. Evidence that proves alien (extraterrestrial) intervention and one or more ancient alien civilizations having existed on Earth in the distant past.   Additionally, as I pointed out earlier it is not possible to make the transition from the caves to high levels of technology and knowledge, in some cases even higher then today, without outside help.  Ancient Sumer (Samaria, now Iraq and Iran) is a classic example of this claim.

Some scientists continue to tell you the worn out story that  humanity crawled out of the caves and somehow, miraculously evolved in a few short years to realize and teach such knowledge as was not [re]discovered until the last century or in this century.

A little known fact about Darwin (“Evolution of the Species”) was that he did not claim humanity evolved on planet Earth.

Recent research indicates that “Human” (Homo sapian sapian) is not actually an Earth evolved species, at least there is no empirical evidence human evolved on this world. You may recall the search for the so called “Missing Link”, which was/is supposed to be the link between creatures that once lived (Neanderthal) and Homo Sapien Sapien (modern Man)). The search for the missing link has never been successful and it is predicted that it never will be.  Such a link simply does not exist in natural evolution, although it may exist in other ways, possibly though the DNA manipulation of the species in the  ancient past by a forgotten alien race.   

Also, Earth is way to young to have evolved the many human species (variations) and cultures and whole civilizations we see present on the Earth.  Until recently these various nations/cultures existed without knowledge of the other nations in the world, neither were they dependent on other nations.  (As an example, The American native tribes most probably had no knowledge of the Japanese people nor did they rely on the Japanese for any part of their support).  

Ultimately Darwin and others may be correct, humanity did evolve, but where… certainly not on Earth.   I believe the human evolutionary story is far more different then is presently spoken of or written about in common journals.  I will add here that such knowledge (the truth of humanity) does in fact exist on Earth. The True history of humanity resides in vaults and secret archives placed at several locations on the planet: including India, the Himalayas (in certain temples), in Egypt, On the continent of Antarctica and even in the vaults of the Vatican in Rome.  

The history of the Earth and human history has been violent, at times to the extreme.   The planet Earth has suffered several extinction level events but there have always been caretakers for the Earth and these Beings have always protected the history of the civilizations.  A great amount of information resides in the archives located all around the planet.   Edger Cayce referred to three of these archives as the Hall of Records in his “predictions” about future events.  One archive is located below the great Sphinx in Egypt near the Pyramids.  Here is a link to information about the Yucatan Hall of records:


Sphinx complex

 There are other archives under the mountains in Tibet, one is called Lhasa Chagpori (aka “Iron Mountain” by the locals).  

Iron Mountain


Iron Mtn 2

In my knowledge there are, or were 14 such archives on the planet, two on each of the existing continents.   Here is a link you can access that refers to 3 of Edger Cayce’s Hall of Records:

The ancient continent of Atlantis is now the little frozen continent of Antarctica. I am not the only one who knows this to be a fact.   In another article I mentioned that more then 17 countries (nations) now have extensive scientific teams located on Antarctica performing every type of research and for many reasons.   The scientific community does want to know the truth of human evolution and history.  

The not so ancient past of Earth endured an extinction level event (12,500 years ago).  This epic event comprised several events on and above the Earth, including what the scientists now call Continental Displacement. Continental Drift is the slow movement of the continents caused by subduction and other forces in the Earth.  Although it is rare it has now been proven that the continents can move on a large scale.  The surface of the Earth sits upon a liquid mantle and there are universal and Earthly forces that can effect this mantle and cause such a large movement.   The small continent of Antarctica was once located 2000 miles north of its present location, closer to India and Japan but just south of Hawaii.  Look at the area that encompasses the Pacific Basin south of Hawaii.  


There are very old maps that actually shown the Earth land masses prior to the global event I refer to.  The most known and famous of these maps is the Peri Reis map.   These maps all show land masses that today either do not exist or are located in very different places then are indicated on the maps.   Add to this the fact that it appears most or all of these ancient maps were created from knowledge that can only be obtained from space.

ancient map

It is my belief that in a short time the people of Earth will rediscover many of the ancient records and begin a serious effort to piece together and compile the facts and build a more accurate picture and understanding of the ancient Earth.

Unfortunately the intervention of the church (at Rome) and the modern governments have not benefited humanity in its search for the truth.  This fact is evident in the “Brookings Report” (created and Written in 1960) which clearly states that if the truth were known such knowledge might completely disrupt the present course of humanity on this planet by reinterpreting all religions and political rhetoric and historical propaganda.   Indeed it would because if the common people knew the truth about their ancestors, teachers and religious icons ad the planet that truth would be completely different and give humanity a very different picture of itself past, present and future… and the fear among the governments and the Church is that they will lose control of the people and all the wealth and power they now hold.. 

A hard truth about humanity and the present civilization is, the present world of humanity is steeped in lies and deception.   The powers that be rely on the present state of human ignorance and confusion in order to remain in control of the masses.   And the fact remains, the greatest world powers are also the greatest liars and abusers of humanity.  

