To Early for Humanity?

Among the spiritual community and leaders there is an observation about the present state of humanity in general, and I am inclined to agree with this observation to some degree.   Plainly said, there is the reality that humanity was given too much technology without the spiritual wisdom or understanding to actually use it. In other words human was given too much, to soon!

Earth Human is a rather new species by universal time.   And we know from history that the growth path of the original human was interfered with millennia ago by an alien race who may have meant well and had they remained on this planet would have been able to control the education and development of humanity teaching it the correct use and application of their (alien) technology and sciences… But they did not stay and the humans resorted to their own interpretation and use of the technology which is exactly where humanity is morally and ethically and scientifically today.

It is obvious when a race of Beings chooses to use its new technology first as weapons of war and proposed new methods of human and planetary destruction before benefiting the civilization it is part of something mentally and emotionally is out of balance within that race!

The answer to this evolutionary dilemma is not going to be where the aliens arrive and take back their technology, although I believe they could actually do this… But rather, upon their arrival they will limit the use of the existing technology pending the reeducation of humanity.   This step could be accomplished within seven (7) generations (approximately 150 Earth years) setting humanity back on the correct path.

The problem humanity is experiencing is within itself. The greater part of humanity is a hybrid creature, part animal and part alien. When this hybrid creature was first created it was designed from the animal side to be strong and capable of many long hours of hard labor.   The originators (or creators) of the new creature were intent on mining the planet primarily for its gold and anyone who has ever mined for a living will tell you it is some of the hardest and most physically demanding work.   But the new creature was also intelligent far beyond the original mental capacity of the natural animal creature that was selected.   This was the alien influence.

The new creature could be educated, could take instruction, could act without supervision if necessary and it was strong.

Presently it seems that unless a specific step (intervention) such as I have described is taken humanity stands at a strong juncture in its evolution and life path, one I might add that the bulk of humanity might not survive.

Long ago it was seen that hard times like these today would come upon humanity and the reasons for this have to do with the evolution of the species and which life path it is ready to take.   You may find it difficult to accept but the originators of this race deliberately left the planet for several reasons including the very real fact that at a certain stage in its growth humanity needed to “take the reins” into its own hands and from this action determine its direction and course of evolution.   Consider that so long as the ruling “gods” were here on the planet life was going to move along at a specific pace and in a specific course.   Their technology, wisdom, knowledge and instruction would insure this, but what would life be like without them…  Would the new race continue on, continue evolving along the lines that had been chosen and laid down for it, or would it go in another direction entirely? Higher Beings demanded an answer that only the new humanity could provide.   History shows that an early advanced group of [alien] Beings established a very precise civilization on planet Earth complete with laws and court system, advanced technology, many of the known sciences, building and engineering, agriculture, astronomy and much more.  

The early Pharaohs of Egypt were either pure aliens or actual descendants of the original alien race. They were proud and protective of their linage and in many cases enjoyed personal communications with the “gods”.

It is also true that after the great deluge of 12,500 years ago Egypt emerged as an offshoot survivor of the earlier Atlantian civilization.   Historians and archeologists have suspected that Egypt was a high civilization and has actually de-evolved over time to the much lower society it has become today.   This situation would only be possible under the events I have just described.

The question now stands, where is humanity on the scale of its own evolution? Has humanity advanced or fallen backward?

The answer to this question can be seen in the present day global condition and society including humanitys desires, intentions and goals.   It was known that to a certain extent without the presence of the gods there would be a recession in the overall evolution pattern but would it be permanent or temporary?

Looking at the political and economic condition of the world of this moment it is obvious the world military powers are being used to fight for and procure materials and products for large corporations who cannot gain what they desire through peaceful means (the oil industry, pharmaceuticals, land and minerals even the oceans and clean water).   This type of activity is clear and unmistakable evidence of low base thinking and the spiritually untrained mind.  The real question is, does this type of thinking apply to the entire Earthly human population or is it true only of a specific segment of the race?

