Is Humanity a Young and Primitive Race

Looking out at the world in general, looking at the Human race on this planet causes me to wonder about its actual age and it’s state of evolution in the scale of life.
I ask myself these questions because on a daily basis I see examples, in what can only be considered ordinary life, of human actions and decisions that a wise and aware person probably would not make!

Over many years I came to realize several facts about myself and my relation to humanity. If you have already read some of the other articles on (this) Ancient Aliens website you may have discovered that my true nature is not entirely human. Beyond being a hybrid I am also a Changeling… This fact makes my relationship with humanity a unique one in many ways.

It would be fair to say my eyes are not my own… This means several things. I am looking at the world from many different eyes, from many different levels of life. I learned this fact as I grew up on this planet. I could, at times, see different aspects of life, of humans, of their society and systems for living… And how strange these systems seemed to me in light of knowing it could all be very different then it was and [now] is. I also knew other Beings were looking through my eyes at this world.   This sounds strange but it’s quite common practice among certain Beings. It’s how they learn about a society or a species without actually interfering! I also remembered as I grew that I was here to help, but part of that help would come from learning what humans are, what they were doing, how and why!
I have to say, it seemed obvious to me, from the beginning, that humanity was a rather new race, still fairly primitive and developing… but what exactly did that mean and was it a factor in determining what type of help could be and would be offered, and to what levels would this help be extended.

I was shown that other aliens were here trading their technology for certain biological information, and this trade was proving more harmful then good from both sides of that picture!
More technology was not the answer for humanity. If anything it might be helpful to slow the river of technology in favor of wisdom and understanding.

Evolution is mostly a statement of consciousness.  Someone looked at a round rock and thought they could create something that eventually became known as the wheel.. and so on.
The problems in the world do not require more electronics or more machinery, the problems were caused by and still are resident in the human thinking and the ability to know right from wrong… This may sound simple but the overwhelming facts of life on this planet prove that humanity does not actually know what is right or wrong or how to create and enforce the rules that make life useful, and truthful and livable for all.

Interestingly enough there are several written documents outlining what would be a fair and equatable system for living… Some of these documents are ancient some are rather old and some are relatively new but almost all of them outline similar systems for living in productive and peaceful societies. Almost all of them invoke fair and equitable Rights and Responsibilities for all the people.

One of the major problems now confronting almost every person on this planet emanates from a few people who [now] stand in authority and are trying their personal best to destroy these documents and the system for living these documents were meant to bring about.

There is a televised show titled “Star Trek” that is popular among the people and in this show there are displayed two sides of human nature and these are represented as two unlikely species; Humans and Klingons. The humans are portrayed as the more peaceful and intelligent Beings while the Klingons are the more aggressive and warlike and emotional species.   The Klingons would prefer all humans to just die and the Humans just want to get along! My point here is there is no need to go into space looking for these two races of Beings, Humans or the Klingons, because both species are alive and well right here on planet Earth and they both appear to be human looking although they are as unlike each other as two races can be.

The uniforms are the give away. As a rule of thumb, the more warlike and treacherous Beings wear the uniform of “suit and tie” and the more costly these items are the more treacherous the Being who wears them is.
Of course not all who were suit and tie are treacherous but it seems, as a uniform it is one to be aware of.
People will say this cannot be true, but think of it this way… Who will cause more harm to society, a man in the Middle East who is basically dwelling in a cave, maybe he is holding a rifle or even a small bomb… Or, the man who owns the bank who just foreclosed 1,000 homes illegally, or the people who just bought (as in purchased) a new senator to do their bidding, or the people who create false flag wars, fund all sides of the war and fatten their purse on human lives, poverty, starvation and misery… I believe You can see who is far more dangerous and who the “Klingons” really are!

“What” you ask does any of this have to do with the evolution of humanity?  The answers lie in the reasons and reasoning for this type of conduct. What is it that makes certain people believe they have the right to cheat and mistreat and abuse other people for any reason? This is what used to be called “Dog eat Dog mentality” and it is among the lowest forms of human thinking, yet it is common among business and certain segments of high society. It is also the trademark of Narcissism in the extreme.

