Principles of Self mastery  –  (Ebook)

Principles of Self Mastery is all about who we are…  how we work, and what we are capable of…    The knowledge it contains is not new or just discovered but ancient.

 The Pharaohs knew this information and the Masters of the Far East, Tibet, China, Japan Korea, etc know it.

Each knows this knowledge is real and useful in our world, and is the basic information that is lacking in most modern western religions.  

You may never have been taught this information, and certainly you won’t learn it in any western school or church… but if you want to know who you are, what you are, and why you are here  then it is time to start looking for level of information in the only place you will find it… inside yourself…  I assure you, you came here with the knowledge you seek…  

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Here is an excerpt from the Preface of the Book:

“Principles of Self Mastery (the Reality of Conscious co-creation)” as written in this book are not the only principles of self mastery or creation but they are the basics.  These principles are the foundation and are considered to be several of the most important.

You may struggle a bit, at first at the concepts and the information offered in this book but this information is not really new or recently discovered.  These principles have existed and been known for many thousands of years and were once taught to students in the Ancient Mystery Schools.

We live in a time when ancient and new knowledge appear to be coming together in a way very few people ever expected to see.  Ancient principles are being proven by modern science and the outcome seems to be leading us (humanity) toward a place where the once immutable physical universe is showing us it is not immutable or ‘fixed” at all.   The Universe is alive, conscious and is both Holographic and Fractal in its nature.  In every way we know the Universe can be described as Infinite.

Concepts that humanity has held for hundreds of years like “time and space” are quickly falling away and our thinking and understanding of these things is being challenged and changed every day.  Quantum physics is beginning to show us that on the sub-atomic level there is no time, no space or matter as such, but there is consciousness and intelligence and the potential of infinite form.

Self-Mastery pertains to the personal self and Creation belongs to the universe at large so we have been told and taught, however this concept is not entirely correct or accurate.   These things (self-mastery and creation) are in truth not separate at all.  To learn the principles of one is to learn the principles of the other.   Through the ages many Beings have learned the principles of Self-mastery and have demonstrated uncanny and seemingly unexplainable abilities to effect the physical universe, and there is no reason to think you and I cannot do the same things with the same information.

The general population of humanity has suffered from a level of ignorance for many thousands of years and we see the results.  The principles stated in this book are simple enough and one would think everybody would know them but this is not the case.

For what ever reasons the greater part of this type of knowledge has been hidden or withheld from the general human population and has not been openly taught in any church or school for nearly 2000 years.  It is only in recent years (since the early 1900’s) that such knowledge as this has begun to reemerge into human societies especially in the western civilization.

The world of the immediate and distant future will not be the same world it has always been. It is becoming more evident each day that humanity and its former style of thinking, creating, acting and existing is now and will continue to undergoing vast changes .

Humanity must change its way of thinking and acting or continue to suffer.   We must begin to reach for higher more spiritual concepts and methods to make the kind of changes necessary if we are ever going to live in true peace and prosperity.

The process begins within and continues within the individual, within every individual.

The ancients taught us that original consciousness and a pattern exists within the universe, it can be learned and used, and in fact it was always intended to be known and used.

This book is about Consciousness and knowledge.  We begin in the most ancient past and advance until we reach this moment in time.

Please read the Introduction written in the book.   I wrote this part of the book as a primer of what is to come.  It could have been a separate chapter from the amount of information it contains and I sincerely considered this fact but my point here is to tell you to read this section and not miss out on the information it offers.

I have written this book in three ways: from a scientific view, from a spiritual and metaphysical view, and from the view of the common person.   I felt if I could offer different views about the same information the greatest benefit would be derived.

From the very beginning I will tell you, “It is not the world or anything in it that defines you…  It is You who defines the world and everything it is”.

“You and I are creations of our belief… we live by our beliefs… 

What we believe is real to us!

We can freely change our beliefs and live another way… 

Any way we believe”.

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