It Takes a Village…

There is a very old saying among the indigenous people of Earth and it is true for all humanity: “It takes a village to raise a child!”
Since the earliest moments of human history you have been told by the many teachers that of all the things you will need in this world the greatest thing to learn is that you need each other. Like it or not from the human side and the Spirit side of life you are all brothers and sisters.  You live together on this planet, you die together, and together you will achieve and succeed as a species and as a civilization.  The entire future of humanity is in your hands in this present moment, even if you don’t know it or even if you don’t know what this means.   If you will join together and utilize the knowledge and skills of each other you will succeed and you will excel.

So many people ask me if my race (alien) of Beings will intervene and save the world.   Yes, we could do that and as I have said in the past, we will to some degree do that if the situation on Earth demands it, but for this moment, in spite of all the seeming turmoil, corruption, greed and the struggle for power and personal control the single lesson of life, the single lesson that will turn everything around is to look at each other and know without doubt you need each other, you must learn to rely on each other, and when you fully accept this fact, and begin to work with each other and for each other the problems in this world will vanish in the twinkling of an eye.   You won’t need us… you won’t need me!

Because you do not really know what you are asking when you ask us to help you I will give you a very specific verbal picture:
We are willing to help you to establish working systems of government, economics, production and distribution, communications, technology usage, systems for healthy living, housing, medicine, education and personal expression and more.

What we will ask in return is that you (each and every one of you) begin to accept responsibility for your thoughts, emotions and physical actions.  You must put away your seeming differences, most of these are no more then prejudice, ignorance and arrogance.  Blue eyes are no better then brown eyes, the color of your skin is not an indicator of your superiority or inferiority, your choice of religion is a personal choice and nothing else; from our place in the universe we see there is only one God and an infinite variety methods and beliefs about God

There is no sin in religion except when you use it as a form of superiority and the excuse to hide behind it and otherwise avoid taking responsibility for your own words and actions… and your religion is NOT better then any other religion and you cannot prove it is.

You must understand that we do not and we will not tolerate deception of any kind!  In any and all interactions (Dealings) with our race we will exact a very rigid stance, not allowing for illegal, immoral or unjustified activity.

The global armies and various armed forces that today exist will be reduced to “defensive” status only, no aggressive activity, no preemptive actions.   We will not allow atomic or nuclear weapons of any kind.   The many weapons stockpiles on this planet will be rendered neutral and harmless, no exceptions.  We will not allow corporations to act illegally in respect to the property of people and nations… Armies will no longer be used to gain what diplomacy cannot.
No missiles or rockets will be allowed except those used for space exploration, satellite launch and recovery, and scientific probes and machinery.
We will disassemble all bases used for secret projects. And we will dissolve all government agencies whose purpose it it to spy upon the people and nations.
Fossil fuels will no longer be used on the planet.  There are several alternative fuels available for use already existing on the planet.
All chemical chemical or aerosol spraying of the atmosphere will cease, and no further destruction of the land, oceans, air or ozone layer will be allowed.

Human Rights and Responsibility will become the basis of the new laws of the land, this will include the Right to own and use property, both real and personal without government taxation; the Right of Personal (human) Sovereignty, the Right to free education at all levels, the Right to free medical diagnosis and treatment, the Right of care for the needy and indigent.   And finally we will develop a program where by there is no shortage of healthy and nutritious foods.

We know this planet can easily feed more then 25 billion people if the natural resources are managed correctly. Economics and politics will no longer be allowed to determine who eats, when and what.
Clean fresh water can and will be supplied to all people on the planet, no chemicals or pharmaceuticals will be injected.

Our technology will be used to create natural environments for the planting of crops. The natural nutrition of the soil including its native minerals and PH factors will be returned.   We are willing to teach new skills to produce greater harvests and natural abundance.

