“Law of Attraction” versus “Law of Expression”

As I grew from boy to man I was pointed to certain books to read and study as part of my education, this included being taught by certain evolved Beings… The books were Spiritual (metaphysical) in nature and taught me about the “Sameness” of God and human.

In recent years, in the western societies, information about attracting what is desired instead of using pure labor to gain your desire has been coming forward.  This [new] information is titled “The Law(s) of Attraction”.  

From my knowledge some of the information presented is accurate, but some is not.   For example the term “Attraction” (as in the law of Attraction) is to me inaccurate.  In the lessons I received there is no such thing as “Attraction” because the very word indicates a separation between Man and the Universe.  

There is another universal law,  and while it may sound like semantics at play here there is a very real psychological and physiological difference in the application of it.  The Law I refer to is titled, “The Law of Expression“.

The difference here is how your desire is manifested, and in many cases it is the difference in weather or not the law actually works for you.

The Law of Attraction supposes that whatever you want will come to you, that it will manifest in your life from the universal substance.. (up to this point everything is correct), however this use of words also creates the thought that whatever you want is coming from a source outside of and away from you… as though it exists somewhere in the world, and like a magnet you are required to attract it to you which in time and enough use of your personal juices will bring it.

The “Law of Expression” places the desire and the appearance of what you desire directly within your responsibility and personal use, and the only thing you are changing is your personal perspective, you are changing what you think… “As you change your thoughts about a thing you change the thing itself“.

Consider this teaching from the great Master Jesus (as he is known in the western societies):

“It was the revelation that came to Jesus when the `heavens were opened unto him’ and he saw the wonderful “law of expression” whereby ideas conceived in the divine Mind come forth into expression and manifest as form.

So perfectly was this law of expression revealed to the Master that at once he saw all form may be transformed, or changed in form, through a change of consciousness in regard to it.   Read this again!    

His first temptation was to change the form of stones to that of bread to satisfy his personal hunger, but with the revelation of this law of expression came the true understanding that stones as well as all other visible forms have come forth from the Universal Mind Substance, (God), and are in themselves true expressions of Divine Mind… and all things desired, (not formed) are still in this Universal Mind Substance ready to be created or brought forth to fill every desire.  Thus, the need for bread but showed that the substance with which to create bread or any other needed thing is at hand without limitation and bread can be created from this substance just as well as stones can be created there from.   Every good desire man has is God’s desire; therefore, there is an unlimited supply in the Universal God Substance all about us to fill every desire.  All we need do is to learn to use what God has already created for us and this He wills to have us do that we may be free from every limitation and thus be `abundantly free.”

The more science learns about the true nature of the universe the more plastic the universe  becomes… by this I mean, the universe is NOT a solid immutable or unchangeable thing, in fact the exact opposite is true of it.

Try this one… “The Universe exists for you!”

What you know about the universe is exactly what you see… change what you know and the universe will change to accompany your thoughts…

I know how strange this must sound but the really strange part is that it works exactly this way and science is proving it.

Did you ever wonder what Jesus knew about the universe that you and I do not, or what did Sai Baba know about the universe that gave him the ability to manifest objects for people at will?

In my experience I know of many people who manifest what ever they require to live their daily life… it is a skill based on specific knowledge this much is certain but is this knowledge difficult to obtain, is it other worldly or unusual?   If we listen to those who can perform in this way the skills and knowledge are not at all difficult to learn… there is no trickery or magic involved… the entire process resides in your mind… specifically in your belief system… what you believe about the universe is true for you… change your beliefs and the universe will change to accommodate you.  

Remember you were trained from birth to think and act as you do, but you can change your mind and thus change the way the universe treats you and acts for you… “As you believe, so shall it be”… Consciousness is the key to it all. 

Consider these facts; scientists, through experiment, are discovering that the universe responds directly to thought!   It has now been proven several times in various experiments that the universal substance is “always a wave until it needs to be a particle.”   And how is this state determined?   By the observer.   The human person determines the state of universal substance, and the one quality all people have in common is their Consciousness… (their ability to think and have knowledge and the deliberate use of information to make decisions and take action).  

What is amazing to me is the level of ignorance that exists about this subject in western civilization. This information has been around virtually forever.   Jesus knew and taught it, and many other teachers have taught it… yet it is almost unknown in western society.

What is important is that the truth is coming forth and science among other avenues is the bringer of the news.   You were always told if you knew the truth it would set you free… and it will, in more ways then you now know about.