The Truth is Coming

Until recent years the facts and actual information about the events that have shaped and effected the Earth and the ancient people and civilizations that have lived upon this planet has been a mystery and with only some small exceptions the truth has been unknown. I say, with some exceptions because there are places on this planet where the truth of humanity and the ancient events are known and this knowledge does exists however hidden or guarded it may be.

You were were never taught the truth by people who did not know the truth at the time. Today there are many sciences and many scientists whose job it is to research the records, in whatever form they exist, and obtain the facts, and because most of this research is done using public money (grants and such) the information by Right is and should be public information, available to and for any person interested in it.

In addition to the many new sciences that have sprung up in the past 130 years or so we have new ways and means (new methods and new technology and tools) at our disposal. For this reason it is essential to reexamine the older theories and assumptions and bring the evidence up to date. Archeology is one such field of science that can easily be reexamined when we consider the fact that 100 years ago this “science” was little more then grave robbing, and the museums vaults and private collections of the [discovered] artifacts are living proof of this statement.  (I can agree with public museums possessing the artifacts because the items are cataloged and studied and from this effort we are given a chance to look into the remote past to learn about our own history and progress through the ages. I do not agree with “private”collections of these artifacts. We have no way of knowing what item(s) are embodied in these collections, no way of knowing what historical content such collections hold, what secrets etc.).

There are many erroneous statements and theories about what has been found and what still exists and for this single reason we must reexamine and update the evidence to fit reality… Most independent researchers know from the existing evidence that the old statements about who built the Great Pyramid (as an example) and how, are false to the point of being ridiculous.  There are thousands of places on this planet where megalithic building has taken place and these structures still exist.
Experts in the field of geology and other sciences have examined these structures, including the great pyramid and the Sphinx and found them to be almost identical to each other in construction methods, engineering, materials used, orientation and many other facts…
To discover a few items half a world apart that seem identical can be considered coincidence but to discover thousands of such items all over the planet goes beyond anything even remotely coincidental. What we are seeing is deliberate and specific to a civilization that was global in its scope… and we have an enormous body of evidence, in fact we have a world full of evidence to support this theory.

The Cairo museum (as one example) is full of artifacts taken from various pyramid sites and other megalithic structures across Egypt. Many of these artifacts are made from stone that is harder then steel. These are highly polished, designed and perfectly engineered statues and pottery pieces and other artifacts that are not capable of being made with soft copper tools in use 4,000 years ago. And again, we today do not have the capability to reproduce these artifacts not even with our modern equipment and skills

. Another highly regarded megalithic building site in Egypt is the Osirion Temple at Abydos near Karnak. This temple is one of the oldest known in Egypt, in fact no one knows the actual date it was built. It was discovered buried under the sand and silt of the Nile river and although there is an amount of water seeping into it the structure is sound and a brilliant example of megalithic building.
The walls are made from a very hard form of granite, highly polished and perfectly fitted to each other, and some stones weigh in at 500 – 800 tons.
In this article the temple is just one more undeniable example of structures that exist all over the planet that we today cannot duplicate… modern man simply does not have the technology, equipment or the engineering skills!

The archeologists who insist soft copper tools shaped and carved the great blocks in the pyramid (more then 2,300,000 stones shaped and carved, plus statues and pottery we today with our modern technology cannot duplicate or match) are making irrational and scientifically unsupported statements.

Archeologists who continue to make such outrageous and unscientific claims need to go back to school and learn a lot more about nature, engineering, metallurgy, geology, architecture and reality in general… They seem to be living in a fantasy world, not this one.

Someone in the 1850’s might be able to make these high sounding but false statements; erroneous claims that the pyramid was built by slaves using copper tools and hauling these great blocks of 20, 40 and even 100 tons weight several miles and then assembling them into a group so fine as to be less then ¼ inch off center over a 13 acre square. This feat cannot be accomplished today. Several of the great blocks in the Kings Chamber weigh in access of 100 tons and were quarried over 500 miles away from the pyramid site.
To an otherwise ignorant population of the 1800’s these statements made by what was then considered learned people might have seemed real enough, but today we know these statements to be pure nonsense that simply “does not hold water” anymore. The average 12 year old child with an interest in Egypt has a better explanation for the ancient technology then the so called experts in archeology do.

I don’t like being so harsh on these self promoted experts but I see ego and arrogance instead of intelligence and fact trying to win the information war… The actual facts simply do not support the old worn out and baseless theories about the ancient world or the ancient civilizations or the ancient people that populated this planet and very obviously left empirical and indisputable evidence of their existence on every part of the globe.

It is time for modern science to wake up to reality and acknowledge the facts that are staring us all in the face. Stop making excuses for past theories of pure conjecture and ignorance.

