Rethinking the Universe

Nassim Haramein has it right! He alone has identified the real source of matter and energy as “Space” itself, or that which is called Space and also known scientifically as the “vacuum”, however in ancient times this was known as the “Etheric” realm (this name was given to this realm of life because the ancient people knew there was no such thing as empty space… We are surrounded and immersed in an infinite ocean of life matter).   Space, as it is presently regarded is empty and void and science has no real explanation for it.  Nassim Haramein is demonstrating and proving that regarding Space quite the opposite is true of it, it is neither void or empty and is the cause of Mass (the physical universe). Space represents 99.99999% of the known universe while physical matter is .00001% of the universe.
It is important to note here, The Physical sciences are based purely on measurements and observation of physical matter with little or no mention of the space (etheric) in which all physical metter resides. (It is important to note here that the original and actual definition of “Etheric” has been lost over the years. Modern science has not discovered the medium between nothing and something… Which is to say either a thing exists in the physical or it does not exist at all in their concept.) It is more then curious to me that scientists leave out of their observations and calculations the ocean of space and count as total only the physical parts/things which represent only the smallest fraction of the total reality. I use the word “ocean” because in this example the scientists are essentially counting only the fish while discounting the ocean the fish live in.
Most Humans think of themselves as flesh and blood alone, which in truth is the smallest part of the self… Look at the percentages I indicated above… These numbers don’t lie. The greatest part of yourself is the 99.99999% (space) which, from this side of life, is invisible to you. Another way of seeing this is the old metaphysical phrase: You are Spirit with a body not a body with a spirit!
The greatest spiritual teachers have told the people they have it (the information about the origin and existance and procedure of life) all backwards and it’s true, the greater part of humanity does have the wrong understanding, and has been given the wrong information about itself and the universe. And while the physical sciences can tell you volumes about how physical matter acts it cannot tell you where matter (mass) comes from (originates) or how it remains in existance here… It turns out that “mass” is a mystery to physical science. From my perspective I think most humans have, at this time, almost no knowledge of the reality or workings of the universe. It’s akin to saying, almost everything you know about the universe and life is wrong! Harsh but true.
The great spiritual teachers in the human civilization know full well the formula for releasing humanity from its bondage of ignorance. Yet this formula cannot be bestowed upon even one human Being because you all have free will to live in any manner, at any level of intelligence or ignorance, as you choose.
The actual knowledge that could and would set humanity free does exist and is present on this planet.
Around the year 1960 a great amount of hidden or secret information (both esoteric and technological) began to surface, becoming available to the general population… In many ways this event marked the beginning of the “New Age” of consciousness. If you research this timeline you will discover that from the 1960’s until the present date more knowledge and information has been revealed on all levels then has been revealed in all the history of humanity, with the exception of the Ancient Knowledge (pre deluge).
This information revolution will continue until humanity has reached a certain and specific level of knowledge and expression. This period of time will be like the second Renaissance of humanity. The first was the awakening from what has been called the Dark Ages… A 1,000 year period in which humanity was being denied information and knowledge mostly by the actions and over reaching influence of the church in Rome that wanted to be humanities new god.
As I have written in other articles this present time (now) period is the opening door to the incoming age and nothing and no one can stop it or prevent it, in fact if all goes as it has been predicted humanity can expect to see vast changes in the social, political and economic arenas. The power structure that presently exists will soon fail and fall away (the rumblings of this crash have already begun). The secret family’s that have been the power behind the throne, so to speak, will lose their power and may actually be removed from the Earth. There are ancient predictions about this time period that specifically indicate the removal of these people from the human civilization. Do not be fooled, these people will do all in their power to remain in power, in control even to the extent of starting a global war. They will attempt to pit humanity against itself while they remove themselves to their prepared underground bunkers and fortresses… There are more then 500 such bunkers on this planet already built and stocked in preparation of such a global war.
I specifically mention Nassim Haramein because as you will soon learn he is (or soon will become) a great voice in the wilderness of the present human civilization. There are many people in this world who would like to silence him because he is scientifically proving the reality of the invisible universe which has not been done up to this point. His information is not only scientific it is personal.. That is, you can use it and apply it to yourself and in so doing begin to discover the truth of your own nature and Being. Remember, most of the science information at present is based on physical calculations and observation, and nothing else! IF the universe and this world were only physical such science would be accurate but this is not the case. You have only to look (again) at the numbers to learn the undeniable truth.
You cannot say the fish in the ocean are real, but not the ocean itself, and in lay mans terms this is exactly what the physical scientists are doing. As a side note, when I was just a boy I was told that a day would come where science would prove the reality (and existance) of the invisible side of the universe.