Here are some facts for you to consider:
1) There is no natural anthropological explanation for the different races that presently exist on this planet, and each race has its own culture and morals and laws, it’s own version of God and its own version of its origin. Each race has a background that is nothing like the other races on this planet. As an example the Japanese people are nothing like Germans or native America trilbal people, or the Spaniards or the Negro people… yet all exist on this planet.
It is reasonable to consider that each of the many races races did not develope on this world and all at the same time. The theory of Divergent Evolution only works when a species does not know its own origin, and as I wrote earlier, most of the various species on this planet remember or recall or have specific stories about their origin or place of origin in the cosmos.

2) The Beings who are the chief cause of wars and strife on this planet are not natives of this planet. They are however doing what they evolved to and they display every trait and action of their original home world. Of course over the long time of their existence here they have intermixed with the other races but there is still a closed and elitist group of these Beings who hold on tenaciously to their roots…  And this small but powerful band of Beings are dangerous, ruthless, and without morals in every sense of human understanding. They have been known by many names but only recently have they begun to appear in pubic. It was always their thought and goal to be the power behind the thrown so to speak.
Because they have held, and still hold high stations of wealth and influence they have been able to create wars, economic institutions and laws, and openly coerce, usually through blackmail or threat, or both, various politicians including Presidents and Kings.

Why have I pointed this out? Because evolution is both internal and external.
Evolution of a species grows within the environment in which it lives.   A species not only evolves over time but from many factors that add to the formula including the purity, quality and energy in the air, the purity, quality and energy residing in the water, the land and food consumed, and the environment of education and training from parents through the entire society; conscious and subconscious interaction among the population and the overall synaptic consciousness of the developing race(s).   If you are happy and content and have been taught to be mentally, emotionally and physically creative and productive and all the people around you are of similar thoughts and actions you and your species will evolve along those lines.

At this time the enemies and detractors of humanity are the people and corporations and politicians and governments that promote fear, destruction and war (for any reason); those who create strife and hunger and sickness and ignorance and false economies and who preach and practice deception.   The very same people who poison the air, waters and the land with chemicals from above, the people who spy on you in the sanctity of your homes, the people who tell you about the terrorists that live in caves but are themselves the true terrorists of humanity, the people who claim to be superior in wealth and power but they have no moral fiber, they have no soul as such and their only pleasure appears to be inflicting pain and misery on the population.   These are the actual enemies of Man!

I know that under different circumstances, teachings and opportunities humanity would flourish. Human is a kindly race and in truth a peaceful race but because it is so young in its evolution it can be and has been negatively influenced and held back. I also believe this situation is being corrected by higher Being(s).

I truly anticipate that the very near future will see the quick and certain removal of the elitist group I have referred to, thus freeing mankind to seek and find its own innate and true path in life.   Additionally I believe from that which I have been taught there will be extra help to reset the human societies toward positive and realistic goals on every level of life.

To answer the initial question, Is Humanity a young and primitive race?
I believe it is. This does not mean anything is wrong.

Long ago I was taught to see humanity as a young race, just starting out in life so to speak… in need of guidance and direction as all races are in need of such things.  Young races make mistakes and sometimes foolish and dangerous ones.   Humanity is just such a race and is in the process of discovering what works and what does not… somethings are dangerous, like nuclear power, but with enough help it will surpass this phase and get beyond nuclear attraction.   There are many other sources of power in the universe, and things that explode are only one side of the universe.

Older races in the universe have learned, over time, to live together in real terms, not just tolerate each other. Additionally they have learned to support each other.  There is a line of script in the movie “Contact” where the main female character arrives on a distant planet and speaks with an alien for a few minutes… he stoops down and picks up some sand in his hand and says to Elle… “Of all the things we have discovered we learned that what we need most is each other”.
Humanity is here to learn this very same lesson…

We need each other and when that becomes a fact of our daily lives we will have taken a great step in our own evolution.