There is a book you might like to look read through. It is updated quite often, more so in these past few years. It is titled: “Oopart”. The book concerns itself with artifacts that have been discovered on this planet that do not match any known facts pertaining to the human civilization or it’s history as it has been taught to exist.
Some of the items listed are simple, some are quite extensive but all are surprising, if not actually amazing. Add to this the research findings that are not publicly reported by government research teams and privately funded research. As a side note, I will be publishing to the website a short version of this book; examples you might be interested in viewing.

One such example is the publicly funded research by several nations is currently taking place on the small continent of Antarctica.

There are presently 17 – 20 nations doing very extensive research on Antarctica and although little or no public information has been or is forthcoming from these technical and scientific teams it is obvious that when so many nations invest billions upon billions of dollars into a project they must be gaining information and getting their money’s worth or they simply would not be there.
That the governments are secretive should be no surprise to anyone but what might surprise you is why they have chosen to be silent with public information.

In another article titled “To Early for Humanity” I explain that humanity has proven itself to be not ready for higher technology’s by using it’s greater technology discoveries for weapons of mass destruction and war.
This type of thinking is among the lowest and most base…. And shows itself to be unworthy of higher technology. That there has been intervention into human affairs and the civilization should by now be obvious to all who have looked at the current situation of technological development and application.
What is happening on Earth among those governments that do have access to this level of technology is equivalent to giving a small child a loaded gun with no instructions or guidance in its use.

It may seem like my claims about archeologists continuing to make false and misleading claims about the ancient artifacts and discoveries and the Beings that created them, and secret research  from governments and private organizations and the misuse of technology are not associated but they are, because all such abuse of authority, be it in the form of lies told outright or of facts and knowledge withheld from the public, is indicative of personalities who see themselves as superior and above the moral and physical laws of the land.
These people have determined that the common person is not intelligent enough to know the truth and not intelligent enough to deal with reality…

In 1960 the federal government knew it would soon be exploring space and sending probes and manned missions to the Moon and eventually to other planets…
This government went to the “Brookings Institute” and asked the question, “If we discover or encounter alien life forms or artifacts or technology should we tell the people, and if so what would be the results of this information?” (I have paraphrased the question but it is essentially the exact question that was asked).
The actual title of the report containing the questions I refer too is: “Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs”.
After more then a year of considering the question the Brookings Institute returned an extensive document that specifically said, Do Not tell the common people about anything alien you might encounter or discover, to do so would bring havoc and complete disruption to the entire human society…
Look at page 183 of the document titled: “The implications of a discovery of extraterrestrial life” (Brookings Institute).
Here is link to the actual report now displayed on Wikipedia:
Basically this report said, Humans are not ready to know this information! (Again I have paraphrased this information but it is almost exact to the meaning and intent of the Brookings Institute report).
And this report became the very foundation of everything NASA and the federal government did and still does to the citizens of this nation regarding anything and everything alien, no matter where it is found, in space, on the Moon, Mars or even upon the Earth.

I literally read in an online article this morning, “A new study finds that humans are Not ready to meet ET”. It does not get any more clear or specific then this folks… In the eyes of the government you are just not intelligent enough to make your own decisions, and they are actually telling you that they believe this about you!

Here is a brief video of President Obama telling a large group of people about the New World Order… Listen closely to his words and ask yourself if they are not almost exactly what I have described here:

Of course you realize that this means they will to continue to herd you and treat you like so much cattle… or “sheeple”.   In fact the Illuminati refer to you as “goyim” which is a Jewish word that translates to mean: anyone not Jewish, but in the Protocols of Zion it means “cattle – chattel – and owned property, as in, You are the owned property”! In English the use of the word “goy or Goyim” is offensive and controversial. Some writers will use the phrase or word “gentile” to indicate a non-Jew. If you want to learn more about what I have just referred to there is a book you might want to read: “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper.

Among the information you were never told about are the real enemies of humanity, a dangerous and ruthless breed that will say and do anything to serve their own kind and agenda and everyone outside there group is considered less then human and to be used to any extent without regard for those people and without regret for any harm or death and destruction that might occur. Each year the Bilderberger Group” meets somewhere in the world for 3 days to plan out the financial events for the coming 12 –24 months. Now all this sounds innocent enough until you consider the reasons they meet in the first place. These are the same people who believe the Earth is over populated and the human population, with the exception of themselves is too stupid to survive.
They literally have plans to murder 78 – 85% of the global population and intend to achieve their goal through starvation and imposed sickness and poverty. These people know that if they collapse the economy’s of the various nations and through fiet money raise the national debts so high it cannot be paid, and they foreclose on the nations it will insure the poor have no means of providing themselves with food, clothing, medicine, education and housing…

Do you think these so called elite respect you or care one wit for or about you? The answer is, no, they don’t care about you except as a source of revenue to their wealth, and fodder for the many wars they have created to kill you off. You are the soldiers who fight the wars they create… their children do not fight in these wars!

