There is another side to me, a more personal side and things I do away from this website.  

To answer some of the questions in this area I have created the “Life Coaching” category.   Here you can learn about my interest and avocation to help people find their own answers and their own path in life..   If you wish to “Contact me”  there is an area for that.  You can also make comments or ask questions or make a request.    

You can find and purchase of copy of my book “Principles of Self Mastery” and you can even make a donation…  I always welcome people who do that.  

I offer a lot on this website and I do not attach a price to most of the information you can find here.  

If you are interested in retaining my service as a “Life Coach” there is a section here for that too, (There is a contact form within this section).     

Let me know how I can help you or be of service to you.