Flying Saucers (Alien and Human)

The truth about flying Saucers (a term given to flying objects that skipped along like flat rocks or saucers bouncing off water) is, they have been around as long as mankind has existed on this planet.   And even though we have several versions of our own (secretly of course) all are alien by design and origin. 

No one can say when the first saucers showed up in history but it is reasonable to suspect these machines and their operators reach back into the most ancient human history.   There are cave drawings of such ships and aliens and the old masters included them in some of their paintings including some of the religious paintings.   Ancient Egypt has drawings of saucer shaped ships.   And if you look around the planet among the various nations and cultures you will find flying saucers.   This type of craft is not new to humanity… and in truth Flying saucers are not a new event. 

It was the Germans prior to WWI that began to seek the information that would lead to the technology and development of anti-gravity ships (Flying Saucers).  Early in the last century there were several secret and metaphysical groups existing in Germany and if you follow the history of the Third Reich you can see their fascination with such groups for their information content and interstellar connections, and the military’s out right interest in developing such machines for military purposes and exploration into space.  

Around the turn of the last century (1900) there were three major groups or societies present in Germany.  These were considered secret societies because of their metaphysical association and information.   The three groups were the Vril Society, the Thule society and the Black Sun society.  There were others but these three are the ones of interest to us in this narrative. 

The Vril Society was the most responsible for bringing in the information about anti-gravity machines.  There was a young Austrian girl by the name of Maria Orsic who was adapt at Trance Channeling… in those days she would have been known as a “medium”.  She received information from a group of Beings who lived in the star system we call Aldeberen.  These Beings told Maria, through her writings, about a machine that required no physical fuel (gasoline, oil diesel etc) to operate.  The writings came in a form of ancient Sanskrit, which was also a ancient dialect of German.   Over time one of the main universities translated the writings and by 1918 a crude but useful proof of concept anti-gravity vehicle was assembled and flown… it was a disaster in truth but it provided some very valuable information to advance the project.

Austrian born Medium of Vril Society

Maria Orsic Austrian born Medium of Vril Society

When Hitler came into power, which was around 1928, he immediately showed a deep interest in these secret metaphysical societies (the three I named) and the information they contained.

History tells us that throughout the years prior to and during WWII the Nazi regime searched the world over for certain types of information.  Specifically the Nazi’s seemed interested in The Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail (or the Grail Cup) and the Spear of Longinnes (also known as the Spear of Destiny) and several other writings and documents which were considered to hold the secrets of the ages…  and finally, information about the Aryan bloodline…  (They wanted to trace the Aryan linage all the way back to the original alien inhabitants of this planet).   All of these objects and writings are considered proof of power and authority, that who ever holds or possess them can rule the world and however twisted this search may seem to the average person there have been many rulers over the centuries who sought to possess these same objects and information, and always for the same reasons.

Once the German government and military got involved the project escalated and of course had to be kept secret due to the nature of the technology and its development.   There were several versions of anti-gravity devices and ships that were developed throughout the war years and some were quite successful even to the point of being used to travel in space.  

In 1938 the Germans instituted a new project that would eventually prove to be very important.  The Germans had learned of an ancient legend and the possible home of old Atlantis.   It was located on the icy continent of Antarctica.  The Germans had procured several ancient maps including the Peri Reis Map which clearly shows the Continent of Antarctica without its ice covering… there are others.

The Peri Reis Map... drwn 150 years before Antarctica was discovered, and showing no ice covering...

The Peri Reis Map… drawn from other ancient maps, 150 years before Antarctica was discovered, and showing no ice covering…

A special ocean ship was built to explore that continent and establish a base of operations that could be kept secret.  The New base become known as “Base 211”,  it was also called “NeuSchwabenland”… and the ship was given a similar name.

