The Fear of Punishment

As we move ever closer to the new age everything about the old age and the old paradigms will begin to die.   The old ways will not die willingly and they will not pass away easily.   In addition to it’s own resistance to change there are its human supporters…  people who will defend the old reality until death and are willing to kill all who oppose them and their old ways.   

There is also ages of disinformation (misinformation).  This is information that has come from ancient history, from ancient times, but it is construed (actually misconstrued) to be thought of as relevant today.   The western Bible is just such misinformation.  What it speaks about is not what most people in this time (now) understand… It also talks about events that are not specific to this time but were important and real events of the past.    The most damaging of all is the misinterpretation of the information and the pseudo-religious overtones placed on it by ignorant people.  

There is no doubt there were dangerous and enormous events in the distant past some were far greater then any we know in today’s world, with the exception of nuclear bombs and world wars.  To an uninformed and mostly ignorant population natural destructive events of great scale would seem as though their [version of] God was exacting some form of vengeance upon the Earth and the people for some unknown transgression…  when in fact no such thing, no such act of vengeance was being extracted.  

Today we have a similar situation being played out by people thinking similar thoughts about natural events they know nothing about…  and as in times past it is their fear speaking to them.    Once again we have an ignorant  population being fearful of a god they believe wants to extract some form of vengeance on them and the world.   The people of  the west have no understanding of the Bible or the stories it tells.   These people have believed a fear based religion for nearly 1800 years.   These people have been lied to and used for evil purposes… they have been kept in the darkness of ignorance for centuries.   Looking back across the ages I see gross misuse and abuse of the people by evil and greedy institutes from Kings to Popes, from nations to churches.   The people who have thought themselves to be “better than” the common people have used every vile and deceitful method to exact control and to enslave the masses…   And the worst part of this is that the exact same methods are still being used to control the people through Fear and Guilt and threat ofpunishment.

I am using the western Bible as an example of “Control by Fear of Punishment”.    Within this book there are many truths but it also contains many lies and both sets of facts are included deliberately.   The book presents opposing facts about a single subject… God.    On the one side it is claimed that God is the God of Love, perfect, pure of heart and Being, omnipresent, omnipotent  and all knowing…. and at the same time this exact same god is a god of hate, murder and vengeance; a being ready, willing and able to destroy the entire population of humanity if he does not get his way…   The truth here is that one of these gods is not the real god and the description of one of these gods is completely wrong!  Will the real god please stand up!    

I can use any of the other known religious books that now exist in the world and find the same opposing descriptions of god written into them…  and how amazing it is to discover that the reasons all of these books contain similar threatening  passages is to elicit the same response of Fear of Punishment….  Why is this?    

My simple question to humanity is:  ”Are we talking about “God” here or are we talking about natural events which the ignorance of Man cannot explain or understand? ”  Is the ignorance of humanity accusing God?  Or, is the bible, among several other books of this kind, being used to control humanity through Fear and Ignorance?    From my perspective I believe the Church and governments who claim to be separate entities and unrelated  to each other are in truth acting in accordance with each other for the exact same purpose and result in the human equation… “to Control the people through Fear of Punishment.”  

In the closing passages of the western Bible there are verses that proclaim the end of the world but before that day comes there will be an end to the church itself,  ”…the church that sits upon the seventh hill of Rome…  And great will be its fall for it is the whore of the Earth and has slept with every nation…”    As I said, this book is a controversy of facts… some truth some lies, but so intricately woven as to defy the thinking of the average person who would read it… and the passage I just quoted is the church describing its own perverse nature and its ultimate downfall and final destruction.    A self admitted reality.

Why, you may ask am I writing about this?  What is my purpose?   

At the beginning of this article I alluded to the coming new age and the destruction of the old age, the old ways and the old paradigms.   Mankind will never be free so long as he lives in Fear.  Fear of Punishment is the worst fear because it is the fear of an unknown retribution… the fear of an unknown force that will destroy humanity as a race or just the individual.  

This type of thinking and this type of threat used to control the actions of the population  can no longer be tolerated,  can no longer be allowed if Man is going to be free and able to move into the next level of Consciousness…  and the events that usher in the new energy, the uplifted consciousness, are moving quickly and coming upon us.  

It is certain not all people on the planet today will see the coming age for various reasons including their own inability to break from the old ways and the energies that have formed their personal lives…  for these people death will be a release and a new  chance of life in another time and another place.  

I know that many of you may not understand or even agree with this last paragraph yet I know it is true.  There are some religions even on this planet that know and accept that Life continues after the event known as death.   I understand this as a fact.   Life is continuous, unending, eternal, infinite…  these are the traits of the real God, as is Love without ending and without conditions or judgment.   There is NO God of vengeance, there is no god of cruelty who exacts punishment and death to keep humanity in line.  

The god of punishment is an insane creation of Man himself… it is of Man’s inhumanity to himself.    If you leave the god of cruelty, fear and punishment out of the Bible you will have a better understanding of what God actually is, and perhaps then when you look in the mirror in your bath or in the world you won’t be afraid of what you see or what you find.  

From where I stand in life, through my eyes, Mankind on this planet has suffered enough at its own hand and by its own ignorance.   You have forgotten who you are, and some may say, you never knew…  Life is unrelenting in its expression of perfection and Man is the conscious creation of that perfect expression.    It is time to put aside all that inhibits you in life and anything that binds you to any thought or notion of imperfection.   I know that humans have been taught and actually believe they have some unknown power to offend or harm God…  this is an egotistic notion that has no basis of reality except in the individual/personal thinking process.  

There is a physical and spiritual reality the church and science has failed to inform you of, a small fact that cannot be denied or altered…  simply stated, “YOU are not able to destroy even one particle of the smallest atom in existence, neither are you able to create even one particle…”  ”All that exists and all that can exist lives in this moment, and is here now.”  

You do not represent any type of a threat to this universe or the cosmology.   From a personal point of understanding, you were given, and it all resides within you, all the tools for your own enlightenment, growth, expression and gain.   You may see yourself as brilliant, as genius, as important… and all this you are.. but in the eyes of the universe in which you live and breathe and have your Being you are not different, you are not alone and you are not a threat…  nor are you capable of actual damage…

IF you could destroy something you would only succeed in destroying yourself because you are not separate from the universe.  You live in it and it lives in you.   Every atom, all the energy that exists around you [also] exists in you… You may not understand this fact yet, but in time you will .   You have no need to fear, no need to worry about life trying to harm you for your expression or experiences.   You are here to learn and experience and expression are your only means to this end .  

It is time to leave behind the old ways, the old life, the old paradigms that no longer serve you or this civilization.   Do not be afraid of the life that lays directly in your path… welcome it, embrace it, allow it.