The great enemies of mankind on Earth are still Capitalism, false Religions and the present forms of politics and governments.  It is not a coincidence that all wars are started from one or more of these things.

The crimes and confusion and evil that seems to exist on Earth today will all but cease once these three things are removed from the human society.

We (aliens) have instilled certain levels of intelligence into the human race and we will continue to do so.  The “Changeling program” was created to advance the DNA structure of humanity, also to advance education and technology, and ultimately to forward the Spirit of humanity, also known as enlightenment.  This process (this program of Changeling’s) will continue until Man is able to stand securely and intelligently on his own.  

This is the process that has been in place for billions of years, on this planet and others.

I have written several articles about the subject of Changeling’s (aliens) who live among humanity.   Here is the link to one article you might find interesting:   “Aliens Among Us, an update”.

In the following it may seem I have fallen away from my original discourse but this is not true. This article is meant to inform and provide some insight into events presently and to come.

As this civilization moves steadily into its future the old ways of living will pass away in favor of newer and better ideas for living and expressing.  

In time, not long from now, the three enemies of mankind (I indicated above), will die and vanish from human thought.   I can tell you these things are already being seriously questioned for their validity and use in human society. Certainly some form of these will exist for a while but ultimately I can tell you that these things will not exist nor do they now exist in the advanced civilizations I am aware of.

Even the powerful elite on this planet are helpless against the tide of rising consciousness… and the more they attempt to suppress it the quicker they bring about their own ruin.  I have often told people it was not the great meteor that created the Gulf of Mexico and ended the age of the dinosaurs it was first and foremost the overwhelming rise in consciousness.

However invisible Consciousness my be to human eyes and the physical senses its reality, force and results are undeniable.

The people of Earth are in transition, of this there can be no doubt.   This civilization is rethinking and restructuring its destiny and purpose.   That which once was hidden will become visible in the months and years ahead.  The truth that has been withheld from humanity for so long is leaking out into the light of day.   Those who chose to withhold information and knowledge for their own selfish purposes will soon be exposed and seen for their wrong doing.

The transition process is very much like a war of principles and principalities… it involves governments and policy’s, companies, procedures and people and the conversion to truth on all levels within the civilization.    

As concerns the various governments you can see they are doing all in their power to stay in control of the people.  After all, they have been in control for centuries and realistically they will not give up that control without a fight.   You can see first hand the evidence of this “fight” taking place on every continent on this planet and in almost every issue of information and knowledge and the disclosure of such.   The new politically correct enemy of humanity is terrorism.  It was created to frighten the people with unknown enemies and to advance the military/industrial complex.  It is the perfect enemy because it is not a real one and can be manufactured by any government.  Just put black hoods and clothes on the troops and now you have the enemy!   And yes you should question where this new enemy gets its funding, weapons, and equipment!

Obviously this transition of consciousness is necessary if you understand the cycles of the universe in terms of energy and evolution, knowledge and intelligence.  

The ancient people knew that transitions of this kind were real and necessary in the overall expression of universal consciousness.  In fact the ancient people knew that approximately every 12,500 years consciousness makes a specific reversal of its expression.   The best way to explain this would be to say it changes from a Male expression to a Female expression (or visa versa).  The dominance of thought and expression would be in favor of which ever part of the cycle consciousness was in at the moment.  

There have been predominant Female societies and predominant Male societies on the Earth and we know this from the ancient records that clearly express these facts.

There are many people in authority and knowledge today who will tell you this present civilization is in transition from the predominant Male cycle into a predominant Female cycle.   During the Male expression the intent is clearly to protect and survive…   During the Female expression the intent is toward creative and personal expression.

If we are seeing the Female side of consciousness coming into expression you can expect to see the arts and culture and creative endeavors gaining ground.   The issues of war and protections that dominate the Male cycle will be challenged and will soon fade away.

In ancient India are written many books and tablets (the Sanskrit texts) explaining the “Cycles of Ages”

Cycle of the Ages 3

There are four cycles in all that repeat themselves for eternity and each has a high and a low side.   These cycles engulf a period of time, approximately 24,000 years which also corresponds to the Galactic cycle., (the time it takes to rotate around Earth’s twin star (Sirus) and return to the original point relating to galaxy center).   This galactic cycle is also know as the “Precession of the Equinoxes”.


Here is a short video that will help to explain the Precession process and reasons for it.

I mention these facts so that you will have some reference points to what is taking place on Earth at this time.  The ancient people knew this information and we (aliens) know this information.  It is not new or recently discovered.  It has been known for many thousands of years in most of the Eastern and Oriental cultures and religions.     By ancient calculations in the Sanskrit texts this present cycle is known as the Kali Yuga and it will be ending soon and another cycle will begin. The projected end date was the year 2012.

Cycle of the Ages

Basically humanity just turned the corner of the Ages from Kali Yuga (the Age of Darkness) to Dwapara Yuga (the Age of Enlightenment).   Its too soon to expect any real changes but be patient because changes of many kinds, on many levels will be forth coming.