The Germans had invested time, effort and a large amount of funds into developing New Science and Technology and after the war this fact was discovered much to the amazement of the US Military and US Government.   When the war ended and the secret technology was being discovered the US government captured what was left of the secret science projects and the scientists that had created these things.  Most of the scientists were brought back to America and given immunity and new lives in exchange for their knowledge and willingness to work for the United States on its own secret projects.   In 1947 one of several secret bases was created for the development and exploration of certain sciences and technology.  Area 51 in the Nevada desert was and still is one of these secret bases.   There are others inside and outside the nation.    Area 51 is located 92 miles due north of Las Vegas, Nevada in an area known as Groom Dry Lake on the Nellis Bombing and Testing Range.

Area 51 aka Groom Dry Lake

Area 51 aka Groom Dry Lake

Wright Patterson with a military UFO displaying.

Wright Patterson AFB Ohio, with a military UFO’s displaying.

My point in mentioning all of this is to illustrate the fact that in the last century Germany and later the United States government possessed anti-gravity technology and thus Flying Saucers…  Yes, the US military does have and does operate ships that employ the use of anti-gravity technology.   Keep this fact in mind because at a later time you will learn how this technology has been and will be used against humanity for purposes of human control and enslavement.  Very little is different about the German military of WWII and United States government of today. 

It is known that before the end of WWII the Nazi’s had developed at least eight versions of the new type of anti-gravity ships, (the Vril Jager and Hannebu series) the largest and best were called “Hannebu” series.  Some of the smaller versions were actually mounted with cannons and a type of laser weapon system. 

As the 2nd World War was ending, in the final months, Germany was prepared to take a certain amount of loyal Officers, scientists and new technology to the Antarctic base.    It was later discovered that at least 100 new type submarines  (submarines fitted with breathing snorkels which allowed them to travel great distances without emerging on the surface for fresh air or to recharge their batteries) had escaped and disappeared from Germany.  

Maria Orsic had given one final message to all her loyal followers that basically said, no one is staying, all are leaving… and to this day no one has ever seen or heard of her again.

As an additional note I must say here that the “Hannabu III” series was an actual spaceship large enough to take many passengers and could easily travel in space.,   Some reports said it could travel in interstellar space, which means it could travel to distant stars.

This drawing is acurate to the extent of Image ans size of the Hannebu III which was later reported to be able to operate in deep Space.

This drawing is accurate to the extent of Image and size of the Hannebu III which was later reported to be able to operate in deep Space.

The Russian military has no reasons to hide information from the American people and if you follow along in the video below, it would be better if you understand Russian… you will see much of what I have already explained coming from their (Russia) records about the events during and after WWII:

We do know from history that in the early years following the close of WWII the United States launched a new offensive that turned out badly for them…  the guise for this mission was exploratory in nature… the mission was “Operation High Jump” and publicly it was said to be an exploration of Antarctica… it was in truth a military operation to capture the remaining Nazi’s that had fled to the icy continent.   Admiral Bird was leading the parade (armada), which consisted of three Naval battle groups, (a total of 4,000 men) which departed Norfolk, VA, on 2 December 1946. They were led by Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s command ship, the ice-breaker “Northwind,” and consisted of the catapult ship “Pine Island,” the destroyer “Brownsen,” the aircraft-carrier “Philippines Sea,” the U.S. submarine “Sennet,” two support vessels “Yankee” and “Merrick,” and two tankers “Canisted” and “Capacan,” the destroyer “Henderson” and a floatplane ship “Currituck.”

This is one invasion the US military will not openly discuss mainly because it failed as a mission and ships and men were lost under “unusual” circumstances.

On 5 March, 1947 the “El Mercurio” newspaper of Santiago, Chile, had a headline article “On Board the Mount Olympus on the High Seas” which quoted Byrd in an interview with Lee van Atta:

“Adm. Byrd declared today that it was imperative for the United States to initiate immediate defense measures against hostile regions. Furthermore, Byrd stated that he “didn’t want to frighten anyone unduly” but that it was “a bitter reality that in case of a new war the continental United States would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible speeds”.

Interestingly, not long before he made these comments, the Admiral had recommended defense bases at the North Pole

Who was the enemy that flew these flying objects? Germany had apparently been defeated, and there was no evidence that the new emerging enemy, Russia had such superior technologies.   Like the United States, Russia was only at the very beginning of the “rocket age”, and totally dependent upon technology, and expertise captured from Germany at the end of the War.

