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As a child I was taught the basic principles of universal laws, how they operate and what they are actually meant to bring about, and most important how we (Intelligent Human Beings) interact with them.   In recent years science has become more personal in the sense that its discoveries are pointing toward a better personal understanding and relationship with universal principles.   100 years ago the greater part of humanity did not know Quantum physics nor did it have the understanding the Quantum sciences have brought to the human theater (so to speak)…  This new level of information is providing a scientific base for certain spiritual concepts (and laws) that have always been known to the masters of the Far East  but little known in the western societies.

100 years ago very few people on this planet knew that they could, by their Will affect very real changes in their world and in and to their personal lives.   Today although this information is still not common knowledge it is far more known and accepted within the general population.  The Quantum sciences are helping normal humans to understand their place and ability to affect personal changes and social changes in the world.

There are Spiritual and scientific laws and principles that can and must be applied to ordinary life in order to become successful.  Some of the best motivational and success speakers and teachers have taught these laws in their presentations.   Today many books exist that present spiritual based concepts,  Books like: “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, “Science of Mind”, by Ernest Holmes, “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen,  “The Science of Getting Rich”by Wallace D. Wattles and a hundred others of this nature, all pointing to the Laws and the spiritual/physical connection that exists in all things and empowers us (humans) to achieve our own success and greatness.


More and more we find common people seeking to better their personal and social lives and seeking to learn the deeper and more profound use of energy and thought and feelings to create a better world.  In addition to spiritual concepts but not indifferent to them is the sciences of the world.  Spiritual principles and concepts empower human life and there is proof of this.   Additionally we are finding that science does support what the ancient Masters taught us; knowledge that is still meaningful, useful and pertinent today.

In the science of Quantum Physics we discover that the world of form, as we think we see it is more of a myth then a physical reality.   There is no actual form on the sub-atomic level of life…   There is only Energy, Consciousness and movement.  The ancient Masters taught us that all of life exists as Energy, Consciousness and Love.   Obviously the similarity here is more then coincidence.  The ancient teachers taught and many times demonstrated the complete flexibility and malleable nature of the universe… that it was not, and is not “fixed” or immutable as it appears.  Certain spiritual teachers actually seemed to defy physical laws.    

At first it may seem to some people that these concepts and spiritual principles are not the kind of thing western businesses and societies need to succeed in the physical world but this could not be further from the truth…   many personal empires have been built on the concepts presented by the old Masters and the modern teachers.   Yes you can be a Zen Master and a multi-billionaire!   In fact you will ultimately be a better  and more effective CEO or business manager if you understand the principles of human motivation and universal forces.

In the ancient teachings, and in today’s Quantum physics it is understood; “What does exist in my life is what I have put there, what I have agreed upon within myself that should be there… and so it is just as I have created it”.  

Reality is

We think we know the world exists just as we see it…  but is it the world we see or it is our concept of the world?   The ancient teachings tell us “the world will change when we change”, and modern teachers (and the best life coaches), will tell you this is a far more correct understanding of the world then to think it is immutable, solid and unchanging.  

There is no circumstance in your life that cannot be changed.

The Secret of Change is

No one is stuck in their life… everything is subject to change and everything can be changed.   Ultimately it is your choice to stay as you are or improve yourself, your world and your circumstances.  

The only thing that stays the same is the original (organic) universe, which has no actual form but is the cause and substance of all forms (Energy, Consciousness and Love)…   These are the building blocks of everything and the tools by which everything is built… including you and your life!  

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