The Ancient Sky

Present day humanity likes to fool itself into believing this human race, this society and civilization is the first of its kind on this planet…  This notion is completely wrong and in fact it was set forth by the Church of Rome in 325Ad at the First Ecumenical Council  (also known as the Council of Nicaea (also spelled Nicea) .  In those days the church was grabbing all the power and influence it could, setting itself up for the duration and creating a new religion based on concepts both old and new both sacred and profane… 

The point here is modern humanity is suffering from gross ignorance of the facts.  Through the years the church has claimed that the world was located at the center of the universe, which turned out to be wrong, it also has claimed the Earth to be no more then 5800 + years old, which is also wrong and while humanity may indeed be at the top of the food chain on this world he is by far not the most advanced he has ever been and there are mountains of evidence to support this statement.  

Today we have an entire league of learned men dedicated to preserving the ridiculous notion that the world is less then 6,000 years old and added to that crippled idea is the false information about the many structures, pyramids, various buildings and statues and intelligence that existed in ancient times.  

The present “history” of humanity is a hoax to say the very least about it.   It has been a known and used practice for centuries that the ruling tribe writes or rewrites history to fit its own purposes, and this fact is true of every so-called civilized nation on the planet today.  

The present governments of the world are practicing the methods of the Roman Church.. Keep the people ignorant and poor and they will stay under control…  and control of the masses has always been the motive of both church and government… When either of these institutes tell lies instead of telling you the truth, and when they collect alms or taxes to the extent of creating poverty they win and the people lose… 

You may ask why I have said all of this when the subject is about the ancient sky?   I said all of this because you deserve to know the truth even if it is a bit on the scary side.   Its not about conspiracy’s or the end of the world… that’s old news, and not even important anymore… but it is wise to know your enemies and their methods.

Independent Researchers and scientists are looking at a different set of facts then what is being passed around in the mainstream of science and the population.   There are many new and exciting tools available to people on many levels and there is the world wide Internet to broadcast the incoming information in several formats from writing to videos.   Using all of the available formats to inform and help to educate the people is becoming very popular and today it is possible to see and learn new information about the world and everything going on in it. 

In my articles I like to use many formats of information including photographs, videos and references if they are available.   I do this so that the average person can get a more complete mental and emotional “picture” and make their own personal decision about the information being presented. 

The Ancient Sky

New Solar System view

New Solar System view

Not too long ago the Sky above planet Earth was not as you see it today. 

Most of the planets were in very different positions and occupied different orbits then we see them in presently.  In fact the sky was completely different not more then 13.000 years ago and there is proof the last Ice age ended, and the ensuing Great Flood of Noah occurred about 12.500 years ago.  

There seems to be some mystery attached to the melting of the Ice and if the geologic record is being read correctly it appears the ice melted within 3 days.  The flood was of such magnitude that it was then, and is today considered to be an “Extinction Level Event”…  Simply said this flood could have wiped out all biological life (surface life) on the planet had it not been for intervention both Spiritual and Extraterrestrial.  

Prior to the ice melting there had been a covering of almost one mile of ice on most of the world…  when it all melted the levels of the oceans increased by more then 450 vertical feet.   Tidal waves, volcano’s, and earthquakes added to the event.  

Finally after several months to a few years the oceans subsided into the Earth, but not all the way back to the levels they once were.   The oceans remained high, reaching nearly 220 feet above what they had been before the epic flood.  

There is also a great amount of evidence that many land masses were moved, and some were completely buried under billions of tons of mud… the entire Sinai area is one such place (it is estimated that there are areas in the Sinai Peninsula where more then 2.000 feet of mud and silt now exists) there are many.   Whole coastal cities were drowned and remain so until this day.  Many researchers of ancient history now estimate that nearly 3.5 billion people died in that great flood.

With the use of new technology the and ground piercing radar the oceans near the existing shore lines, out to a depth of 250 vertical feet are being explored and the results are astounding…  we are finding ancient structures, roads, monuments and even whole cities, all now underwater but they were once, in the distant past coastal cities with thriving populations.

In my final article on “Atlantis Revisited” I explain how the continent that is now Antarctica was once located more then 2,000 miles north of where it now resides, in the pacific basin, and a smaller island located between North Africa and South America is gone entirely.  These two land masses were most likely the ancient civilization of Atlantis.   Atlantis and Lamuria were in fact the same civilization established in two different places as in the example of New York and London.     And we do know that when this global event occurred it knocked the Earth off its axis, tilting it to beyond 28 Degrees.   The Earth has, since that time, returned to an axis tilt of 18 degrees, but it still wobbles quite a bit. 

