Human Thinking versus Spiritual Thinking

Throughout my lifetime I have read many spiritual based books. My personal research has taken me to places not totally known to the Human population, especially in western societies.

There is a book that is known world wide, it is the Holy Bible, and while it is a prominent fixture in western societies it seems to be little understood.

Most important within this bible are the words of the man Jesus…   acclaimed by the people to be the Son of God and a living master who came to this world to teach the reality of God to the people at large. And this he did for a number of years both in spoken word and in physical demonstration.   and few people are there that would deny this fact.

Among the many things Jesus spoke about and taught was the relationship all humans have with their God. And that relationship is what is most important here.

Throughout his journey upon this Earth Jesus demonstrated unusual talents and gifts.. He healed the sick and the injured, raised the dead, walked on water, converted water into fine wine, manifested food (fish and bread) for multitudes of people who gathered to hear him, and several other remarkable things.

In my studies I see that his message to the world of humanity is somewhat different then is being taught by modern churches, in fact it is very different then what is being taught today in the churches.

Following his own words it is obvious that what Jesus taught about the human and God relationship is almost opposite of that being taught today.

One of his most significant statements to all of humanity was and still is: “All these things I do so shall you do and even greater things then this will you do.”

In this single statement Jesus acknowledged several things about the human and the human condition including the remarkable power held by each human, the personal relationship each human has with the Father (God) and the Built in Right and ability all humans have to access the full Kingdom of God.

Another significant difference is that he taught the people not to rely on the physical world alone even though we live in it, because we also live in God which is the total of Life and Energy, Consciousness, Love, Intelligence and unlimited power and resources.

This is one of the most important facts to understand if we are ever going to grow and prosper physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Human thinking relies on the physical world of materials and products , of money and trade and commerce. When people think in this way and rely on what is only physical they are limited to their physical surroundings and available materials to gain or produce results.

Jesus did not rely on anything physical. In fact his every statement talked about the unlimited nature of the Father and the Father’s unlimited ability to give each and all of us everything we want and more.

The physical world is limited to what is available in materials and resources that are visible and tangible.

The Spiritual realm, although it is invisible to human eyes is unlimited, is available to all, and does not rely on the immediate or distant surroundings or resources.   In fact, all that is and all that can be already exists and is “Here, Now”… and every human has the right and ability to access all of it.

Furthermore Jesus knew and taught that the invisible realm of God has no limit to what can be done… “All things are possible to the Father”.

Lets look at the meaning of the “Father” in the way Jesus spoke of Him.

Today most people have the thought or concept that God is some far away Man on a throne in Heaven (where ever that is). This God is separate from Mankind and is available only by supplication, prayers and lamenting.

This is NOT the God Jesus spoke about and taught to the people

Jesus (and other masters) have always taught that God is Alive, Intelligent, Aware, Present and Unlimited in ways we can barely imagine. This God is ever present by its own nature which is Infinite and exists as every thing visible and invisible and exists inextricably (it cannot be separated from and is never separate from) throughout space, time, distance,.. In fact that which we call the universe and more is the living essence and presence of God and that God permeates, surrounds and incorporates all that is, all that was and all that ever will be and is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow forever.

This God can speak to us and we to Him. This God understands us completely and listens to us even though we do not understand this fact. This God is alive in and as everything… you cannot look anywhere and not see Him because he is everything you see and can see.. and You are one with this God and cannot be otherwise… This God is the very life you have in you and the life you are living. This God is in fact the only thing that exists anywhere and everywhere.

You are not gods… you are God…

Humanity has forgotten its inextricable and undeniable connection with the Living God, (the Father) but that connection still   exists and still works and is still working in every thing and part of life. You literally cannot think a thought that is not Gods thought, or take an action that is not God in action in you.

So profound and so connected is your relationship to and with God that it is beyond your scope to understand it at this point in your evolution, but that moment is coming when you will understand it and accept it completely. This God is capable of every task, every demand and every condition and can alter any condition instantly… you call this a miracle. Jesus proved that no condition is a fixed and immutable condition… this is true of everything in life.   Nothing is so fixed that it cannot be changed or altered in an instant… No matter how bad your life is at this moment it can change completely in the next moment. Even death is no match…   “In the Father , all things are possible”.

If you have a limiting belief about what God can do for you, then you by your own thinking limit what God can do for you… think that one over.

Jesus knew that nothing was impossible to the Father… and there fore nothing was impossible for him… “As I see the Father do I doeth also”.

It is our personal (belief) relationship we hold about God that gives us access to Him or limits our access… To Jesus and other masters I have learned of, their personal relationship with God was just that… personal.

It is not necessary to be religious to have a personal relationship with God… there are many people who know nothing about any religion who have a working and real relationship with God. The reason is simple enough, “You are God” and you only have to accept this as a fact. Long ago it was said, “Know the truth and the Truth will set you free.”

When Moses was in the desert he came upon a burning bush that was not being destroyed by the fire it emitted… As Moses drew near the bush a voice came from it and said, “Take off your shoes for the place you stand is sacred.”

In that meeting the Voice identified itself… After telling Moses that his mission was to return to Egypt and take the Israelites out of Egypt Moses asked, “Who should i say has sent me?” and the Voice said” The I Am has sent you… I AM that I AM, this is my name and my memorial forever.

The use of the words “I AM that I AM” is not an ambiguous term as some people think (I am that I am ) it means specifically that the I AM was and is a name all people know and the Israelite’s had always known this name and used it, and is the Living name of God.. Every Being consciously or unconsciously uses this name, the name of God to identify itself… And in so doing, it identifies God as itself.