In February, 2013 I gave a talk on Coast to Coast AM radio.  I spoke about “Changelings” and how this type of Being has been used within the human society to educate and uplift the race through genetics and knowledge.

I was asked by the radio show host (George Nooray) if the Changeling program would continue and the answer is, yes, the program is needed now more then ever! It is no mystery that new forms of “human” are showing up on the planet at this time.   In a very real sense humanity is involved in a battle with and within itself.  

Nature, if you wish to call it that is seeking a definitive answer to its human genetic problem.  

The two strand DNA program presently functioning in the human Being is proving to be at fault. What is being called for is a partial remake or restructuring of the Being.   Either more codes (pairs) are unlocked or another string or strand is attached to bring the race into a higher level of conscious reasoning and understanding.   This can be accomplished in a few ways. Over a long period of time a Set of “Parent Beings” or several sets can be placed within the civilization leading eventually to a genetic remake of the race. Or, new children can be implanted into the race, children who are genetically altered to have and express the new genetic code and/or strands.   This is and always has been the goal of the changeling program.   There are of course other methods but I won’t discuss them here.   The point is to bring humanity up to par in a level of consciousness befitting its station, its destiny and this planet.

Can this actually be done? Yes it can, quickly and efficiently too.

It may not appear, from this level of life, that higher Beings are interested in humanity but they are and this was the reason for humanity to learn to stand on its own and to become what ever it fashioned itself to be.   The ancient masters knew a time period was to be allowed (set aside) for humanity to develop in this way.   This is the way of all life.   A 2,000 year cycle was established and set aside for this purpose… this cycle or period is just ending.

That humanity has some things wrong or backward is to be expected up to a certain limit.   And while the original human creature is composed in part from a natural species I can tell you that creature was tribal but not warlike. What we are seeing today is the opposite of that creature.  These actions are not tribal but they are warlike and this fact indicates an intervention by yet another species.   In another article: “The Truth is Coming” I discuss at length what and who the “other” species is and how it came to exist on this planet and what can be done about the interruption it has caused.

Although they are being masked the tendency’s toward tribalism and village units are still inside the present day human.   Man is a social creature which explains why these traits still exist.  

The title of this article is: “To Early for Humanity” and the original intent was to point out that Earth humanity is really a wonderful creature but spiritually and mentally lacks the knowledge and wisdom to use higher technology even if he has the ability to back engineer it or copy it into existence. His ability to destroy himself and his planet is not a statement of wisdom or intelligence.   Many decades ago when Atomic power was discovered bombs were made and tested above ground in the Nevada desert (AEC Testing Grounds approximately 75 miles due north of Las Vegas).

After several tests during the 1950s it became necessary for certain alien groups to step in and call a meeting with the high politicians and military leaders in America.   A meeting did take place in February, 1954 involving the aliens I refer to and (then) President Dwight D. Eisenhower at what is today called Edwards AFB (it was Muroc AFB in those days).   Although history will not reveal the entire story there are many people still alive today who know it including a grand daughter.    I am at liberty to say the meeting concerned itself with the use of atomic power, as weapons… an idea that alarmed and displeased the aliens.  The alien groups offered to exchange certain technology in return for a non-use agreement.   To some extent the offer on both sides was accepted but not fully…  as the American Indians will tell you, the government will make a treaty but will not keep it!  

To insure that the use of atomic weapons were not used again, as they were on Japan which ended the Japanese involvement in WWII, several demonstrations were given over the next 12 years…  on 3 known occasions when atomic bombs were detonated above ground the atomic reaction was completely nullified by UFOs in the area.

Later in the 1960s there were certain missile/silo shut down events demonstrating the alien ability to completely nullify any and all attempts to launch a nuclear or atomic missile, for any reason.

You will of course not read about these events in the daily newspapers but there are several people who can and do tell the story of their personal involvement in these incidents!

It may be true that humanity has received too much to soon!   I point out here that technology is not Spirituality and technology won’t solve the many problems in this world by its misuse and lack of understanding.