Now here is a secret about these “people” that I know you may have a hard time accepting, however this fact can be traced back to a specific event upon the Earth. These families consider themselves to be pure bred alien stock. They are extremely jealous of their bloodline and guard it and their history to every extent.  They literally are the Blue bloods!  Their linage has been traced back to their arrival on the Earth around 12,500 years ago, right after the great deluge and the melting of the northern hemisphere ice fields. In that global event nearly 87% of the Earth population died (approximately 3.7 billion people). After the waters receded into the Earth and withdrew from the bulk of the land it was seen by higher Beings that the Earth could be repopulated and space was held for 12segments or races of people to inhabit the world. The last two races to fill the spaces were the Hebrews and the Martins.

The Hebrews were a peaceful people but the Martins were aggressive and warlike, and they still are. The Martins are primarily the Aryan race (IndoEuropean) and although there was some conjecture that the Aryan race was a left over from Atlantis, this is not true.  They consider themselves to be a (the) perfect race, the master race! Go back to the early days of Hitler before WWII began. Hitler was intent upon creating the perfect race from the pure Aryan stock. And why did he refer to themselves as the Third Aryan Race… What were the First and Second Aryan Race’s about? (The ancient Hindu/Sanskrit texts say the Aryan race came to Earth from a nearby planet, the one we now call Mars).

At the end of WWII the Americans went into the various bunkers and industrial plants and labratory’s throughout Germany and Austria and found an enormous amount of technology they did not know existed… technology developed during the war by the Nazi’s.

There were also many scientists and technicians (the people who had developed the technology) and the United States government considered that these people would be useful to US interests… Under “Operation Paperclip” several hundred former Nazi scientists were given a new home, immunity for their past war crimes and new jobs within the US government.
One last item of interest was/is the formation (reformation) of the American army and other (US) armed forces, in the style of the Nazi military including the uniforms of the day. Look at the uniforms of your local metropolitan police, the SWAT teams etc..  It should remind you of the Nazi uniforms because it closely resembles them.

You only have to do a little research online to discover the hidden truth about the Aryan Race… Recall that I wrote earlier the Masters held two spaces open for new races on the Earth after the Deluge… the two races that arrived were the Hebrews (which later became the Jews) and the Martians (which later became the Aryan’s) and it is now a historical fact that the race considered “unworthy” by the Nazi’s was the Hebrews… coincidence? Probably not!

Look into the modern world (today) and determine for yourself who are these people who have created endless wars and why? The same people have created false economies and Fiet money (false, worthless money also know as Debt Money). Where do they live, where are their main bases of operation and what is their agenda and why do they hate Earth’s humanity so much?
Let’s address these questions.

Who are these people who have created endless war and why? Lets identify them and their main bases of operation.
There are three (3) City/States on this planet and all three fly exactly the same flag.
These city/states consider themselves to be sovereign and above the laws of the land (even above the laws of the nation in which they individually reside) and are not subject to any laws even the ones they make.
They are however the working body of a very sinister group of people, the same people I have described above. These people have various names including the Illuminati, the Cabal, the Elite etc..
The three city/states are: Washington DC – The City,(within London) -The Vatican in Rome. They fly the same flag to identify themselves as being connected and interwoven to the agenda they all have.
Washington DC represents the Military power of the world. The “City” in London is a one square mile area within the city of London and is the Financial power in the world (see Bank of England) and the Vatican in Rome is the Religious seat of the world. All three are the most corrupt, most perverse, most evil aspects of the Cabal that lives on this planet.

If you want to know who the real enemy’s of humanity are you only have to look at these three city/states. And if you want to know the names of the members you need only look at the roster of the UN (United Nations), The Council on Foreign Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the member/owners of the Central Banks (including the Federal Reserve Bank in America and the Bank of England) – and the Vatican.

You only have to look at the names of the most wealthy people in America and around the world to learn who these people are, and most of the English, French, Belgium, German, Italian and European royalty and aristocracy and several lessor known family’s are part of the global Cabal and the list is growing if not in actual family members at least in intent and activity (gang members). This group has become an oligarchy of evil on the planet. They continue to be a plague to everything decent about humanity.
However, their corruption, ego and arrogance will soon be there undoing, as it stands these traits are the unmistakeable identifier of them. Not long ago these family’s could and did operate in secrecy, no one really knew their names or how to find them. For centuries they were always satisfied to remain in the background but were the so called “power behind the thrown”. Today this has changed and their secrets are becoming less so with each passing day.
The world of humanity has changed and it is no longer possible to remain invisible. As the saying goes, you can run but you can’t hide!