I invite you to listen to or watch some of the videos created by Nassim Haramein as he relates information and facts about this ocean of unseen energy that surrounds and permeates all things including you, and how it relates to you on a personal level.
My personal intent here on this planet is and always has been to help the people to regain their true (and highest) state of consciousness and their innate ability to become and be intelligent to the extent each persons desires to be. It has been said by the Masters: “Know the truth and the truth will set you free!” You cannot at this level of accepted information or at this stage in the game know the truth by seeing only the most minute part of it. You are literally looking in the wrong direction. Again, the numbers verify the truth of what is known and seen presently. You have a choice which side of life you want to believe… The obvious and physical side is the least part of life… The .00001% of life. PS, this side of life is also referred to by the Spiritual teachers as the “illusion” partly because if this is the only side of life you know or see then you are living in a dream world and that is fine until you want the answer to questions this small world has no answers for.
No wonder people die off so soon… They associate themselves, their very cause for life with the least part of life while ignoring the part that actually gives them life and sustains life in every form known to humanity. The 99.99999% side of life is your power source and your personal connection to knowledge and wisdom, if you choose to ignore this side of life out of ignorance or by choice the results are the same… If you give up your power you have none to sustain your life! If you give up your source of knowledge and wisdom how will you know truth from lies or reality from fiction? I could write pages about the results of ignorance and the results of wisdom but what is most important for you is to understand that you alone choose the arena of life that is best for you. Either choice will bring lessons, rewards and knowledge… Results!
As I see this time period unfolding I believe life (the incoming higher level of consciousness) will greatly speed up bringing in a vibratory rate much higher, much faster then exists presently… It is this increase in the vibratory rate that will effect humanity the most… As I wrote in another article it is possible a great segment of humanity may not be able to keep up with this frequency increase without the proper training and instruction.
Let us look more at this ocean of energy Space is. The actual power, if we can refer to it as that, contained in even one atom proton is a number you may not believe, it is that big. As this energy has now been calculated we discover that size, infinitely small or infinitely large has no relevance in the equation. I know that humans look at everything in terms of time, distance and size but in the subatomic realm of energy these terms have no meaning. Life in these realms is “scaler” which means, the same power (energy) exists at all levels of the universe. The Sun is no more powerful then an atom, and an atom is no less powerful then the Sun.
There is a scientific equation for this but unless you are a physist it won’t mean anything. The universe is now being seen as a “fractal holograph” and this is by far a more consise and realistic view and understanding of the universe.
For those of you who might not know what I am referring to by these terms I will explain in more detail. Holographic images were first created using laser light on a glass plate, much like early photographs. A Holograph is a 3D image and much more. It was discovered many years ago that a holographic image can be broken into pieces of various sizes (like the breaking of a glass window pane) and each piece no matter the size will contain the entire 3D image as though it (the original image) had never been broken.
A “fractal” is any object that duplicates itself on any level of size from the infinitely small to the infinitely large (from atoms to super galaxies and beyond). A blade of grass is a fractal of the grass that created it. In this theory it is reasonable to think the universe we live in is just one of an infinite number of universes similar to this one that have existed, (and probably still exist), which gave birth to our present universe, just as our universe will or may already have given birth to other universes… It is called the infinite procession of life… And were you not told earlier that the universe is “infinite”, which means it has no beginning or end.
“Infinite” is only possible if the universe actually is a fractal/holograph. I suggest you look up these terms and study their meanings to gain a fuller understanding of what is being presented here.
If you look at the colorful symbol I use as my logo you may discover it to be a symbolic presentation of a fractal holograph.
Now let us discover why this information is important to you as a living conscious Being. In truth you are no different then the universe… You are made from its material and even though you know yourself to have consciousness and knowledge and life so does the universe… the universe is identical in all forms. In so many words you are a smaller version of the universe just as an atom is a smaller version of the universe. You too are “scaler” in nature.
The ancient masters knew the universe to be a living, conscious and intelligent Being… How is this any different then you?
People ask where does life, intelligence, knowledge and energy come from… The answer is, it comes from no where, it simply IS. You live in it and it lives in you! Obviously all of this must already exist. Mankind did not create any of it. The illusion is that all things must come from somewhere (somewhere else) but the truth is, there is no where else! You do not have to seek outside yourself for the answers to life, nor do you need to go somewhere to find or fulfill your life desires and dreams. Everything you need to fulfill your life is right here with you, inside you, waiting only to be recognized and expressed. I am only repeating information that has been given to humanity over and over for thousands of years.
I could easily point you to book after book, to ancient texts, to old mystery schools all of which will tell you exactly what I just did about yourself… And once in a while a human actually gets this knowledge and acts upon it and lives a successful life, and a few of these humans have written their own book or books about this information. In the words of the old masters, “As you believe so shall it be!”