There was no other known threat that could account for the United States’ invasion of Antarctica, nor for the development of any craft that could “fly from Pole to pole with incredible speeds”.

This depiction clearly shows the intent of the German forces in the Antarctic region and what Operation High Jump faced.

This depiction clearly shows the intent of the German forces in the Antarctic region and what Operation High Jump faced.

Base 211

Base 211

All of this information fits perfectly into the known facts about the German Flying Saucer projects.
Many years latter a certain famous German rocket scientist, the head of the US rocket programs (Werhner Von Braun) said when asked about the earlier science of the Third Reich, anti-magnetic machines and anti gravity machines:  “We had help, he said…from Them (pointing upward).

Von Braun at NASA (actually it was NASA in those days).

Von Braun at NASA (actually it was CASA in those days).

What is important here and now is to note what happened to all that anti gravity science and information that was taken from Germany, including the many scientists that were captured at the end of that war…  Where exactly did it all go?  Specifically it went to two places.  Wright Patterson AFB in Ohio and the super secret Area 51 assembly and testing base in Nevada.  The German scientists were brought to America and given new lives and new jobs in the government working in secret and other national military projects usually around the development of rockets, missiles and anti-gravity technology (the development of American Flying Saucers).  “Operation  Paper Clip” was the machine that naturalized the German scientists and gave them new lives.  

It is essential to say here that the US government for its own clandestine reasons has had a program of denial about anything UFO since 1947.   The denial is there to stop any implication that they have contact with aliens and the use of alien technology.  This was the only way to screen and develop the technology and conduct the secret meetings with aliens.   And yes, there has been secret meetings with alien groups since the early 1930’s and from time to time some of that information leaks out onto the public stage but due to the years of heavy ridicule and embarrassment of our citizens it is doubted or seen as fiction, which is exactly what the government wants the people to think.

Hollywood has even made a few movies about this intervention with alien groups…  recall the movie “Close Encounters” … it was more real then most of the people in this nation suspect.

Additionally much of the present technology being used and available in our society is alien based unless you actually think all of this advanced technology was developed since the horse and buggy days of WWII.   

If you read some of the other articles on this website (Ancient Aliens) then you already know I was raised by aliens… they were not only my teachers but my family as well.   I mention this fact only because I have certain knowledge about aliens and their technology that most humans do not.  Additionally while I cannot (am not allowed to say) tell you all I am willing to tell you I have a certain connection to the events and people described above.   When I was 17 years old I received an envelope that contained only one thing, a postage stamp with a picture of the Antarctic and a marking in ink drawn upon it. 

I still have that stamp… and the marking on the stamp identifies the location of “Neuschwabenland”, the German Base 211.  At other times in my later life I have had direct contact with “aliens” that knew me well and spoke in German and certainly looked Germanic. 

Antarctica as seen from Space...NeuSchwabenland is at the top of the image

Antarctica as seen from Space…NeuSchwabenland is at the top of the image

New Schwabenland Ship

New Schwabenland Ship

The US government/military has been testing various models of UFO type machines for several years and many of the machines the common people see are human built not alien.    I will share a fact with you about these machines… early on we lost a few human pilots because they simply did not know how to operate the machine…  and although you might find it hard to believe at first, the US government did employ certain aliens to give “driving lessons” to human pilots.  Once the skills were acquired and officially noted it was easy to retain or train other human pilots.  Another side of the technology we see displayed on Earth is the Stealth shapes and materials being used to build the new airplanes and other vehicles…  Most of this technology is alien in origin.  I know this because I was privileged to see much of it before it existed on this planet.

If you happen to be in close proximity to an anti-gravity machine (UFO) that is operating or turned on so to speak even if it is sitting on the ground there are certain things you will probably encounter as a by product of the energy being used by the machine… among these is distortion of all electro-magnetic devices that are not specifically protected…  If you have a cell phone that tells you the time you may notice the time values become completely upset and you may also notice the clock resetting itself and can become off by several minutes to several hours.   If you are sensitive you may feel dizzy or light headed even disoriented.  I have known of people to pass out in the presence of such machines due to the energy.  