What exactly happened in those days no one can say with any certainty but from the ancient records that survived and those written after the fact it appears the planets were moved from their positions.   As strange as this may sound there is evidence from ancient records that the planets we see today did in fact occupy very different orbits and however it occurred there was at least one incident where planets collided and were pushed into their new orbits, but along the way there was great calamity and cataclysm.  .  

To begin to understand what actually happened and why, it is necessary to re-educate ourselves about the planets and their ability to move through space. 

The solar system Earth resides in is considered by most scientists to be a new system.   The Sun is very young and so are the planets.  This is not news since stars and planets are born and die on a regular basis.   To a human the life span of a planet or a star seems almost immortal but nothing of the kind is true.

Eventually the Sun will die and when it does it will most likely take the planets in the system with it.   But there is one more scenario to be considered in the life of planets and solar systems like ours.   This scenario deals with dissociated or marauding planets.  In other words, planets not associated with any Star.  Such planets as this may have been part of a solar system once but somehow became free and now move through the cosmos as a free agent.   Without a star to provide gravity and warmth and light the free planet is most likely a dead world, but that is not the whole truth, only one truth.  

In the ancient records of Sumar (now Iraq) it is written that there was and may still be a free planet roaming around the cosmos and visiting this solar system on a periodic basis, somewhere around every 13.000 years.   There is that number again “13.000”

This free roaming planet is actually mentioned in the western Bible and it has several names including “Wormwood, the Destroyer, Planet of the Passing and Nibiru”.   While there is no proof or evidence that the Earth itself was ever stuck by another planet we do know from the studies on gravity and plasma currents that it was not, and is not necessary for one planet to stick another to cause the extent of havoc Earth experienced.  Just a close pass would be enough.  There is evidence that Plasma exchanges (discharges)  did occur between Earth and at least two other passing planets… the same evidence is indicated on the planet Mars and Venus.   There are great canyons and serious scarring on all of these planets and the evidence produced in Plasma studies indicates that it is Plasma discharges that created these rips in the earth, or grand canyons on these planets.

If this planet is the one that started all the destruction that caused the other planets to move in their orbits, and melted the Ice on Earth then we can almost expect another incident of similar nature if it comes through the solar system and interacts once again with the existing planets.   As a side note, this warning about this planet is very prominent in the ancient writings, and from the details left to humanity this free planet is due to arrive in this solar system once again, and soon.   I believe the predicted year for its arrival, in our present calendar is about 2250 – 2315AD.

There are two videos I am recommending for you to view in order to better understand what the ancient people witnessed prior to the great flood.   There was for at least 2.000 years and more a wonderful display of Plasma discharges within the solar system and was seen both day and night.    

These planetary discharges were impressive to say the least and when we look at the history of ancient Egypt and others cultures we can easily see how these displays of energy effected the populations here on Earth.  

Michael Talbot and company did an excellent job of gathering information and then following up on it throughout the world.   The result, although by far not the final result was to create the videos I am recommending.   The Links to these videos can be found here in this article and also on the main website under the heading “Videos and More” (the Ancient Sky).  

The titles of these videos are:  “Symbols of an Alien Sky” and “Thunderbolts of the Gods”… both videos are by Michael Talbot and company.   (You can also locate these videos on the You Tube website under the titles named).



While most of this information presented here may be new to many people it is not new to most of the research scientists in the world.  In 1950 a Russian born scientist by the name Immanuel Velikovsky published a book that quickly became a best seller around the world. “Worlds in Collision”  tells the story of the planets in historic times colliding with each other.

Worlds in Collision (book)

Worlds in Collision (book)

Interestingly enough the scientific community tried to disavow the information written in the book.  And in total this book became an argument in the scientific community at large between those who support the church and governments (those who issue the paychecks) and those who are intelligent enough to know the facts when they are presented.  The idea is, just because you do not know a thing or know certain information does not, on the face of it, mean it is wrong.

Research and Investigation into the facts is necessary to prove or disprove any information, but to reject the facts because it does not fit into the paradigm of your church or government ideology is not the answer and not the means to know or learn the truth of a thing.   This is basically what I referred to at the very beginning of this article. 

As humanity develops more tools for research and uncovers more information that does not fit into the “accepted” ideas of today, there will be challenges and some very serious ones that will change the course of written, not necessarily proven history.   Humanity will prove itself to be far more then the church and prejudiced governments now claim…. This is the promise that lies ahead

In my next article I will be discussing the planet Saturn.  I believe I know some information that you may find surprising, and I know the ancient people knew information that modern humanity would find surprising concerning Saturn.