Over time the great metropolis’s will disappear from the surface of the planet being wholly moved to safe places within the mantle of the Earth, (there are many physical and scientific reasons for this move).   The surface of the planet will be reformed to accommodate recreation, agriculture, health, sports and scientific study.   I know all of this may sound restrictive but in truth the result will be much less restrictive then it is now.

The indigenous people who wish to return to village or tribal life styles will be allowed to return to the earth.

The Earth is a beautiful world and I am certain you would like to see it returned to its natural state: fragrant land filled with vegetation of every type, clean oceans with abundant fish, clean and energized air… And yes humanity is allowed to roam freely upon it… The planet only needs to be cared for and honored as itself.

We will work with humanity to create new paradigms of thinking and acting. New forms of education and exploration and examination will be introduced.  In our culture all levels of education are provided to all people free of any cost.   The result of free education is a free and clear mind capable of new thought and direction.   Society begins to take on new expressions and new ways and means of accomplishment when the minds of the children are free to grow and express in a natural, clean, energized and uninhibited environment.

Last but by no means the least, we will help to redesign the national governments; away from the forms of present day oligarchies and dictators.   A government of fair and equal representation is one that represents all of the people not just one or two segments.   In due course it will be possible to create and establish a United World Federation of the nations, quite literally a one world form of government not to control the people but to regulate the ebb and flow of production, distribution and laws and to represent the Earth in communications and interactions with other worlds.   To some these statements may sound like science fiction but they are not so far fetched or far away.   

The Earth and it’s population can be completely restructured within three generations and within seven generations the whole of society and the planet will be remade.   The past will disappear forever except in history books.   What we call a “village” is an all inclusive living environment that contains everything necessary to raise a child or a civilization.

Now the question is this, “Can anything like this actually happen… Can an intervention of this type, of this magnitude actually take place?”
Yes, all of this is quite possible.   There are many people on this planet that are working toward creating a better world.

As a side note I can say, if a viable solution to the problems of this world cannot be found here on this planet there is another planet that can be used for this purpose… (such a planet already exists and is known to us).
I am aware that many years ago (in the year 1992) a conversation took place aboard a starship high above the Earth.   It was foreseen, discussed and determined that a certain segment of the human population held the desire and had the ability to destroy a large portion of the global population… and, actually have plans to do this!

When it was determined that intervention might not be allowed by the powers that be an alternative solution was sought.   There are very high Beings that watch over the cosmos, some reside in this solar system and it was to these high Beings that the question fell: “what to do?”   They recommended an alternate planet be located and prepared to receive a small population of selected Humans… (Almost 2,000 years ago a man, a prophet, saw the possibilities of all these things happening and wrote it in a letter that was published in the Bible…  Today this event is known as the “Rapture” by the Christian community (although this word does not appear in the Bible.  The Rapture event by definition is part of a greater event called the Tribulation) and both of these events refer to the “End Times”.   I should add that no where in the Bible does it speak about the the details of the Rapture only that people will inexplicably disappear from the Earth.
I believe the Rapture event in the Bible and the events I have described on the locating and preparation of a new planet for a segment of humanity are in every way related.

It was necessary to cross both space and time once a new planet was found.   Three alien races converged upon a small planet in a nearby star system and began to terraform that world.   They also constructed seven rather large “cities” at various places on the planet.
I could tell you exact information about the planet and it’s location, but it is not allowed at this time. I can say that the planet is prepared and ready to receive its new population.

It is important to understand what was included in the decision when an alternate planet was to be chosen.

Simply said, those Beings who live on Earth who seek to destroy the greater human population will be left to their own devices and destiny.  They will turn on themselves when the object of their hatred is no longer within their reach.   Predictably they will find the solution to their madness or they will destroy themselves.

I began this article by stating, it takes a village to raise a child! The civilization of Humanity as a whole is like a village. Over time you have been taught to be an individual and you are, but the cells of your body are also individuals yet they form a perfect unified working Being (you).

It is our desire to see humanity succeed, to see you learn the lesson of needing each other, that you will all succeed and excel in every avenue of life.   I have said much in this article.