As I see it: The Earth

As an alien you might think I could care less about humanity on this planet. Quite the opposite is true, I find that I care far more about individual humans and the entire race then most humans care about each other.
Caring is and always has been a trait of higher Beings. It’s not an ego statement just a fact. The higher the state of a Being the greater the capacity for good in general. So many people ask for the aliens to stop by and help to control what is transpiring on this planet. (This is a statement/request that presumes aliens or at least some of them are of higher consciousness and compassion and can actually help Earth humanity in benevolent ways).
Mankind is experiencing growing pains and is learning how to weed out the factions within it that have caused the most harm to the civilization. This is an internal argument going on within each individual and within the entire civilization. You can see it playing out all over the planet in every facet of humanity.  From the outside it looks like a war is taking place with all the trimmings. Man is a two sided creature; part alien and part animal. The animal is more beast but adds it great strength and the alien is a combination of angel and intellect.
Looking through my eyes at the world of humanity I see both greatness and despair. I see the ability to create a garden again or a wasteland of greed and hate and corruption… A seeming tug of war between the flesh and the Spirit. And even though you might think it an unfair situation the truth is we (aliens) cannot directly interfere with this process, no one can, and no one should… Unless the situation gets so far out of control that intervention becomes necessary.
If it matters to you I will say we have already taken steps to remove a segment of the population, if necessary, to a safe planet a few light years distant. If it matters to you, we have identified a segment of the human population that we have determined to be disruptor’s (the disruptor’s) within the civilization.
These particular Beings are not from the Earth, we have tracked their migration to this planet. We are aware of their origin and their activity’s prior to their arrival on Earth. Interestingly enough they proudly proclaim their “bloodline” and consider themselves to be the elite of this world, but they are neither elite or from this planet.  There is an old adage that applies here: You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.  The people I specifically refer to here are the problem!
They came here to this world to escape certain death on their own planet. They are in truth a war like people and can be quite ruthless. They seem to have no soul and constantly will create strife and take advantage of people they consider to be weak or passive.  They always seek political and economic positions from which they can control the population and they will create situations from time to time to kill off a certain amount of the people… they have been seen to create political situations that lead to open wars and from their vantage point they fund and arm both sides (all sides) to insure their power positions and wealth. All of this should sound very familiar to humanity having been exposed to it so many times in your history. The good news for humanity is that these people were given a time of “redemption” (a time set aside for them to create peace and harmony among their kind and among those people/Beings they associate with)… This they have not done. Their trail of blood and abuse and perversion leads all the way back to the moment and the place they first came to Earth. Although I could easily give the names of these people, I will not because it is not an essential fact. They know who they are, that is the only important fact here. They have no grace and no immunity and there is no place on or in this planet that will hide them. There money, position and belief of their power is irreverent and none of it will buy even one more moment of life for them. They are the Chaff among the Wheat!
One of my messages here is to inform the common people of the Earth that in the very near future there will be remarkable changes seen in the world of humanity. The old ways and the old paradigm is passing away even as I write these words.
Consider this, It was not the great meteor that struck the land that killed off the ancient dinosaurs… They were already mostly gone when the last ice age began. It was the change in the level of consciousness globally, the change in the life energy on and in this planet that eliminated those creatures. Their time of existence and expression had come and gone, the Earth was being made ready for new life and a new paradigm of consciousness and expression.
When the great meteor great did hit the Earth it was like a million atomic bombs exploding all around the world. After the initial shock wave came the fires followed by enormous clouds of smoke and dust filling the air for years which brought about the new ice age that lasted more then 46,000 years which ended 12,500 years ago in the great global deluge.
The scientists are wrong to think the entire planet was covered in a thick sheet of ice… The hemisphere north of the equator was mostly covered in ice but due to the axle tilt of the Earth the middle and southern portions were mostly clear of ice. At the time of the great flood (deluge) there were nearly 3.7 billion people alive and thriving on Earth including the great Atlantis civilization.
The history the Earth is quite different then is presently taught.
There have been many “visitors” that came to this small world.  Some have stayed and contributed to humanity and some came only to see what they could take.
Unfortunatelythe suffering of humanity is not yet over. As I mentioned earlier there is a segment of Beings within the present civilization, Beings who do not belong here… Beings whose only real thought process is to control humanity in a slave/master relationship by any evil or vial means. Eventually, as humanity wakes up these Beings will be eliminated one by one from the race, and this is what I meant when I wrote there will be no place on or in the Earth that will hide them. These Beings have incarnated in many of Earth’s past civilizations but always with the same agenda and intent to create a slave/master relationship with them being in charge of course. As I wrote earlier, they are always the “rulers” of the world… the would be kings… and they will say anything and do anything including murder and incite wars. These Beings have no soul as you may understand that term to mean.  They have no actual conscience; no regrets for their misguided actions and deeds, no remorse for the suffering they cause and no desire to make progressive changes of a positive nature on any level of life, personally or socially. I write all of this only that you can identify these Beings no matter what name they use, the color of their skin, their social standing, level of education etc..
“The enemy of man has many faces but the same identifying traits and agenda”. Long ago a wiser man then I said, “You will know them by their actions”. He was referring directly to all such Beings as these are, and the same Beings I am pointing toward.
A “Line in the Sand” has already been drawn. The events that have come forth since that moment have by design been such that every living person on this planet will choose which side of that line they belong on. When these events have all been fulfilled the Great Seals, one by one will be opened. The time of Man will be at hand, and each person having made their choices will stand in judgement of themselves. Can the events there after be changed? yes! What has not been understood about the opening of the Great Seals is that each Seal although it can bring severe results is also an opportunity for humanity to change its course thus preventing the next Seal from opening.