Take notice of the “recognized” (declared and announced) enemies over the past 35 years. Notice how the wording is used to describe these enemies. It is always: “the war on drugs – the war on terrorism etc – the war on poverty etc.”. This list of publicly announced enemies was created to divert your attention away from the real enemies (the people who create and promote war). The chosen tools of these people are the tools that create poverty in all its forms, and there are many kinds of poverty: financial poverty is only one form, there is ignorance, the lack of education – starvation, the lack of food or nutrition – sickness, the lack of health and health services and medicine… There is also the lack of purpose and so on… Ghandi once said, “poverty is the worst form of cruelty!” And so it is.

Consider that a significant segment of the “Elite” or PTB (Powers That Be) are or have become psychopaths.  Who else would create a constant state of war and crime? Who else would seek to destroy the human race for any reason? Who else would create a system of economics that serves only one side of humanity, only one small segment of the populations, and who else would seek to create laws and government that support their malignant agendas?  Perhaps I should rephrase the questions to read, what [other] kind of Being would create, or want to create a constant state of war and crime?  What other kind of Being would make planes to destroy whole populations to fatten their bank accounts?   Certainly people who believe in this fashion are not sane people!

In fact and in truth War is a crime against all of humanity and those people who start and promote wars for any reason are criminals. Psychopaths are not generally stupid people, quite the contrary they are usually very intelligent but are twisted and maligned in their thinking. They are Intelligent people with no morality, no ethics or conscience, and some would say they are a people without a soul.

There are today many dictators and corrupt people of every color on this planet. And how interesting it is to see how these people all act the same, with the same agenda of self aggrandizement and an insane desire to control the world at any cost of money and human life. These people, if I could call them people, are the children and followers of something very evil in the universe.

I began this article with the title, “The Truth is Coming” and it is. Long ago it was seen and told by certain high Beings that the evil we see marching along so boldly would come to the surface within the human society. It was also said the people who embody this evil would achieve a temporary victory of sorts by occupying certain positions of influence and power, which they always seek. They will come to an end but not before all of their parts, all of their followers and all of their domain is known.

Some years ago, before the September 11 (9/11) incident in America I was told that a “line in the sand” would be established, and many global events, both real and imagined, both good and evil would come about and by them make all people take a stand on one side of this line or the other.
The (9/11) event was the beginning of the choices the people would make. There are still a few events left but in the end humanity will learn what this choice was all about and because some of the information relating to this coming event is contained in the western Bible I must say this [coming] event is both Biblical and historical.

We will all see the separation of the Wheat from the Chaff. One reason for this is because like the Chaff in the Wheat field it cannot be truly detected until the time of the harvest… Then and only then does the Chaff become visible and can be seen for what it is.

The corrupt ones (a type of people living among humanity) have always been with humanity but hidden among the population… We have reached the end of an age of a level of consciousness and now it is time to see what is real and what is false about humanity, or what has humanity learned during the age. Humanity is still in its growing stage, still an immature species and still innocent in many ways.

In this Present moment humanity has adopted technology as its new god but technology is not Spirituality and technology won’t solve the many problems in this world.

The Truth IS coming… (Actually, the truth is here and always has been with us).  The old political, economic and corporate ways will continue to erode until they cease to work at all. Independent of these issues another “system”for humanity will emerge.  A system more attuned to the needs and goals of Man and the planet. There is a hidden truth behind the curtain of present day humanity and however inconvenient it may be to those who seek to maintain the old ways for their own purposes (personal wealth and power) the technology to change this world, to release it from all bondage of fossil fuels, corrupt banking systems, false economies and corporate and government manipulation etc. does already exist and could be brought into everyday application in a matter of months. In other words, the world that humanity knows can change, for the better, in a very short time… It is being held back by a few greedy, power hungry wealthy old people (an oligarchy of corruption) who are afraid of change but who are marked for death if for no other reason then old age.
They will die and they will take nothing with them, and if we add up their contribution to this life it will be as though they never did exist.

There is no power on this Earth that can stop what is coming.  And considering what is, and what has been here for humanity over the past 12,500 years would you really want to keep things as they are?

The incoming (arriving) new level of consciousness will and does contain a much higher level of truth and understanding.  Humanity will have greater access to the universe, a greater knowledge base and less abuse of the world we live upon.  Consciousness and Love is the Light that the old masters referred to… it can be achieved on a personal level and as a civilization.  Darkness cannot exist in light.  Even the smallest light will extinguish the greatest amount of any darkness around it.   Your personal Light will express itself in three ways: As Love, as Wisdom and as Truth.