The opinions expressed here, within these articles, are mine.  I have viewed the Earth and its people for several decades.  I have also watched as the the elements of Good and Evil have lined up and as it seems, taken sides in the battle for Earth.  

Several years ago, unknown to most of humanity a “Line in the Sand” was drawn out by Higher Beings and although the line is symbolic the events that would, and did come forth would cause all humans to take a stand on one side of this line, or the other.  These are issues and actions humanity must take to improve itself; the human condition, or to live in denial of these issues and to turn away from the responsibility and fall into a state of poverty and destitution on a global scale.   The world of humanity is changing.   People are waking up to a new paradigm and to new hopes for their future.

I promised certain Beings that I would, for a period of time not interfere or in any way  intervene in human affairs.  That time has passed.  I have kept my promise but I will no longer remain quiet or distant.  There are issues that exist on this planet that must be addressed and corrected, and these include political and government corruption at the highest levels.   The ongoing deceit and deception by corporations and elected representatives is beyond anything every seen or known in the past history of this planet.   From one side of the human equation, Humanity is in danger of its own extermination and the harming of the planet itself.   The military of several nations is actively poisoning  the air, the water and the land and the general population with chemicals deliberately sprayed into the atmosphere via aerial bombardment on a daily basis.  In addition to this horrific situation the military’s seek to create new enemies by which they can practice their warfare skills and perfect their weapons of death and destruction.  

The economy of this world is in a shambles and getting worse, and the worst part of this situation is that it is deliberately created  and  due mostly to the illegal and immoral practices of the world bankers and the families that own these banks.   Health care in the major nations has become the planetary joke…  The debauchery of medical costs and inefficient practices is caused and promoted  almost solely by the major pharmaceutical industry thriving on the planet.  An industry that could offer actual cures  but instead offers partial remedies geared to promoting ever greater usage of drugs at ever increasing costs to the people.

As I mentioned early in this article, I will be addressing several issues including the ones I have already pointed out.

I will not be writing as the media writes… I do not offer pablum in the place of facts and I have no intention of being merciful in my opinion and observations.  Humanity needs to know what it has created or allowed in the world. 

The first issue I will explore and explain is the Hand of Tyranny that is gripping the world.  This hand has five (5) fingers:  Poverty, Hunger, Ignorance, Sickness and Confusion.  This is the working hand of the greatest evil mankind can face.. and he is facing it now!