It is the old story of Moses telling the Pharaoh to “let my people go”. The many plagues and suffering was never necessary if the Pharaoh had allowed the people to simply go there way.
The many sufferings experienced were results of stubbornness and the unwillingness to change from a chosen course af action. I have often told people, when the Divine wants you to change He sends a feather to you but if you will not listen to a feather a train wreck can be provided.
Is there a point to all of this I have written here? Yes, in fact there are a few good points and a message. Point number one is: the future both immediate and distant will not be as the past was. The consciousness of and within this life and the environment on this planet IS changing and doing so very rapidly. The days literally have been shortened so that the calendar still seems to work while [in truth] certain energies and events are unfolding, behind the scenes, so to speak. You still have days, weeks, months and years but they are not the same days, weeks, months and years your parents or grand parents knew and experienced. And somewhere in your teachings it has been said, this can happen “in the twinkling of an eye… There will be a new heaven and a new Earth.” The real challenge will not be seen in the outer world until the final hour, but rather is seen and realized within you, as a change in thoughts and feelings and actions.
And yes there will be many people who cannot or will not make the necessary changes and it will appear they are lost to us… But I know that there is no death and there are no dead… There is however the necessity for change and the opportunity and facility for change. What will happen to the evil ones… They (it) will be eliminated from the race so that Man may indeed go on to higher realms and higher consciousness… Because the evil is without life, without a soul it is returned to the pot from which it was taken. Humanity has the ability and the inner desire to live without suffering, without poverty, without ignorance… And that step, that level of consciousness is the reality of the promise being extended to humanity in the coming New Age.
When I look into the eyes of present day humans I see a creature that is confused about this life and lost in the overwhelming lack of training and guidance. Man is a social creature and needs his own kind. Without specific injections of abuse and deliberate misinformation humanity will grow stronger and become a brilliant light in the cosmos. This will be in an atmosphere wherein humanity is creating a base for itself that is positive and progressive.
In the old paradigm (the one that is now fading away) there were 3 entities that were used to control the civilization, they are a Capitalism – Religion – Government.
It is important to note that these things were useful in their time but it is also essential to note that most of humanity has outgrown all 3 of these entities and further use of them can only diminish the advancement of the race and civilization.
All societies have a form of government but not in the forms nor engaging in the activities common to Earthly governments. These Earthly forms of governments are restrictive and abusive of their powers. Man was never meant to be herded like so much cattle and no man is the property of another. The future roll of governments on this planet will be one of administrative and constructive.
Religion as it is being taught and practiced on the greater part of Humanity has become and is unrealistic to say the least. To begin with it should be understood that no man can represent another before God. If a priest tells you he can or will intervene for you to God, he is telling you a lie.
While it is true we can and should pray for each other and to heal those who are sick but to make a confession to a man in a booth is absurd. You need to pray for yourself! Forgive yourself, determine to do better and not make the same mistakes and move on with your life.
There are in fact great spiritual teachers in life and on this planet, but none of them are your savior… you alone can and will do that for yourself. The old adage is, You can be taught about God but you must do the work.
The problems with capitalism should, by now be self evident. Among these problems are the great disparity; the monumental gap between those people who have amassed a great amount of money, the people who refer to themselves as the “elite” but have no understanding of what that term actually means in real life… and those who are considered to be the “common” people including those people who live on and survive on a very small portion of the worlds money supply.
In fact the disparity between these two ends of capitalism is so great that in terms of percentage it can be said 3% of the people own more then 97% of the worlds money. This means that 97% of the worlds people live on less then 3%of the available money. And the worst part of this situation includes the obvious fact that the so called elite have little or no interest in the state of humanity… They have the ability to change the world to become a paradise but their own personal lives are centered in a purely minimal (narcissistic) reality that forbids them from helping or in any way attempting to level the monetary playing field… They fear the possibility of creating a world that they cannot control or feel superior in.
The so called elite of the Earth are in truth the worst part of humanity… They are the problem not the solution and the world will be a better place when they have been removed from it which is at this moment an extremely good possibility.
Recall that I told you the fuel of the universe is consciousness and those creatures including human creatures that cannot willing change to meet the demands of this shift in consciousness will not survive to see the next paradigm… And all your personal money wealth, power and influence will not gain even one more second of life!
The truth to this universe is far, far different then humanity now knows it to be. In fact I could easily state that almost everything humanity now thinks it knows about the universe, life and existence is almost entirely wrong.
Consider that most of human science is based purely on physical observation and calculation. Recall that not long ago people were taught, and believed, the world was flat and you could fall off its edge into oblivion. For more then 1,000 years the church taught misinformation by the volumes including that the Earth at was the very center of the universe, the Sun and the stars rotated around the Earth… Some people called this theory “The Egocentric Universe” but the church called it the “Geocentric system” (or Ptolemaic System) the And the church was willing to murder anyone who opposed its information. So much of science on Earth is based on what you can see, touch, smell, hear and taste.
There is some good news I must tell you about all of this misinformation… Simply stated it is; there are people here and there among the human population that are seeing life and the universe as it truly is, and ever so slowly their knowledge and wisdom is beginning to penetrate the vial of imposed importance that surrounds physical scientists and the sciences they practice. Wise people are asking questions the old science cannot answer.
Wise people are making statements the old sciences cannot refute or dismiss. This is part of what I mean when I refer to the new consciousness and the new incoming paradigm. Yes there will be a period of seeming chaos as the bastions for the old way fight for the life they once knew.
We are witnessing the end of the Second Dinosaur Age!