Here is a link that will help you to examine further the Cycles of the Ages and there meanings:

Consider the information below and compare it to the actions and events we see in the world at present:

“The Yuga Cycle doctrine tells us that we are now living in the Kali Yuga; the age of darkness, when moral virtue and mental capabilities reach their lowest point in the cycle. The Indian epic The Mahabharata describes the Kali Yuga as the period when the “World Soul” is Black in hue; only one quarter of virtue remains, which slowly dwindles to zero at the end of the Kali Yuga. Men turn to wickedness; disease, lethargy, anger, natural calamities, anguish and fear of scarcity dominate.   Penance, sacrifices and religious observances fall into disuse. All creatures degenerate. Change passes over all things, without exception.”

You can read the entire text and gain a greater understanding of these events by using this link:

In the coming decade (ten Years) you can expect to witness many things some of which you may find to be unbelievable, some good and some bad.

But the point to all the events that will unfold directly relates to the [kind] of future that awaits humanity.  

In so many ways humanity has reached the place of decision and in this period humanity will decide its course into the immediate future…  

Humanity will either have a “Star Trek” future where all the of the issues and questions that now exist will find a reasonable answer… or humanity will have a very dark future, no peace, no real progress and more in line with George Orwell (from the book “1984”).

It really is your decision!

Finally, in light of all that I have written here I know there are people who will ask me the old question: “Why don’t the aliens intervene and straighten this mess out?”

Honestly we could easily intervene, we could easily push the evil ones on this planet into oblivion in a matter of hours. We have in the recent past demonstrated that there are certain things we will not tolerate, for example, the actual use of nuclear weapons on this planet… this has been done in an earlier time and we will not allow it again!.

Add to this the fact that if we come here and did take over, yes we would bring peace but at what cost to your personal freedom?

I will throw in a few more facts.   The governments of this world are on their last leg. They are desperate and they know their days are numbered. They have come to a place where they will do every dishonest and despicable act. They have already put their fiat laws in place to begin to openly steal from the people, they will continue to attempt to use the local police to do their dirty work… they will attempt to incite riots at various places and will tell you that protesting is illegal (it is not).  

In America they will try to confiscate the guns and Ammunition as they have done in Australia and other nations. They will openly take money from your bank accounts without legal authority or any crime having been committed… These acts are among the final death throws of a dieing oligarchy that now rules.

In the past humanity was given all the necessary tools to create a society that works for all people.   You have been inspired and guided to create and write certain papers and documents many of which still exist. In America there are three important documents that are the very foundation of this nation.   They were written so that all people for all generations would read and understand them and have a realistic model in the creation of and future direction of the national government (and government on all levels).

These documents are: “The Declaration of Independence”,   “The Constitution of the united States of America” and the “Bill of Rights”, specifically the Organic version that was presented to the First Congress in 1789 and ratified.   There are several other documents of such high value that have altogether added to the human experience.   Consider the “English Bill of Rights (1689)” and most famous is the “Magna Carta of 1215”, specifically Chapter 39 which figured prominently in the writing of the organic Bill of Rights of 1789.

Humanity will gain its own strength and dignity by addressing the problems it now faces and overcoming them.. We of course will continue to offer our advice and knowledge when it necessary, and in our way we will continue to guide the populations of this world.  

This does not mean we do not care or that we will ever allow certain events to truly get out of control.   The military posturing and the overt acts of evil now being displayed in the middle-east and other places in the world are cruel and inhumane and from our prospective we are wondering what it will take to motive honest men to act in their own behalf to correct this situation. and remember, this situation is external and visible but the real danger is not this so much as what is causing it… and this answer lies in the politics, economies and religions involved, on a global scale.

We witnessed a similar argument/war in the 300 year period from 975 AD to 1290 AD (by your calendar). This was a period of war best known as the Crusades, and like the present war it is about dominance of false religions, false economies and false governments. Recognize these as the three enemies I wrote about earlier.

It is interesting how these 3 items continue to raise their head throughout human history on this world.   Perhaps it is because they are the main issues of freedom and expression and the main interest of those who would take your freedom from you.

Long ago, it was predicted, there would come a time when these issues, which are purely human would need to be faced and dealt with.   They have become global issues and therefore effect every person on the planet in one way or another.  One thing is certain, humanity must find the truth of life and living. By this I mean, humanity must find and begin to use a system of living that honors all and gives to all an opportunity to express their ideas and inspirations and to live a life based on equality, dignity and intelligence.

Humanity is a family. This fact is respected and acted upon in most places in the world, especially in the 3rd world and 2nd world countries, however it appears the so called civilized nations have forgotten this and now favor a poor version of individualism.   (Individualism seems to be another way of saying, every person for themselves).

The concepts of civilization and humanity are not for or about some select few but apply to all people at all times in all places.

Civilization is about everyone, no exceptions.