The Divine Side

Many times at speaking engagements, both private and public people will ask me:  “Do your people, (does your race)  believe in God?”

My answer is always:  ”Of course we believe in God…  All Beings believe in God in some way.  It may not be the way you believe in God, and it certainly is not based on the religions you follow, but it is a true and real belief in God.”   “Would you like me to explain our belief?  Are you willing to listen to an explanation that may not be anything like your understanding?  Because if you can listen, without judgment or bias or opinion then I will tell you…  if you cannot do this then you are not ready to hear.”

Just as my understanding of the fabric,  nature and working of the universe is different then yours, so too is my understanding of God.   Along with what I will tell you I expect you will not like some of what I say but then I have seen a picture of Earth’s past history that you have not seen, even though it is available for you to see at any time.

To put this in the simplest and most direct way,  “We believe God is perfection and all of life IS perfect.   WE do not believe that one person is better or superior or Divinely different than any other person… all are created equal even if you and I do not understand how or in what way this may be possible.   God does not create imperfection or imperfectly.   All is as it should be even when we personally fail to understand how this can be.    We believe life is an experience in which we partake and contribute.   Our understanding of the Soul seems to be more complete then the information we have discovered about this here on Earth.   For example,  We believe the Soul creates the body but it also creates every experience the body will have, every person the body will meet, every event and experience is known and guided into our life.  Just as the DNA of the body is the program that unfolds the body over time, the soul is the DNA of life in the body and contains the program that defines all the events an individual life must have to complete itself.   Can this program be altered… yes, but only under certain circumstances.  Through us individually and collectively the God of the Universe expresses, experiences and creates for us., and everything it expresses, creates and experiences as an individual or a complete civilization is completely known to it…          I am saying, there is no outside of God… nothing is outside of God.”

In your Bible you can read where God is saying, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end, but without beginning or end”…  this statement seems mysterious to most people including your biblical scholars because your science and knowledge cannot explain it, yet it is a true statement if you understand the nature of the Universe.”   (In the ancient times here on Earth science and religion were taught as two sides of the same thing each proving the other.  It was your modern church that separated this knowledge into two opposing things… they should not be separate because religion is the invisible (metaphysical) side of the physical (science) universe.    God did not create a physical realm that operates differently from the spiritual realm.)

In our science the “Big Bang” never happened!   There was no explosion and certainly no bang…  sorry about that!    There was however a former universe (and it still exists) from which this present universe sprang, or grew out of.    The linage of life is infinite,eternal and complete.  This universe is a fractal, a  duplicate of the universe that came before it (of the universe that created this one), as that universe was a fractal of the universe before it, and so on infinitely.   Nothing has ended only expanded indefinitely…   If there was a beginning no one in this universe knows where or when that might have been.   

The science definition for Fractal is: A complex geometric pattern exhibitingself-similarity  in that small details of its structure viewed at any scale repeat elements of the overall pattern. (In other words a pattern or thing that duplicates itself endlessly).

It appears that what is, always was and always will be. 

You have heard the expression, God is Life.   In our understanding God is a Living Being…  in fact God is the only Living Being… the only life that is living!   We are all living expressions of that One Life.   Additionally we believe everything that exists, no matter how small or large is expressing that one Life.  From the smallest sub-atomic particles to the largest bodies of stars and planets and the galaxies…  everything that is…  is a living expression of the one life, no exceptions. 

It is written, “If you have the faith of a mustard seed you could say to that mountain go there and it would go.”   We have found again that most scholars cannot explain the meaning of this statement and certainly do not think of it as something actual… that you could tell a mountain to do something!   Yet this statement is once again true if you understand that the mountain is just as aware and just as Divine as you are.   Consciousness and intelligence does not reside in you and you alone.   Consciousness is the engine that drives the Universe.  Intelligence and knowledge are incorporated into consciousness.  

Ask yourself, where does knowledge come from?   Is intelligence a human trait only, or is it universal?  It was consciousness that created the brain not the brain that created consciousness or intelligence or knowledge.   Energy responds to consciousness.   Your present science is proving this fact.
The truth to life is rather simple.  If you believe only in the physical; in what you can see and touch and hear with your physical senses you are like a child standing outside the toy store.  From outside you can see a few things but you cannot see see the greater things that are simply not visible to you.   If you want to understand, if you want to see…  you must go inside!