And one of the phenomenons associated with observing such machines is that many people simply cannot see them, not as they are operating.   These machines operate at very high frequencies and just as most humans cannot hear the pitch of a dog whistle so it is that some, many actually, cannot “see” an image or a thing operating in that spectrum of light range.   This is one of the main reasons that everyone in a crowd of people observing a UFO cannot attest to having seen one at all.  There is yet another reason that is psychological in nature which prevents some people from seeing a UFO no mater how close or distant it might be from them… This reason is known as “conception” or “perceptual blindness” , that is, if a person cannot conceive of a thing it may not exist for them until they are retrained and reeducated, convinced as it were to see such things as a UFO.  

Magellan experienced this phenomenon when he landed on certain islands in the south Pacific Ocean…  although the islands were populated the only people that greeted the Captain and his crew at first were the priests or medicine people of the tribe…  later it was explained to the Captain that the common people could see the boats that landed but not the great ships at anchor until the priests convinced the people that the ships actually existed and were there and began to describe what the ships looked like… 

Captain Cook also experienced this reaction from the native people when he landed on the continent of Australia the first time. 

In this modern world we still have people who do not believe in UFO’s and their main complaint is that they have not “seen” one…  I hear that complaint all the time from people everywhere.

To this end I am supplying several photos and drawings of UFO type ships and other ships you have not seen in the atmosphere of this planet…

One final thought concerns the “Disclosure Project” you may have heard about it in recent times.   It is a project aimed at making the government admit to its connection to UFO type machines and Alien contact.  

Officially the government cannot at this point admit to having such an affair because as I stated earlier it would be far more then embarrassing to admit to this level and type of engagement.   The people already know the truth and we do not need the government to admit to anything so long as they stay away from undermining the evidence that is available and can be presented, and this is an amount far greater then most people suspect.  Will the truth come out… yes!

 Some of the best photographs taken are from people who, for obvious reasons, are usually being discredited as fakes… but then this statement is the ONLY statement the US government can make.. its the normal discrediting remarks made so when I see these it makes me feel I should take a closer look to see why the government would like me to think these photos are fake.  


Paul Villa took this photos near Socorro NM in 1963...I personally know this ship is real.

Paul Villa took this photos near Socorro NM in 1963…I personally know this ship is real.

Same ship coming into view

Same ship coming into view

Earlier photos coming into the atmosphere and slowing

 I recall as a young man seeing these photographs by Paul Villa when they appeared in the Phoenix Gazette for one day.

Billy Meiers of Sweden took many hundreds of photographs of various types and styles of UFO’s.  Yes the voices did try to discredit him many times, none were truly successful.  I find it interesting how some people are so afraid of the truth that they will say and do anything to disrupt the truth.    Wendelle Stevens was a Retired Lt Colonel USAF (he has recently passed away) and he was a friend of mine…  we flew together as friends when he would come up from Tucson, Arizona where he lived for many years..  Wendelle was an avid researcher of UFO sightings, technology and personal experiences.   He actively remained a UFO researcher for more the 54 years.   Among the most famous of the cases he researched and investigated was the Billy Meier material…  Wendelle considered this material to be authentic!    Here are just a sample of the photographs in the Billy Meier collection:

A BeamShip at close range.

A BeamShip at close range.

Another angle of sight

Another angle of sight



 There is one more ship I would like to share with you.  It is one I saw many years ago.  You may be surprised to learn not all UFO’s are round or flat like a saucer.  Other races of Beings have evolved their own technology which obviously can be very different then any other race of Beings.   In this case the Beings were bird like and their ships reflected that understanding.   Altogether I saw 6 different ships (styles) over a period of time.   If you go far enough back into the ancient history of Egypt which was a surviving segment of ancient Atlantis you will find bird like Beings among the drawings… these were not symbols but were actual Beings.

One of six Bird like ships in my collection.

One of six Bird like ships in my collection.