In our understanding you can witness the Divine in all outside things, and you can know the Divine exists and to a small degree you can connect with it but that connection is limited… its like having a CB radio.  This radio has a few channels and limited range.

If you want to get somewhere you are going to have to get a better radio with greater range and lots more channels, and as it turns out you actually have something like that built into your very Being.   In fact if you knew how to use what you have you would know that there is no distance greater then you can reach.   Time and Space are in reality concepts designed for this physical realm, but this physical realm is only one of an infinite number of realms.   Your science is quickly becoming aware of this fact.

The ancient teachers taught humans how to meditate and pray.    Each form serves a different purpose.   Prayer is a supplication when you want to accomplish something specific in your life usually in the immediate realm, in this moment, like healing someone.

Meditation is a discipline that has long term effects and is meant to awaken the total person to the universe on all levels.  Many of the eastern “mystics” have practiced this form of enlightenment for thousands of years.

We are taught you cannot believe Life is infinite and also in death… as you understand these things life and death are opposites, in fact they cannot co-exist and in truth do not co-exist.   These words and the concepts they conjure and imply conflict head on with each other, and only one can be true.   Either Life is Eternal or it is not.   God is infinite, and God is Life, it follows that Life is infinite… and if life is infinite then there is no death and there are no dead.

Your belief is either in Life or in Death, it cannot be in both for both do not exist.   I will end this narrative by saying, “We believe there is No death and their are NO dead!  We acknowledge that what you call death is in reality “Change”.   It is an ending but only to the physical body and the physical properties.  The Soul that built the body does not end.   And the Spirit that lives and exists in and as everything does not end.

People have asked me if I believe in Destiny, as in a complete orderliness and a known reality and outcome for individuals and the universe in general.   My answer is yes!  To all things there is a time, a place and a reason… this could not be a fact without Destiny.  If, as you have learned, every grain of sand, every star in the sky every hair on your head is known, does it not make sense that your birth, your walk through life, the events of your life and eventually your departure from this world is not also known?   You did not come here to this place by any accident;  your life good or bad in our opinion is not an accident, and the moment of your leaving will not be an accident.   All of this bespeaks of destiny.   In God all things are known things!

As individuals we are free, and have what we call free will to move about in our life and our world, and it may appear that our course is wide and the road is broad.   What is not seen by the average person is what Life actually is.  From this place, Earth or the physical realm, everything appears to be solid and ordered and composed in specific ways that are regulated by certain “physical laws”… and this concept is accepted without argument or even serious consideration.  

Things like gravity, space, energy, atomic structure, atoms do exist but not in the way you have been taught.  The things around you, including yourself are not solid at all even though it appears to be so.   It is your wonderful brain that is working to put together the “information” it is constantly receiving…  information that gives form to energy, solidity to that which cannot be felt… smell, touch, taste sight, hearing… all are energy frequencies that your brain is giving forms to.   We have learned that the physical realm, the universe, is energy…  period.   How this energy operates is another story, but from our perspective it is more “metaphysical” then physical.

I can tell you the universe of “physical matter” is a grand illusion.   Eventually the scientists of Earth will begin to deal with the universal energy(s) in its true form.   The statement “not one Solid particle exists in all the Universe” may be hard for you to accept but it is the truth and soon your scientists will know it and prove it.   When this concept becomes a proven fact to your scientists you will see marvels in technology and transportation and I can tell you that this moment is closer then you may now believe.  Studies in the Quantum sciences have already determined that the only reality to physical life is to be found on the sub-atomic level… and on this level there is no time, space, form, or any of the things you think exist in the physical.  As one scientist has stated: “you have never touched anything in your life.. and you never will!”

When the universe is finally seen as total energy the next step will be understanding that this energy is alive and conscious…  in other words it is Living Energy.   Perhaps you think this is stretching the truth a bit but from my understanding the present view of the universe humanity holds is extremely limited. You literally don’t know what you are missing.

Your destiny is to learn what you are and express it perfectly.

To accomplish this knowledge and ability you have taken on certain role playing and slowly but most certainly you are gaining the understanding and experience that will eventually bring you to the moment of your own enlightenment in which “You will know, and know that you know”.   In life you will have journeyed from the place of innocence to the place of purity… you will be in the end what you were in the beginning but you will know it.”